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I don't know why this is fucking with me as much as it is, but this week I learned that Trish Doan, former bassist for the all-female Canadian metal band Kittie, died last month at the age of 31.

I became a fan of Kittie more than 20 years ago, when I was a teenager.  They first caught my attention with the presence of Fallon Bowman, who later left the band and went solo.  Doan joined as bassist in 2005, leaving in 2007 and returning in 2011.  In my youth, I didn't like all the drama and chaos which seemed to constantly surround Kittie, but as an adult fan, I can't deny that they've been an influential platform, providing global visibility for women of color in metal (shout out to Jennifer Arroyo).

I don't know the cause of death and I'm not going to dig or dwell on it.  Whenever I see fan theories, I immediately leave the page (don't post that here either, please.  Her friends and family have understandably requested that we respect their privacy.  Comments referring to the specifics of her death with be deleted).

Initially, I was going to title this "The Bar Pours a Sip for Trish Doan," but I'm not going to mourn someone whose presence inspired me and so many others.  As linked above, I did have the great pleasure and honor of interviewing Doan three years ago here At the Bar, and I'd hoped she'd be making music for decades to come so I could interview her again and possibly even meet her in person some day.  I'd even planned to "dreamcast" her as a character in one of my fics.  I so was thrilled to learn that she actually lurked on this site, and the day she casually commented here was one the happiest days of my blogging life.

So as devastating as the news is, I'm going to strictly focus on the happiness, and the thrill, and the gratitude I feel when I think of Trish Doan.

Rest in power, sis.  You will definitely be missed.

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