The Cheeto, the Edgelord, and the Coup d'État


No we will not "come together"

Let's not get it twisted; the American government has been hijacked.

We've got a candidate who won the popular vote, yet was denied the presidency by members of the elite who have since thrust this country into an international crisis.  Government agencies are being defunded and gagged, salaries and new hires are frozen, ambassadors have been fired and recalled, the entire senior management of the State Department has walked out, and a self-loathing, alcoholic edgelord is drafting executive orders, bypassing the judicial branch, and making military decisions.  You've got China gearing up for war.

It's happened, guys.  All those discriminatory, unconstitutional things Cheeto supporters swore would never happen and claim they never voted for in the first place...are happening.

I don't know about the rest of you, but my one consolation right now is that so many of them will be suffering right along side the rest of us.  The repeal of the Affordable Care Act will be their death sentence too.  The Muslim/green card ban will tear apart their families too.  The salary and hiring freezes, and continued outsourcing of jobs, and the expulsion of integral members of society will destroy their economy too.  The destruction of their environment will most assuredly impact them too.

And the best part of all?  They'll actually deserve it.

Because I, for one, am not forgiving anyone and I refuse to forget anything...and I won't be alone.  Ignorance and privilege have shielded these people for far too long, and the one silver lining in all this chaos is that in their desperation to preserve White supremacy, they've exposed it more than ever and hastened its destruction.  We are going to see a rapid decline in (White) American privilege here in the near future as other countries step up and fill the roles America typically has.  Iraq and Iran won't be the last nations to ban American citizens from entering their countries.

So for all the remorseful Cheeto supporters penning these self-indulgent, masturbatory think pieces...keep your mea culpas.  You're not forgiven and no one is forgetting what you did any time soon.  In fact, all of you will go to your graves after a lifetime of constant reminding.

People like me will see to it.


  1. As that saying goes " Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it".

    Just got thought looking at Shaun King's Twitter page in where on guy retweeted a racist White girls contrasted account where on her first on she was a cheerleader for Trump. A couple of months later,she's complaining that her husband cannot return back to the states and now she wished that she would have never voted for him. My verdict: On you ( referring to the woman)

    Not trying to seem arrogant, but Black people have been trying to warn people like Trump since we knew what racism meant and what did we get?
    " Stop playing the race card"," Racism is a thing of the past " or the infamous " Stop complaining too much ".Now look at what it s happening.

    I occasionally will say this but when White society think they are hunting us,they end up hurting themselves twice over.Gangs,drugs,crime,would only be a "Black problem" but it also end up being their problem Similarly to Trump,they thought that he would only support White people. Nope ..their great White hope..wouldn't even support a dog( ironically, he doesn't).

    As we all said,Trump cares about nobody but himself.

  2. Great minds think alike. Only you said it so much better than I did.

  3. please stop insulting the cheeto!

  4. Love how you articulated this whole thing.

  5. What happened to your page? The old link didn't work, so I searched your new name :(


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