"Don't speak to us that way" #AngryGetsShitDone

Over the past couple of weeks, we've read about the deaths of non-Black men of color.  The Bar pours a sip for Tommy Le, Zachary Bearheels, and for the unnamed youth referenced in the above video.

And whenever I post this sort of news on Facebook, Black people are empathetic (cuz Lawd knows we understand), but we are wary at the same time.  We want to know: what will this particular non-Black POC community do?  One commenter was concerned about the expectation that Black people should be the attack dogs, and go fight their battles for them.

So you can understand why this video makes me feel so damn proud right now.  Aunt Jocelyn did not come to play with these reporters.  She went all out.  She checked off every point on the list - the condescending tone, the privilege, the fragility, the damsel in distress, the disregard for historical as well as recent events - she laid them them out.

And now she's got people on the internet calling her a racist (seriously, Google Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail), and on a thread for Native Americans on Reddit, commenters were saying she shouldn't have ranted about White people while White people were actually in the room...bitch what???

POC fam, this is why Black people get so frustrated and hesitate to back you up in these situations.  Some of y'all want those attack dog results without having to do any actual attacking.  Meanwhile, Aunt Jocelyn just showed everybody how it's done - to their face.  Don't just write think pieces, share links, and hold candlelight vigils - when you get an opportunity like this to let people know, you better let them know.  Especially if it's White people, and especially when we're talking about Canada, because some people have gotten into their heads that Canada is some sort of utopia where POC don't experience racism and discrimination.  Um...no.

I didn't know there was a Turtle Island or that Indigenous youth were dying there.  Now I know.  Now we all know.  I started typing "Turtle Island" in my search box and "turtle island genocide" literally popped right up.  Seriously.

So it's times like this when I feel all POC can benefit from some words of wisdom from the great Mr. Nancy:

If you give into your anger, it has a great way of curing you of your fear.  Why do you think White people keep telling us to not get angry?


  1. You said : " POC Fam, this is why Black people get frustrated and hesitate to back you up in these situations "

    You know it. While I can't speak for other POCs or even for all Black people, the average ones that I come across don't wait for people to tell them what to do,they just do it. I know when there was a mess somewhere in the house,it had to get done and it didn't matter who did it..whether it was my brother or sister..it had to get done or we all felt the wrath of my mother's mouth.

    " She shouldn't have have ranted about White people while White people were in the room"

    Really? Did her critics feel that if Jocelyn was quiet everything would be civil?
    If that is the case,let me give them this name to think about : Jorge Ramos.
    He was the Univision news anchor sent to interview 45. He was cordial and professional as he always is. He asked cordial questions but instead of 45 answering them ..or even being polite if he didn't want to say anything..he had his goon squad rough him up and throw him out like a rag doll. It didn't matter how calm,cool,collected and professional Jorge was ,all Jorge was..all 45 and his supporters seen was a Latino man that was in the way of their racist agenda.

    Native Americans are beautiful spiritual people but it never mattered to the White man...like Jorge ,all they see are Native Americans/ Canadians.It doesn't matter how they behave,as the old saying goes " If you're not White,you're not right."

    When BLM and other Black social groups were created,there were critics..even some non Black ones,who got pissed because of media focus on us. Like I was telling Broths on his blog ,why get mad at Black people at a cause theory strongly care about? BLM wasn't created for fame or money. The organization was created for AWARENESS about police brutality/ racism. People have also accused them of being unorganized, having no leader and violent. . The past is the past and what have been good for the goose back then may not be good for the gander today. People do things for different for different reasons. There have been movements that I have questioned but whatever gets the job done. During these critical times,people don't have the luxury if sitting pretty in silence like they once did. Look at what people are doing with the Affordable Care Act.They're just not sitting there waiting for the issue to blow over because if they do,they know the chances of it being dismantled are far greater.

    If you love your family, you would do anything in your power to make sure they are well taken care of, even if it means making painful sacrifices for them . Its the same with this issue. If any POC, ,or religious minority community love their people it wouldn't bother them seeing one of their own standing up against their adversary. Doctors can't cure a disease or fix broken bones if patients remain silent about their ordeal. They cannot quell racial injustices by remaining silent and caring what the White man or the world thinks.


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