White Supremacists Aren't Human; They Don't Need Our Defense

Beloved vlogger Kat Blaque recently came under fire from readers from stating that she respected Nazis as still being people, and nothing more.  Though an understandably unpopular opinion, I can respect that Kat was speaking from a humanist perspective (self-education, kids, remember?).  That was a very civil thing for her to say.  In fact, I will be the first to raise my hand and proclaim she bettern me.

Cuz from where I sit...fuck 'em.

White supremacists advocate for the subjugation and decimation of every and any person who does not fit their criteria of what is "human"...which ironically excludes over 90% of the human species. White supremacists espouse genocide, enslavement, and eugenics.  In my humble opinion, White supremacy has caused more damage to our species and planet than any act of the gods.  In fact, White supremacy has been like a planet-wide hurricane/tornado/earthquake/flood/bubonic plague that's been going nonstop for the last 500 years...give or take.
I think to some degree humans make the choice to be human - the conditions are all there to make choose...flip between rational, and irrational, for love and not love, it seems so either, or...but I suppose that's how life is sometimes.

- Fallon Bowman, on her album Human, Conditional
Racism is not a mental illness; it is a learned behavior, ergo it will not simply "die on its own".  Adults who champion White supremacy do so by choice.  So as far as I'm concerned, White supremacists are not human.  Nothing in this universe comes free of charge, and in this case, they paid for their supremacy with their very humanity.
I have a choice: I can be white — that is, I can refuse to challenge white supremacy or centrality — or I can be a human being. I can rest comfortably in the privileges that come with being white, or I can struggle to be fully human. But I can’t do both.

- Dr. Robert Jensen, "What White People Fear"
If you tell me that my life does not matter, and insinuate that I'm inferior to you in any way, I am going to respond in kind.

POC were not shedding any tears when our news feeds told us the body of a KKK Imperial Wizard was found in a friggin' river.  We had no fucks to give - not for the deceased, not for the friends and family (who apparently offed him themselves).  As one commenter on Facebook pointed out, Emmett Till was also found in a river, while his last surviving killer still walks free.  Another commenter noted that 2017 gets a cookie for "getting one right".  I myself realized this happened during Black History Month, the same month that took out Scalia last year.

*shrug* I'm having a party right now.

Continuing in her civil, benevolent, humanist fashion, Kat Blaque recently advised against perpetuating violence against people simply because of whom they voted for.  Once again, I understand.  As I explained to some folks recently, for many Americans who voted in Barack Obama, and stood by him and his family through thick and thin, this hero of ours is a villain to everyone who lost family to drone strikes.  There are places in this world where we might be attacked for having voted for this dude.

Also, just because I see someone wearing an MAGA cap doesn't mean I'm going to physically attack them, possibly get myself killed, definitely get myself injured, arrested, and sued, and definitely fuck up my own life.  I love my life way too much for all of that.

The irony of Kat's statement, however, is that it was Kat herself who once pointed out how when an entire system is set up to defend White people, they don't need POC to defend them as well.  In fact, it's laughable when some of us even try.

The election was barely over when Trump supporters were already regretting their decision.  Overnight, the safety pin movement emerged, along with "safe spaces" where they could voice their regrets and give their irrelevant reasons for supporting a demagogue, while yet another benevolent humanist moderator ensured they wouldn't attacked for empowering a woefully unqualified sociopath already responsible for a botched military raid and who has blindly signed executive orders without reading or considering their impact not to mention triggering the accelerated emaciation of Kellyanne Conway on live television.

Trump didn't embolden his supporters; the legal and social systems of defense did.  Not only does our current system of formalized White supremacy automatically protect these people (if only to an extent, as they're finally starting to learn), but members of oppressed groups also tend to come out and defend them as well.  And that's what they're counting on.  That's how we benevolently and humanely help maintain an environment conducive to the perpetuation of White supremacy.  Trump supporters know someone will bail them out one way or the other.  Racists vote in Republicans fully expecting Democrats, independents, and activists to clean up whatever mess is left behind.  They figure they can throw all the violent, abusive temper tantrums they want and it's fine because someone, somewhere will step in to coddle them and sweep their sins under a rug.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And for those chanting that tired line of, "Well, if you hate it so much, move to another country", uh...tell that to the Quebec Six.  Six human beings were murdered by a White supremacist sociopath in Canada...under a friggin' Justin Trudeau administration.  And this came just after he openly called to the immigrants of the world, who are fleeing homelands that have become war zones.  Imagine that shit.  You are a Prime Minister promising freedom and sanctuary, only to realize you can't even protect your own people from this subhuman filth.  This is what I mean about White supremacy being a planet-wide catastrophe.  Oh, you can move all right, but it won't do any good.

So I say...keep punching Nazis.  #MakeRacistsAfraidAgain.  And never, ever  let the 53% forget (cuz the "sisterhood" is a lie, always has been, and we absolutely, positively will NOT "come together").

Oh, and PS...in the not-too-distant future, when the next powerful political leader emerges, this time chanting, "Round up the racists"...I promise to show White supremacists exactly the same courtesy they've always shown people like me.  Forgiveness be damned.

*blows kisses*


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