When Black Success is Considered a "Glitch"

I posted this article on Facebook a few days ago and I find this news to be very timely.  Take a gander:
Prince George’s County, MD is home to 7 out of the 10 richest African American communities in the United States. More African American wealth is gathered in the county than anywhere else in the US. It is also home to the best educated in the nation as well.

So it came as a shock when Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan, requested an investigation into data showing increased graduation rates in the county. The governor claims that grades and credit counts are being altered to increase the rate.

...If graduation rates in Prince George’s County were rising, but other indicators were worsening, an investigation would certainly be worthy. But the effects of increased graduation rates are clearly apparent in Prince George’s County.

Perhaps Governor Hogan should turn his attention to Carroll County, first in the state in graduation rates but with a troubling rise in crime. But he probably won’t, given that the 91% white county voted for him in the 2012 election.
Bar Patrons...how many times have Black people - African Americans in particular - been told to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps?  How often are we compared to other communities of color in America?

Meanwhile, let's forget about the destruction of Black Wall Street. Forget about the $57 million in Black wealth ($819,826,363 in 2017 dollars) that was "lost" after the Civil War. Forget how the KKK would burn Black businesses and destroy Black livelihoods, forget about the racist laws buried in the history of America's most "progressive" cities.

But by all means, keep perpetuating the lie that Black people are inherently lazy, self-entitled, and have always lived in poverty and squalor...just 'cause.

So now, here we are again.  It's 2017. Black people are buying Black, banking Black, the Black teen birth rate has dropped by nearly 50%, and the Black female prison population has declined by half, which makes sense seeing as we're the most educated group in America.  And in Prince George's County, Maryland, where a whopping seven of the ten richest Black communities are located, Republicans are trying figure out what's gone wrong.

Pause and let that marinate for a minute.

A commenter on Facebook said this Black Wall Street all over again.  Another said it evoked shades of Great Zimbabwe, this notion that there's no way Black people could have accomplished this.  Yet another commenter stated that when Black success is viewed as a "glitch", it's a resounding confirmation that we were never meant to succeed in this system in the first place.

Dear Prince George's County: you have been put on notice.  Consider yourselves on Red Alert.  Do NOT let history repeat itself.  If you haven't met with your financial advisors and legal counsel, now would be a great time to do so.  Don't get it twisted; paranoia and hyper-vigilance are your BFFs right now.  Don't shrug this off or roll your eyes the way we did back on Election Day - trust no one and assume nothing, except that these Republican sociopaths can and will destroy everything you've built the moment they get a chance.

And Black America, we've all been put on notice.  Instead of sharing all these idiotic memes about how we're failing when compared to other POC, educate yourselves.  When millions of POC (not just Black people) are failing in a white supremacist society, that's obviously not an accident.

We must not let history repeat itself.  We've finally regained some momentum.  We need to think bigger, look further ahead, and thoroughly educate ourselves on exactly what happened before.  Because those who came before didn't struggle, lose, and die just so that we could get screwed all over again.

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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/chicago-wont-allow-high-school-students-to-graduate-without-a-plan-for-the-future/2017/07/03/ac197222-5111-11e7-91eb-9611861a988f_story.html

    And then there is this...
    What if you cannot get a job or get into post secondary? Then what?

    1. That is a horrible idea.

    2. I believe the 'idea' behind it is good, but that particular school system is not equipped to handle it. I believe other organizations such as fraternities, sororities, and churches could step in to help in these areas. Organizations like the National Society of Black Engineers, National Society of Black Physicist, or the National Association of Black Accountants could step in and offer guidance.

    3. Not a good idea..and let me tell you why. Say that you're 16 years old and have been looking for one for a year. You keep on applying and applying to no avail. In one instance you almost was at first base..until your age was thought up.

      This was a true story of my baby nephew. My middle nephew is 18 and just graduated from high school ..has been trying the same to no avail. Maybe he needs to go outside of his perimeter he thinks. The only one that has lucked is my oldest one..as a matter of fact..twice. They're working to save up for school.

      ..and that's another thing.

      College / technical school/ community college is great..only if you're driven to go there or can afford to go there and once they get in ,what makes their mayor think they will achieve in it. I know people who graduated on the honor roll and quit school later on?

      My problem with this whole idea is that they cannot guarantee timeliness with idea. As I said about two of my nephews,they have been looking for jobs since early 2016. .and haven't been successful in landing one. Even they're grown people who are having struggles finding jobs. When my sister lost her job ,it took her a year to find another. Now if they struggled trying to find jobs, what make their mayor think that a teenager will easily find one.

      If anything,the mayor should let them volunteer work to gain some job skills or if they just happen to get a job/ school..let it be counted as an incentive and not a requirement.

      In spite if what people say about Chicago, they have graduated some of the most academically talented Black children in the United States and now that is about to be taken away because as mentioned because.. According to society..Black people are supposed to be poor and dumb.

      PS. Not getting off the subject but I would like to congratulate the Ghanaian students for sending their first satellite into space but nine times ten..we won't be seeing it on North American media .This is what those young Black boys can be but the mayor is trying to take that away from them. That's pitiful.( source: News Ghana,Ghana star.com)

  2. White society to black society: Work harder, but don't be more successful than us.

    Basically, what they prefer is that we remain beneath them in terms of wealth and economic power while they do everything and anything that can to ensure and generate that same power for white society that will likely involve screwing over black society.

    1. White society to black society: Work harder, but don't be more successful than us.

      And when we lecture you about your socioeconomic failings, pretend like we had absolutely nothing to do with them.


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