Why Non-Black American POC Can't Get Their Own #BlackPanther

Dear Y'all:

In typical fashion, the staggering success of Black Panther has some non-Black people in their feelings, especially non-Black people of color.  You see them on Twitter; after countless White-as-hell movies (not just from Marvel), they waited until Black Panther came out before asking when they're gonna get their representation.

And I'll be perfectly honest: Never.

Reason #1 - Black Panther is a byproduct of Black anger.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, but Black movies in general get made because Black people are "loud", "angry", and "pushy".  Hey...angry get shits done.

The squeakiest wheel gets the oil, not the passive aggressive wheels on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else it's safe to express your displeasure without actually setting things in motion, or running the risk of facing any negative consequences.

Black people voice our displeasure loud and clear wherever, whenever.  We deliberately make nuisances of ourselves because if we can't enjoy peace, prosperity, and equity, then nobody gets to.  You might have your White/White adjacent privilege, but you won't get to enjoy it in peace.  We will fuck up your day.  We're the tiny human who will swallow Monopoly pieces with a straight face and no hesitation when the other tiny humans are being assholes, telling us we can't play.

Whenever we don't see ourselves in a film, a TV show, or a play, we call it out - consistently.  We're Black people.  We spawned the whole ass human race.  We're everywhere.  We've always been everywhere.  We see Blackness/potential Blackness in everything.  So no...we won't sit back, quietly grumbling to ourselves when other people try to erase us.  We go ham.

Better recognize....

Reason #2 - Black Panther's been all hands on deck from day one.

The African Diaspora is represented in front of and behind the camera.  Black people from across the globe came together to make this happen.  Pan-Africanism is the underlying theme in the script, the music, the clothes, the cast and the crew.  Yes, angry gets shit done, but unity gives it focus, discipline, inspiration, and long-term vision.  Anger may motivate you to FINALLY get up and do something about a problem, but unity will give your actions strength and your words weight.  One angry Black person talking can easily be dismissed.  But two billion angry Black people worldwide will be heard - trust.

The African Diaspora did not only make this film happen, it also showed up and showed out for this movie to ensure its success in theaters.  That means Black people across continents came out to support this film.  And as a global diaspora, we left theaters feeling prouder, stronger, and more like a squad than ever before.

Sooooo...if various subgroups in within your racial category are busy bickering about who gets to look down on whom, y'all ain't gon do shit, y'all ain't gon be shit, and y'all will only have y'all selves to blame.

Reason #3 - Black Panther is a celebration of Black pride and melanin magnificence.

Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of non-Black POC I've interacted with consistently uphold Whiteness as the alpha and omega of human existence, while simultaneously perpetuating anti-Blackness in their respective communities.

They often try to distance themselves from their heritages. They maintain condescending attitudes towards POC in general (especially Black people).  They work so hard to achieve and sustain White adjacent status, that they don't care what they're sacrificing in the process (like respectful representation in media, for example).

And when they finally do get upset about something unjust or discriminatory, they become useless, directionless, ineffectual keyboard warriors whose words carry no weight and whose glaring lack of action - surprise, surprise - generates no momentum.

Since their behavior is often indicative of deep self-loathing, their calls for their own versions of Black Panther, Luke Cage, Black Girl Magic, Black Excellence, Black Lives Matter, etc. not only ring hollow, but actually come across as laughable.

Reason #4 - Black Panther the best recent example of #BlackExcellence, with a dash of #NotYourMule.

Now...the reason Non-Black POC wait until a movie like Black Panther comes out (or a hashtag like #BlackHogwarts starts trending), is that they're upset Black people - whom they love to look down on and never hesitate to throw under the bus - are getting something they want and feel they are more entitled to. In short, they don't complain as much when White people are center stage because they've conditioned themselves to accept the lie that they're not as deserving as White folks.

But since they sure as hell feel they're more deserving than Black people, they choose moments like these to rain on our parade.

They also harbor the expectation that if Black people get any kind of a come-up, we're "obligated" to automatically turn around and uplift them as well.

Hell, no.  This is 2018.  The Age of Black Muling is long over.  We are now living in the Age of Janet Jackson - what the fuck have you done for me lately?

Cuz Lord knows that Black people worldwide putting ourselves first is everybody's biggest fear.

Conclusion: You ain't gon get what we got cuz you ain't willing to do like we do.

You can't have something like Black Panther if you're nothing like Black people. Some of y'all have worked hard to distance yourselves from us and anything resembling us...until you want something from us.  Well, that's not going to work anymore.  You're going to literally have to get up and get out there, do all the things you don't want to do and be everything you've avoided being, otherwise you ain't gonna get a single solitary goddamn thing.



P.S. Don't come on here with some #NotAll bullshit - I know.  That's not the point.  That's the silencing/derailing tactic of useless, directionless, ineffectual keyboard warriors, and ain't nobody got time for those.

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  1. Go all the way off! I am here for it!

  2. Proud to be the Black Token All my Life, getting My Day of Excellence!

  3. Agreed! Thusvis everything I’ve vern saying to myself & NBPOC. Selective anti-blackness is a front for upholding white supremacy & yes, NBPOC can culturally appropriate from Black folks. We gotta make space & decolonize ourselves.

  4. * 897 million big ones and counting. Can you believe that?"

    I agree with you with every point on here,especially point # 4.
    Its like people are saying that Black Panther is doing well because its a Black movie and we're only supporting because of such. Here is my thing: if this was the case we could have supported Blade should have made tons of money like BP did but Blade has nothing on BP. To describe BP would be to say that the movie is euphoric,magical,very cultural and honest.. without giving out anything in case people haven't yet seen it. I also loved the fact that the characters didnt go for the sratus quo..blue eyes, blond long,straight hair.You can also tell that Ryan Coogler has done home work. He's been to and studied cultures / people in the African countries that visited along with adding other Black people from the diaspora to make the Black African/ Diaspora as authentic as possible...along with understanding the Black experience in the USA. Let us not also forget that he's going by the recipe of the Black Panther Book. With his impressive directing, along with the other things mentioned..it was sure to be a winner. BP isn't just doing well because its Black but because Ryan did everything RIGHT . As a result ,he exposed the black diaspora to each other even more . I enjoyed those cultural parties during its premiere. I promise that if Ryan directs BPs/ Storms wedding,I will have something from the Ogeechee/ Gullah culture with me to celebrate the culture..lol! Thats going to be big.Lord willing..I will be there.

    As much as non Black superhero movies/ non superhero movies would be cool,I will have to concur with you..I don't think it would work because of the anti Blackness in their cultures and in their films. With the exception of the USA,Europe, Africa,Canada and the Caribbean..most other countries want to hide their Black/ darker skinned people from their pictures. Sure, they can bring out their best talents on screen but all you're going to see is White supremacy in the movie: no darker skinned people,no predominate Black actors like Chadwick Boseman ,Lupita Nyongo or Michael B Jordan's will be in it and the script will just be the same old White formula used to impress White society.

    That is why I loved the BP movie Ryan and his staff offered something different to an old classic. He also made the movie relatable kind of way and literally bringing the Black Diaspora together ( loved that).

    1. Here is my thing: if this was the case we could have supported Blade should have made tons of money like BP did but Blade has nothing on BP.

      Also...Blade was chocked full of White folks. In BP, the majority of the White characters die at the very beginning of the movie.

    2. Yep. According to Ryan and the book. I just find it a little condescending that a couple of years ago during the OscarsSoWhite controversy how Black people were told to "shut up and dribble". Gina Rodriguez ( " Jane The Virgin") had the nerve to tell us to do the same. Judge ye not..for you are also being judged,as the bible say.She judged us,now her show sucks! I don't even hear people talking about her anymore..lol!

      Everything you said on here is why we good a great quality movie like BP.
      You don't get anything by escaping life or not speaking. This is what Black people have always done and will continue to do until the complaints are no longer needed.

    3. Speak of the Devil..just what you was discussing appeared on qz.com
      online ( Dark Undertones) . Quartz was discussing about Black Panther being played in China. If Black people think that they have their backs with films, they should think again. Sure..a lot of Chinese moviegoers bought a lot of tickets to see BP but at the end ,some of them said the movie sucked because it was " too Black". While Black people are cheering each country for buying these tickets for the movie,it doesn't necessarily mean they liked/support the movie as said in Quartz ( Warning: the comments have been translated into English and the words said on it is incredibly racist and stupid).

      What if a sequel is made..will it do well as BP? I have no idea but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. Now that some people have seen this one..the racists will reject it and it may effect it sales but if Ryan still direct it ,I would not change a dog gone thing about it. Growing up in Whiteness all of my life,I looked forward to learning about Black people ,my culture and history. Although the BP didn't make me understand myself,it was just fascinating to see positive representation about you and knowing the world doesn't just consist of only White people.

      Black Panther is " Too Black " some of the Chinese movie-goers say. With all due respect " IT'S THE BLACK PANTHER for Christ sake! Did they expect for Whites to dominate this movie? Africa is a majority Black country and Wakanda is supposed to be a majority Black diasporic country. Even if it weren't the case,I'm just so sick of Black actors getting thrown under the bus in the name of White supremacy. I find it ironic how some of these same guys can be anti-Black towards actual Black actor but was perfectly ok with a Chinese grossly distort the features insinuating a Black woman. Wow!

      If non Black movie-goers don't wasn't to see BP or any others films done by Blacks with a majority Black cast,its their lost but its that kind of anti Blackness that will hurt their entertainment industry more than Black films. The same White supremacy is becoming desperate and boring in Hollywood.

    4. Here is a link to another article on Quartzy saying the opposite. Or trying to explain it at least.


      "What if a sequel is made..will it do well as BP? I have no idea but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't"

      -A few (not all) of Marvel movies have performed better than the original. Captain America: Winter Soldier did better than its predecessor (The First Avenger) along with all the X-Men sequels. The first Avenger film though did better than all the sequels to date. I expect that to change MAYBE with Infinity War this April.

      " Now that some people have seen this one..the racists will reject it and it may effect it sales " (of sequels).

      -Racist already tried it: https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/2/16/17020230/black-panther-movie-theater-attacks-fake-trolls

      -They also tried it with The Last Jedi claiming too many women: http://www.indiewire.com/2017/12/star-wars-last-jedi-backlash-alt-right-female-characters-1201910095/

      -Both films grossed over $1 billion so obviously it didn't work.

      My advice let haters hate. Its what they do.

      I only prefer to focus on some of the positives this movie created.

      -Black Panther got me into a movie theater for the first time in years. I normally hate going because people do not know how to act anymore. I did wait a week and went during the week to ensure less of a crowd, but it was still a packed house (all races by the way).

      -It just became the most tweeted about movie ever: http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/20/media/black-panther-twitter/index.html

      -It keeps making money: https://www.slashfilm.com/black-panther-box-office-domination/

      -It keeps making history: http://time.com/money/5205621/black-panther-box-office-history/

      -People are banding together to help kids see a movie with people who look like them (I took ten of my little cousins and their friends): https://blackpantherchallenge.org/, http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/27/media/black-panther-challenge-donations/index.html


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