The Bar Pops Pink Champagne for Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim

By now you've heard of how actors Grace Park and Daniel Bae Dae Kim asked for equal pay to the White actors on Hawaii 5-0, an CBS gave them the usual bullshit.  So Park and Kim said, "Fuck you, then," and quit their jobs at the same damn time.
It’s “Hawaii Five-0” creator Peter Lenkov’s turn to speak after the show’s stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park left last week, posting on Twitter that CBS offered the pair “unprecedented raises”.

“The truth is this: both actors chose not to extend their contracts,” he wrote. “CBS was extremely generous and proactive in their renegotiation talks. So much so, the actors were getting unprecedented raises, but in the end they chose to move on.”

Kim and Park, who have both been on the show for seven seasons since 2010, negotiated to be paid as much as their costars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan but were unable to reach a deal with CBS. It would almost seem that despite those “unprecedented raises” and CBS’ generosity, they chose to leave and that’s that — the entire issue and principle of equal pay is entirely dismissed!

A source from the TV network told The Hollywood Reporter that the pay dispute had nothing to do with Kim and Park’s race.

The source added the money CBS offered to Kim came within 2% of what his white costars make, minus getting percentage points on the show’s back end that pay O’Loughlin and Caan even more money.

Kim is going to be a busy man anyway, seeing as he's developing shows for both CBS and ABC, but that doesn't change the fact that his and Park's treatment is complete and utter bullshit.

They were asking for equal pay.  That was it.  Seeing as you can't have a show set in Hawaii without either indigenous Hawaiians and/or Asians/Pacific Islanders, one would think that CBS would value those actors very highly.  But alas...the vanilla agenda prevailed.

I have no idea who those White guys are; the only reason why I ever even bothered to check out the show in the first place was for Daniel Dae Kim.  As I've been mentioning over and over again on Facebook, the fuckery over at CBS echoes the fuckery over at FOX with Sleepy Hollow.  We had no idea who Tom Mison was when the show started; we heard Nicole Beharie was starring and that was enough for us.  John Cho and Orlando Jones were an added bonus.  Yet somehow, one by one, they all got left by the wayside.

Remember how they tried to stress that Nicole Beharie's departure was her idea?  Meanwhile, the whole reason she wanted to leave was that she was unhappy...yet somehow, no one at a multi-billion-dollar corporation had the power to fix that.  Um, yeah right.

When networks do "everything they can" for White actors, said White actors are pretty much set for life.  But whenever they do "everything they can" for POC actors, somehow our actors always come up short. Mm.

What do you want to bet CBS and ABC will find some excuse to cancel Kim's shows after a single season?  And even if they don't, do we really believe he'll ever make as much money as his now former co-stars?  They have a 10-15% head start and company bias in their favor.

Anyways...the Bar is popping pink champagne because I'm am proud as fuck right now at the solidarity and fortitude Kim and Park displayed.  Considering the glaring lack of opportunities for Asian-Americans in Hollywood, you know this was not an easy decision to make.  But they stuck by each other and followed through anyhow.

Raise your glasses, Bar Patrons, and show your respect.


  1. Daniel was the only reason I watched the show! It is now a show set in Hawaii without any (well except for Taylor Wily and Dennis Chun ) Asian representation! The show was almost cancelled three times. I am sure it is gone for good now.

    1. I hope it's canceled. I want that to be the new trend. Piss off the POC on your show, they leave, it gets canceled.

    2. I think network tv is slowly dying anyway.

    3. Same here. Even with the old Hawaii 5-0, I primarily watched it because of the beauty of the state and because of the Asian/ Polynesian persuasion on the show. That was what made both versions of the shows more interesting to watch. I've never been to Hawaii in my life,but I can bet you that their law enforcement team isn't majority White considering that Hawaii is a majority minority state,it would be crazy just to have a majority White cast and no POCs on it.

      I've often heard that CBS was a prejudiced station to work for. Victoria Rowell complained how her cast members showed her contempt when she acted on The Young And The Restless and how the staff of the show disrespected her. Notice how the station don't/ didn't have a lot of POC shows on their line up. I've stopped watching CBS as a result..and yes,I do believe that Daniel was screwed over for James Caan's son..which like you guys said is a succubus to me.

      In spite if their mistreatment, I wish the both of them tons of luck.As the saying goes.. Things happen for a reason and sometimes it be for the better. Hopefully,they'll be carrying home an Oscar one day.

    4. I have been to Hawaii and didn't see any cops! Which frustrated me since the people drive crazy as heck. That being said most people I saw had some Asian ancestry and many are mixed race. My friends who live there (born and raised) are Samoan/Mexican.

      It will be interesting to see who Daniel and Grace are replaced with. As I stated I do not see the show lasting past the upcoming season though.

  2. To white people, asking for equality is a horrible thing. To them its a stage towards white genocide.


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