Doing the Least: White Feminism and the Word "Girl"

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Y'all, the only reason on I'm weighing on this nonsense is it's long past time that White people start using the word "White."  It's a damn adjective, a modifier, if you will.  And the reason I'm pushing for its use is that while White people may consider themselves the "default" here in America, they are most assuredly not.

When you hear the phrase "women and people of color" what the speaker really means and should say is "White women and POC."  And the reason I'm bringing THAT is up should be obvious: White feminism is real, children, and we need to label it every time we see it because when White women are considered the "default", the things which only they say and do are considered the default for all women in America.  So when Mayim I-benefit-from-White-privilege Bialik goes on a rant saying, "We shouldn't call women 'girls'", what she should be saying, "White women don't like being called 'girls'" and leave the rest of us out of it.

I'm not going to go into how Black women refer to one another as "my girl" or "girlfriend" and the affection and solidarity the term represents for us (Black men do it too with "my boy/my dude").  I will point out, though, that White women have often tried to get in on that culture and most are - rightly - rejected at once because the terms are not meant for casual use and we don't know you like that.

Furthermore, while While women complain about being seen as perpetual children, Black people in general are never really considered children, even when we are children.  Nobody ever considers us fragile or innocent, too young to die or to work.  Most White people - medical professionals included - don't even believe we feel pain. So this is not our conversation...much less our fight.

We've got bigger fish to fry.

Once again, White feminism stays doing the absolute bare minimum for society because feminism - literally "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of equality of the sexes" - is not the main priority of White feminists.  Wanting to be equal to White (and cissexual, heterosexual, able-bodied) men is not the same as advocating for women's equality, because the priority in that equation is race, not gender.  That's why 53% of White women helped elect the Cheeto - they were hoping to maintain the benefits of being White.  When push came to shove, the threat to their gender was not only deemed irrelevant, but a perfectly acceptable sacrifice for the continuation of White supremacy. They identified first with the aspect of them that incurs privilege (Whiteness), while taking the aspect which experiences oppression (being female), and throwing it under the bus.

What message do you think that sent to men, White men in particular?

White feminist rants about the word "girl" are hardly different from
White Power Barbie's mindless, pointless rant about
Colin Kaepernick and the goddamn flag
I remember the horrified reaction of White commenters when the election results were broken down by race and White women - the same ones later marching and decrying the Orange Fuhrer for his misogynistic record - were outed.  My theory is the "shock" arose because White women were hedging their bets; they hoped to vote anonymously and then see what happened.  If 45 turned out to be a good president, then and only then would they take credit for electing him.  But if he turned out to be, you know, what he's turned out to be, then they could blame White men/patriarchy for inflicting Emperor Baby Hands upon us.  No accountability.  No admission of guilt.  No responsibility.

And this...ladies and gentlemen of the Bar, this is precisely why White women are often seen as children.

This consistent tendency to say one thing, do another, focus solely on their own benefit, and always play the victim is exactly why so many White women are not taken seriously by, well...anyone.  It's why so many people consciously - 'cause there's nothing subconscious about it - see them as "girls".  Why? Because grown women don't play victim.

Women are adults who've outgrown their personal fables.  Women don't constantly want/take what other people create, because they're too busy trying to build something for themselves. Women don't cry to avoid responsibility.  And even when there's no real benefit for them directly, women get up and do what must be done simply because it's the best course of action for everyone involved.

Just like with being called a "man", "woman" is a rank that's earned; there's a reason why indigenous societies implement rites of passage to mark transition from childhood to adulthood.  There are certain behaviors and mindsets that are not appropriate for people who profess to be grown.  And the only reason White women have been allowed to continue with those behaviors and mindsets, is that their White privilege affords them the luxury of doing so.  But since all privilege and luxury comes at an expense, the price of getting to maintain childish behavior into one's adulthood is to forever be seen as a child.

And in typical fashion, White women don't want to be held accountable for that price.


  1. "Emperor Baby Hands"

    1. Julius Cheeto

      Small Hand Luke

      Agent Orange (cause lets be honest he is just as dangerous with a long term effect)

      Attila the Orange

      OBS-Orange Bowel Syndrome

    2. Small Hand Luke ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. i got that one from my sister.

    4. I'm going to throw up, laughing too hard.

  2. Wow..all of these lovely descriptions of * struggling..trying to say* of 45. You all ought to be ashamed of!* joking*

    Anyways ..on the serious tip, to call White feminism White feminism is honest because it only represents them and them only.

    I thought about the recent International Women's Day March that took place a couple of month ago.While it was a nice thing to see( and support the organizers of this march were mostly WOC) these women come in solidarity, a great majority of them you won't be seeing no time soon in WOC individual marches.

    Which is the most of us on here, I'm rolling my eyes at White feminism because it's just that..about White women. About 53 percent of them voted for Donald Trump and as recently as a couple of weeks ago another White feminist threw in her towel supporting Tomi Lahren. Do you think a logical thinking WOC would support a White supremacist/White supremacist channel would support such garbage? God knows we wouldn't..unless they hated themselves that badly.

    Along with the missing girls in Nigeria and with Washington D.C. where are these great feminist? * eye roll and sarcasm *? I mean, there was a young Black girl who was gang raped in Chicago or the human trafficking in my state or a 16 year old pregnant Latina girl in California and there are plenty of news to go around concerning WOC yet, these feminist are nowhere to be found.

    These days, when people want to participate in activism, they want to " pick ' justice as I call picking fruit. People just want the easiest fight to protest in without making sacrifices. Ever notice that when it comes to White feminism they mostly focus on pay. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in equal pay,but there are women, getting abused in all areas of their lives and all over the world, but you barely hear a word from them saying anything about..especially if they are women of color.Rep. Maxine Waters, April Ryan and now Susan Rice are being dogged. Maybe I'm overlooking something here but where are these women's outrage against them?

    This is why I cannot ever support White feminists groups. A WOC will get shafted waiting for help from them. It's a case wanting something for nothing.


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