#WorldOfDance on some bullshit

In case you haven't been watching the show or didn't even know this new dance "competition" even existed, here's everything you need to know.  This past week, NBC tried to convince us - with a straight face - that these guys:

were just so good that they had to send these guys home:

Let the whole bar say say, "Mm" and roll your eyes.

Some commenter on the World of Dance Facebook page had the gall to say that while the Jabbawockeez were legends and all, it was time for a new generation of dancers to take the stage.

Well, sure...in Rigged White Privileged World.  If I recall correctly, isn't a successor supposed to prove itself worthy before it can take over from its predecessor?  Isn't that the whole point of a competition - competitors bring their A-game and compete against one another, may the best one win?

The Jabbawockeez are legends, y'all, and this was one of their weaker performances.  The Young Lions are coddled cubs who couldn't even measure up to the Jabbawockeez on an off day.  So as much as I love Kinjaz Crew, I'm done watching this bullshit, because now I fully expect them to be eliminated by some snorefest down the line.


  1. It is reasons such like the situation with Jabowakeez why I stopped looking at these talent shows. They're getting to a point where you can pretty much guess the winner of the show. Anyone with a clear mind knows that Jabowakeez should have been the winner..not because they were legends but they were great. I've seen both clips and The Duels seemed slow...almost out of step with the music,while Jabowakeez was on it.

    Let's just translate this for what it is: " a new generation" of dancers means we need more White talents to win. Like you said ,shows like a World Of Dance is supposed to let the " best " man or woman win the competition. How on earth will the best person win when they want to take them out? It may seem ok for them thinking the right thing for them to do but would they believe how badly it can affect these competition shows..and them?

    What they don't realize is that they would be taking out real competition by doing that and the truth. Jabowakeez can't help how good they were. It kind of remind me of a race that we have in my city every year. At one point ,race officials wanted to set it up to where more Americans( White people) would be the top winners.I guess people must have complained or maybe I didn't see it right ( as I went to my self imposed boycott)because the true winners...the Kenyans were winning those medals again.. and rightfully so..not because of who they are but they are good runners who know how to run the track.

    No matter how much the board wanted to make those American runners win,there were no way they were going to do it. While I'm not saying that none won't, so far they haven't and I don't think that there will be one soon only because of they're healthy ( Kenyan/ African) lifestyles. I don't care how many times they win..its proves the true winner of the contest. To hope that they get out of the game will only hurt them as truth would be hidden from them.

  2. I just can't with these talent shows. I remember seeing the advertisements and honestly rolled my eyes. Maybe because I do not have a dancing bone in my body. After watching the videos though I do question how the white team made it through.

    1. I'm no great dancer myself but it doesn't take a dancing genius to know who?who didn't suck. I love it when older talent like Jabbowockeez. Like you, I just don't watch certain TV shows..or much TV in general or radio. These days , people are not into quality stuff anymore. You can have lackluster talent and you win.. like you just seen with this.

  3. Stay safe!!!!! Hope the rains stop soon!


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