Celebrating 10 Years of "Purple Jars of Rice" (2007)

Purple Jars of Rice is a collection comprising a short story, a novella, and several poems. The first tale, "Murder in the Whorehouse", recounts the lives of four sisters who have experienced one disappointment in life after the other and seemingly begin to exist in a world apart. The second story, "Sunrise over Juju Mountain", is a fictionalized memoir of a cynical young girl whose overly eccentric (and slightly perverse) father attempts to balance Old World culture with modern day distractions. And finally, the poems echo the thoughts and comments of various young students on their roles in society.
Wow.  Can't believe it's been a whole decade.

And yet...ten years ago I published my very first book under the name Ankhesen Mié. I would later discontinue its production and sale for various reasons, but in honor of its tenth year, I've decided to re-release physical copies through the Middle Child Press Bookstore. I currently have fourteen copies for sale from my private collection; I will autograph them as Ankhesen Mié.

For those of you just know getting to know me, you may not recognize me in my writing from over ten years ago. I was in much more...turbulent headspace, if you will. Nevertheless, holding a copy of my first, self-published book will always be one of the proudest moments in my entire life.

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