Thank the gods for "Into the Badlands"

A few weeks ago, it might have seemed like bad fortune that Into the Badland's second season was debuting mere days after Iron Fist hit Netflix. Geeks only have so much room for martial arts fantasy in their weekly diet, right? But given the uniformly negative reaction to Iron Fist, the timing might wind up working out in AMC's favor instead. If you're feeling jilted at Iron Fist's lukewarm display of fighting prowess, Into the Badlands is here to wash away the bad taste. (Source)
Let me start by saying when Netflix added Into the Badlands to their collections, there was no alert, o email, no "New Episodes" label, no nothin'.  And they smooth thought that people like Moi weren't gonna notice that.  Or how when Irish Fist dropped, I got an alert and three emails in one day.


There are plenty reviews praising the return of Into the Badlands for various (obvious) reasons, so I'm going a few reasons why I'm so grateful for this show.

1) This is our hero.

Daniel Wu as "Sunny"
2) his main boo.
Madelein Mantock as "Veil"
3) This is his sidekick/protege who was recently...stolen from him.

Aramis Knight as "MK"
4) This is his sidekick's new teacher.

Chipo Chung as "The Master"
5) This is the guy who, ahem, "stole" MK from our hero back in Season 1.

Cung Le as one of the Abbotts

6) This is the guy who composed the main theme.

Mike Shinoda.  Enough said.
7) And speaking of the main theme...the very beginning is my favorite part.

And there is no shortage of other reasons why I thank the gods for Into the Badlands.


  1. Wow, it has been a couple of years since I have been here, as well as the fic blog (I think I was using the name Corbiu Geisha?)

    Good to know this is around instead of the Whitey Fist. Too bad it isn't out on Singapore Netflix, at least not yet

    1. Merl!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

      You're going to love what I'm about to drop on the fix blog. It's about to be overhauled.

  2. YAY for this second season :) I also like the cast.

  3. Why does Chipo Chung look so familiar? You covered her on your blog in the past, didn't you?

  4. Actually, I didn't even. But she made quite an impression in an old Dr. Who episode. She's Blasian, Zimbabwean-Chinese.


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