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2016, what have you done?


  1. Deep breath.

    To those of you who did not vote. F**K You!

    I'm not mad at Trump or his supporters. Why? Because they were not the ones who f*cked up! They showed up at the polls. Blacks, Asians, and Latinos did not. People still feeling pissy over Bernie Sanders. Really? It’s like listening to a 40 year old woman still mad she wasn't named prom queen in high school GET. THE. H*LL. OVER. IT!
    You cut off your nose to spite your face.
    “Well I didn't like Hillary so I didn’t vote. It’s your right, but the alternative was worse. I'll be honest there were no good candidates in this election. But I damn sure wasn't just going to sit around and do NOTHING!
    I'm praying Trump go back to his Democratic roots and yell PSYCH once he gets in the White House. Doubt it. And you better hope he doesn't die especially those of you in the LGBT community cause Pastor Pence is waiting to pounce.
    And guess what? The Republicans swept both the House and Senate again! They had it while President Obama served which is why he couldn't get anything passed. But now they control everything a lot of things will be up for elimination. Obamacare, Affirmative Action, Roe vs Wade, marriage equality, immigration, are up for grabs; along with picking the new SCOTUS just to name a few.
    You also missed the opportunity to vote down ballot. You know? Those people who are in charge of letting off the police killing us? Judges. They are not going anywhere; so expect more of the same. Why? Because no one wanted to vote! They KNOW we (blacks) rarely vote. And until we start using that power then forget it.
    I sincerely hope these next four years are over quickly. I think I’ll do a little more traveling outside the States in the coming years.
    To those who bothered to vote (and yes I voted) THANKS! It didn’t help, not because there were more of them. There were not enough of us.
    He didn’t win the Presidency. We gave it to him.


  2. I'm glad that you put this blog post up.

    I was also broths wolf's post this morning expressing my thoughts about these bogus elections. There were 3 words to describe my feelings about it.

    SAD: Initially, that was how I felt.I was hoping for some last minute miracles as it was said the electoral college votes got up to 209-197( something around that number),but at the end it was not to be. My feelings was temporarily dampened for myself,but it has now changed over for the kids ..who are being bullied because of Trump and/ or the soldiers overseas..and even in the States. I wondering if my cousin is going to retire from there?I will ask him because of two things: it wouldn't be worth him supporting a country who now have really proven their lack of respect for him because of his race and because of Trump,he may have put all of American troops in grave danger.

    MAD: While I would never expect for Donald Trump to respect people I had high regard for the Democratic party.Never in my life have I heard of such selfish ness in my freaking life. Some people swore on their mothers graves that they weren't going to vote for Hillary because of Bernie,of Obama or of Hillary's dishonesty!! Oooh! Those reasons are petty and incredibly STUPID! Haven't anybody heard people say that " There is no such thing as an honest politician"and it's pretty much true.I'm not saying that we have to bring in a Trump like person or a chronic liar,but man..some of the Demos was bold enough to vote for him in " protest " of Hillary. Blacks and Jews died for a real cause..for our right to equality and our right to vote. Here you have people saying I'm not going to vote for a candidate because they couldn't get their way.How incredibly juvenile is that ? Then in general,society brushed off our concerns. We were accused of being " delusional " or the usual " you talk about race" mantra. I was just reading a Tweet from a feminist who said how White feminist didn't listen to the needs and cares of Black women.Whether Black women votes would have/ not made a difference in the ballot box,its on them or anybody who dismisses our concerns. Now we're all paying for their sins.

    PEACE:For some strange reason,peace came over me,I guess not only was the elections over with,but mostly, because I wanted to feel that way. I didn't want to be consumed with constant anger and sadness. I wouldn't want to cut down my life with those understandable emotions. On top of that,if Trump think that were reacting to his fears than,he's already won.

    As some people have mentioned,Black folks have been through a lot and prevailed and they must not let Trump think he got the best of them in 2016.Besides,those same people who put Trump in office will learn that he will not be in their corner...and maybe not for his fellow Republicans as we seen during his campaigns.

    PREDICTION: Trumps supporters will regret their votes and Congress will be literally wrestling with Trump to get him out of office.

    1. "Besides,those same people who put Trump in office will learn that he will not be in their corner...and maybe not for his fellow Republicans as we seen during his campaigns."

      They getting ready to learn! They think jobs will come back. Huh NO! And the ones that do come they are not going to want to do.

      "Those reasons are petty and incredibly STUPID! Haven't anybody heard people say that " There is no such thing as an honest politician"and it's pretty much true."

      Can we get that put on a T-shirt? I don't care of Trump had ran against Satan. Satan would have gotten my vote. And it cracks me up people are protesting NOW. They should have marched their butts down to the polls to vote. You caused this; so now deal with it.

      I had told my sister before the election that if Trump won we are going to go to war or some conflict guaranteed. As someone with friends in the military they are not happy. And I'm not just talking about blacks in the military. There is the potential for a lot of them to be killed by this man's antics. I pray it was all an act. I feel though it is going to be the world against us and they are going to win.

      "Besides,those same people who put Trump in office will learn that he will not be in their corner..."

      I remember a lady saying her factory job was moved to Mexico and Trump said he would bring it back. I felt sorry for her. Now, he might pull a miracle and bring some back, but never to the levels they used to be. Most jobs are being done by computers/machines now.

      And it was proven that Trump did hire that many Americans. And when he did; he had a history of cheating them out of pay. A lot of what he wants protects big business (him) and not the consumer. So they are in for a rude awakening.

      I really don't believe Trump wanted to be president. I think he was in for the laughs and it got out of hand to the point he couldn't back out. Its like the pizza delivery guy doing open heart surgery. Its going to end bad. I doubt he will try for a second term because the reality of this job is going to hit him like a ton of bricks.

    2. " I don't think that Trump wanted to be president. I think he was in for the laughs and it got out of hand to the point he couldn't back out"

      ....or wanted Hillary to win or both,considering that they were friends. Though Trump is too evil to be trusted,I also have a strange feeling that joke #3 will be coming and it will on his supporters.Trump just used an extreme sales pitch and they fell for.Did you see that post elections picture he posed for? Sure doesn't look like a person who just won anything. Maybe there can be some regrets hopefully.. idk.If that is the case,its too late to apologize. He made the up,now let him lie in it.

      " They getting ready to learn".

      Yep! God,it really amazes me how many people are gullible or just that stupid people believe he's going to save the world. I was reading a tweet from a Pakistani American woman whose friend..a Palestinian Muslim guy ..voted for Trump because " He would be on the side of his people ".

      Look.. I'm not Palestinian/ American, nor do I know too much about their culture/ religion, but long as America been dealing with mid east,their allegiance has always been with Israel.This is where they get their weapons, training and money from. Our country have never supported Palestine. If there is further indications of increased support from Israel Benjamin Nentanyahu called Trump " A true friend of Israel" .Don't sound like words if support for his people.

      For the Mexican woman who thinks that Trump will head to her country. Im dying laughing at her and the Palestine man.He doesn't think much of our president and other POCs.He disrespectfully told her country that he was going to build a wall and her president was going to pay for it.He's not bringing Jack to anybody but himself.Even if he wanted to,he's not a very good businessman. Its been rumored that Trump is actually a multimillionaire and not a billionaire because of poor businesses moves. If he possibly screwed his own business ventures,what on earth makes them think,he's going to improve anybody's economy?

      Its been said that Black people.. especially women who supported Hillary and these elections the most and I'm not saying that.the stats say so and that's disgusting. Don't get me wrong,people should have the choice to vote for their presidential candidate of choice,but they should use common sense should also be used in their choosing.

      If there is anything good to say about Trump is that he let us know who our friends and foes are. Its amazing how many minorities( including the 5 percent of our people) were willing to vote against their own skin interest for Trump.

      Some people say " I don't support his racist/ sexist/ religious view but.." I'm sorry but there is no way you can support one thing and not inadvertently support another.It doesn't work that way. I had a minor dispute with a relative like this .Though he voted for Hillary,he has a " friend " who supported / voted for Trump. He thinks that I'm wrong for saying that I wouldn't want have friends with a Trump supporter.

      Why not? would you be friends with a person who may want to enslave/ suppress all minorities? I wouldn't. Here is what most people like him don't get: you can't cut people in half and say I only support this side of them. I liken it to having a friend who remains silent about their friend committing a murder,they know its wrong ,but remains silent about it.Just imagine how the loved one would feel knowing that they could have saved the person's life and moreso,you going to jail/ prison because of tour silence.It doesn't matter how
      " great " of a friend they were to you,you're still an accessory to murder. "

      Just like you said all will learn.Now that the world will see the the United States as a laughingstock, we can tell kids this that they can be anything. You can be a child molesting serial rapist and its all good. Just disgusting!

    3. You know I did wonder if it was a trick to get Hillary elected by having him run. It just backfired. Being the President sucks and look at everyone who has been President. Look at their before they started pictures and the after pictures. They age twenty years! He is already 70 something. He is going to look like the Crypt Keeper by 2020.

      "If there is anything good to say about Trump is that he let us know who our friends and foes are"

      I think that is the BEST thing to come out of all of this. You don't have to guess anymore. I'm perfectly fine with it. Its like being asked out by a man and he tells you he doesn't want to work and lives with his mom. You know what you are dealing with and move on.

      " I didn't want to be consumed with constant anger and sadness. I wouldn't want to cut down my life with those understandable emotions. On top of that,if Trump think that were reacting to his fears than,he's already won."

      Like you I finally found peace. I see no reason to use energy for anger and sadness; when it could be used to move me forward. So I'm done talking, complaining, worrying, discussing, stressing about it.

      I will enjoy watching his followers find out he isn't the person he tricked them into believing he was. Especially, when he pulls the "I never said that." line!

    4. "PREDICTION: Trumps supporters will regret their votes and Congress will be literally wrestling with Trump to get him out of office."

      I agree 100%

  3. Ah bwoy. I didn't expect this, but now that it's happened I'm not surprised. The silence this morning in nyc was eerie. NOBODY was talking about the result. Everybody was silent, like they were stl waiting for the hammer to fall. I'm dedicating more of my time to saving my money, and learning how to sew and do some other things. The less dependent I am, the better...

    1. I would HIGHLY advise that for everyone. If you don't have a side gig or two then get one!

  4. Says D.L Hughley: ‘Obama was what we aspire to be, Trump is who we are’

    We may say what we want about Donald Trump, but more than anything he’s a white man. The son of immigrant parents, he’s an artifact of the American ethos, and progeny of capitalism. For White America its sovereignty over the Presidential line remained unbroken 'til Obama. Up until that time the white man’s position in the world was unchallenged, his license to meddle in world affairs went unchecked. If you didn’t toe the line you were invaded, or literally bombed into submission. Basically he ruled through fear and intimidation (and he will again thanks to Trump).

    Putting a white man back at the helm is like slipping on an old shoe, it just fits. We don’t question the shoe’s moral convictions, its religious affiliation: or if it’s a Racist or not. We leave those questions to paid shills and pundits. We wear the shoe because its familiar and it fills a desperate need for catharsis. Furthermore, a Racist President is merely the pragmatic derivative of a backslidden, Racist Nation. We can show admiration for Hillary and her bid for greatness, but right now we have more pressing issues for the nation (many will say). Even Oprah was silent after choosing Obama over Hillary in May 2007. She had the power to sway millions, but knew she betrayed white women the moment she chose a black man over their champion. Concordantly, White women turned on Hillary in large numbers with over 53 percent voting for Trump. The very ‘Race’ and ‘Gender’ she counted on most.

    Had the Republican candidate been more qualified and on-message chances are she would have lost anyhow. Whites were mad at this black president; for rising Obama Care premiums and his immigration policies. They thought him soft on war and indeed, the world stage. Trump simply spoke their language, and in doing so, he woke up a Silent Majority. Namely Rural America, fiercely loyal, right-leaning and mad as hell. More than enough to put Majority Whites in the driver’s seat, and they certainly weren’t going to vote for no woman. The fact that many couldn’t bring themselves to elevate Hillary to the highest office in the land speaks volumes to our Sexism/Misogyny as a nation. Apart from that, Countless numbers of Black Church going Christians refused’ to back a woman for President, believing her to be ineffective by virtue of her gender. Yes, blacks came out in droves for a Black MAN but chose a Racist’ over a woman instead. To many voters it didn’t matter if Trump was corrupt or unsavory: a liar and a cheat (previous Presidents have been all of those things, and more). He was the right color (and gender) and that’s all that mattered. No one counted on that many whites turning out. Neither the Fox pundits, Trump’s inner circle, or Hillary’s people. In this regard 12 percent of the population is not nearly enough to stem a White tsunami. This was their last stand, and Race was a galvanizing factor.

    The fact is, White America will never accept the verifiable truth of its racist nature. It will never come to grips with its disdain for the Other. The one self-reinforcing delusion afflicting many whites is, “We are good, decent people, and we have not a Racist bone in our collective bodies.” This was spoken/believed even as horribly mutilated black men swung from the trees above. They said this even as whites burned down black establishments and churches. Even when the Ku Klux Klan marched down Pennsylvania avenue in broad daylight. “We’re a good and decent people,” went the refrain. White America is in its last throes, and its going all in by electing one of its own. A racist.

    1. I'm sorry, but racists didn't put Trump in the White House! Complacent minorities did! If it was that easy for racists then President Obama would have NEVER made it into the White House EVER! EVER! So let's drop that right now. Yeah they voted for Trump, but they had the help of minorities and women. I get what you are saying but honestly WE gave it to them. Wrapped it up in a pretty box and said Merry Christmas!

      Two, Obama did not raise premiums. Insurance companies raised those premiums because they found themselves taking care of more sick people then they thought and a lot of people did not sign up for it. Its kind of like having home insurance, but when you use it they raise the premiums. Plus a lot of those companies dropped out allowing one company to do as they saw fit. Of course we don't have to worry because the Affordable Health Care Act will be gone soon enough.

      And you got it right people ESPECIALLY MEN IN THIS COUNTRY do not want a woman president. She doesn't know her place. They all want a Melania. Be skinny, accessible when they see fit, speak when spoken to, and quiet.

      " In this regard 12 percent of the population is not nearly enough to stem a White tsunami."- 12 percent did stem it the last time. It was a combination of blacks, latinos, asian, LGBT, and women. And they didn't chose a racist over a woman they JUST DIDN'T VOTE! AT ALL!

      As M said above though I'm out of my state of shock and anger. Its done so complaining about it won't change it.

  5. Let's recap, shall we?

    Obama had put together the perfect coalition. For the most part, the united the Dems over the last 8 years.

    And then, in the year his successor was meant to take over, Bernie Sanders emerges. He's very popular and he generates enthusiasm.

    Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Antonin-fucking-Scalia drops dead (during Black History Month, no less).

    So...we have a popular replacement for Obama - himself very popular figure - a highly diverse and ready-made coalition, and a vacancy on the SCOTUS. This should've been in the bag.

    And yet...Trump is our new President.

    Only the Democrats could fuck this up.

    1. The one thing I liked about Sanders is his lack of skeletons in the closet. THAT was his advantage. Now I agree the way the game was played was jacked up because they thought Clinton was a sure thing so they backed her. Its sort of what the Republicans tried to do with Jeb Bush. HE was the heir apparent, but it didn't turn out that way.

      I know Sanders is considering 2020, but I'm sorry. I personally do not feel anyone (and yes I'm discriminating against age) over 65 should be allowed to run for the office of President; which would have eliminated both Trump and Clinton. People better pray Trump doesn't die because Pence is on deck.

      I think (fair or not) once Hillary get the nod; Sanders should have not been in the conversation anymore. The Democrats messed up, but the voters themselves put Trump in the White House. I get it people didn't like Hillary, but guess who is in charge now? So while the Democrats started this mess; it was the voters who put the cherry on top.

  6. You people keep complaining about imaginary demons and completely ignore the white majority that voted for Trump. Honestly fuck anyone that has the nerve to complain about black people's choices. You clearly don't get how this shit works. You are a failure just like Hillary. As far as I am concerned black women showed their support for Hillary. 66% of white women voted for Trump. Last I check black people are only 13 percent of the country's population. And of that percentile not everyone is able to vote or wants to vote based on your delusions. White America wanted Trump and that's what it got. It kinda wanted Obama too for misguided reasons. But literlly white America hasn't changed.

    1. And of that percentile not everyone is able to vote or wants to vote based on your delusions. White America wanted Trump and that's what it got. It kinda wanted Obama too for misguided reasons. But literally white America hasn't changed.

      I agree. I think I said as much.
      October Surprise! Why ‘Silent Majority’ Won’t Reveal Trump Support Until Last Moment!

      I think White America voted for Obama the first time because of the Magic Negro Trope. Change is what he heralded and change is what many whites hoped for. It also gave whites the chance to prove to themselves they weren’t racist. Romney didn’t thrill the Republican base much but he was the best they could come up with. So in 2012 the white vote was split between Obama's disillusioned whites and Romney’s promises. A large Minority turnout made up for the shortfall.

      But in this case, it wasn’t so much about who didn’t vote; Whites knew they wanted Change from the last eight years and ‘Hillary’ represented more of the same in their view. The fact that she is a woman made their choice for Trump that much easier. Read: Why Working-Class White Men Make Democrats Nervous

      Not everyone voted in 2012, but there were still enough active’ voters to put Obama over the top. Voter suppression is just as much to blame for low turnout than Black apathy. Although many in the black community saw Hillary as being shady and untrustworthy. Sentiments like that can infect’ wary black voters faster than a cold.

      …Blaming black voters for Clinton's loss ignores the structural constraints placed on that vote while denying black voters' individual agency. The black community is not monolithic, something attested to by Donald Trump receiving an extraordinary 8% of African American votes. Small pluralities of black voters proved immune to Hillary Clinton's electoral pleas, casting their votes for third party candidates or staying home to watch as Rome burned.

      Before the coming of Obama almost every General Election has been decided by a White Majority. Obama's elevation is one of the only times where Non-whites upset that balance. Sadly, the Democrats never considered non-educated, working-class whites in the Midwest, much to their chagrin.

    2. Yes truly voter suppression guaranteed that Trump would win. Hundreds of polls were closed in predominantly black areas. 23 percent of Florida's black voters of elligible age could not vote due to criminal records. Florida is notorious for trying black and brown kids as adults. Many kids won't be able to vote once they become legal adults. People were beibg turned away from polls due voter ID laws and bullshit reasons. Clinton is responsible for putting many people in prison, those people could not vote.

    3. That’s it exactly.
      The low turnout for Clinton had little to do with her black support and everything to do with the effective campaign of voter suppression run by Republicans, one that has decimated accessible options for people of color.”

      Republicans didn't spend all this time sitting on their laurels. They went about their task with ruthless efficiency and this' is the result. Call it Gerrymandering on steroids if you will.

      In states like Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina, Republicans were able to shape congressional maps to pack as many Democratic voters as possible into the fewest House districts. The practice is called gerrymandering, and it left fertile ground elsewhere in each state to spread Republican voters among more districts, increasing the GOP’s chances of winning more seats.

      Whites make up roughly 223,553,265 people, compared to about 38,929,319 for Blacks. A mere pittance in the grand scheme of things considering even if we came out in full force the math just doesn’t add up. Now that the sleeping giant is awake something tells me Republicans are going to be in power for a long time to come. Thanks in-part to the disarray that is now the Democratic Party.

      The Caucasian nation showed up in droves to vote for Trump, so I don’t want to hear a goddamn word about black voter turnout. How many times do we expect black people to build our country for us?” Samantha Bee


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