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SyFy, Kindly #RenewDarkMatter. While You're At It, #BringBackNyx


I will gladly concede that Season 3 of SyFy's Canadian space drama Dark Matter was not their best work.  But I don't give a shit.  It wasn't a massive disappointment.  To quote someone else, it "meandered" at times, like the writers were trying to do too much.  But it certainly didn't warrant being canceled.  Dark Matter introduced a really cool universe and a lot of entertaining characters.

Fans of D&D's Planescape: Torment will recall the infamous Riddle of Ravel, in which the ancient night hag asks, "What can change the nature of a man?"  According to Dark Matter, it's memory loss.

In Season 1, we're introduced to six crew members who emerge from stasis with no idea of who they are.  By the end of the very first episode, they recover records from their ship showing that they are a group of infamous, cold-blooded mercenaries currently assigned to wipe out a colony of unsuspecting miners.

Horrified by the discovery, they …

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