#Represent: Danusia Francis at the Olympics

Looks like Jamaica's getting a second representative!

Funny story about Danusia: She was born in Britain, currently lives in Los Angeles and attends UCLA (whom she also competes for).  She was a reserve gymnast on behalf of Britain in 2012, but because she represented Jamaica at the 2015 World Championships, she qualified to test for their Olympic team.  Needles to say, she passed.

I'm really excited that Danusia is at the Olympics because she's known for her flexibility, which I can only describe as, well...insane.

This truly is the Blackest year ever. Someone said this year's Olympic gymnastic event is going to be a bloodbath, and well...yes and no. I'm so glad all these Black and Brown girls are making/going to make history this year, so it's win-win either way. However...they all have eyes on the gold, and they all can't have it.

Let the games begin.


  1. I wonder why more college gymnasts compete in the Olympics. I mean I know why (youth sells), but I think they would do a lot better.

  2. Not only did I ever dream that I would live to see a Black/POC become our president but also live to see the 2016 Olympics have so many Black/POCs there in one place. Wow.. never in my life have I ever seen that in all of the Olympics that I've ever watched. I was also pleasantly impressed by the fact they they brought up the story of Brazilian slavery and the role that Africans played into their society( from what I read, it was done because the non Black Brazilians was upset of the ouster if the president and the constant exclusion of non Whites from Brazilian society).I was worried about their opening ceremonies but I'll give it a B-

    My mother and I was just playing pick-the- hottest- guys from each country and my god! I was picking guys from countries from around the world but that Pita Taufatofua..I'm like..Yaaass!! God bless Tonga..lol! He knew what he was doing as he basically admitted to a giving surprise to the audience..and what a surprise it was..oh my ! * fanning myself with a church fan * Tonga got some sexy guys . Ironically, Tonga and the South Pacific is one of the regions that I've always wanted to go to. Overall..not only were there were a sea of Black/POCs in the building ..but a sea of sexiness in there as well.

    If Danusia or her contingent wins, I will congratulate her.Don't get me wrong,I want to see what the USA gymnastic teams is going to do but no matter if there from the USA,Jamaica,Nigeria,Canada,I will congratulate all of them equally as its a great thing to see Black/ POCs getting the gold.

    ..and one more thing..Cameroon! I just loved what the athletes wore during the opening ceremonies...just plain gorgeous. Though there were some gorgeous native attire in the building ,Cameroon deserves ther gold.

  3. Honestly a couple of times I was like WTF! Its like teams didn't even try with their outfits. Great Britain, the US, and South Korea (and a lot of others)pretty much wore the same outfit. I understand many countries share the same colors, but come on. I actually got confused. I think countries should stick to their traditional attire instead of all wearing suits which seems like the go to. I loved Burundi and Cameroon best, BUT the country that stood out the most had on (I can't remember them!) blue- turquoise-light blueAfrican attire. I'm mad I can't remember them, but their outfits took my breath away. I wanted one!

    1. I know that I'm near sighted but day gone..like you just said it just ed as several countries wore the same outfits . with those countries you mentioned ( Great Britain, US and South Korea) everybody wore the same ones and none of them stood out. I was looking at Poland and thinking to myself that I got a skirt like that from Ashley Stewart or FTF..without exaggeration.

      There were several more that got me.I've always liked what the Ethiopians were wearing and there was an Asian country ( I'm thinking that it may have been Brunei..idk ) and there was another country in the South Pacific ( not Tonga.though Pita looked good in his native attire) I guess I must have went to sleep on some of the ceremony as it was very long.

      Somehow I missed out on Burundi but Cameroon.. man..there native attire was electric and I'm glad that they kept it real as it seemed that a lot of other countries was playing follow the leader with their clothes.

    2. A lot of countries got clowned for their choices. Many people pointed out how they looked like the cast of Glee to some mentioning Montenegro's resemblance to characters from a Harry Potter movie. And poor Sweden. they looked homeless.

      I noticed the actually apparel being worn during the events are as skimpy as ever for the women. The shorts for the women in soccer are a good two inches shorter than what the men are wearing.

  4. *nods* The volleyball players are basically playing in thong bikinis.

    1. I do have to add the men's diving speedo is SMALL! I mean NOTHING to hide! I think there is a prerequisite to be a male diver. Lordy I'm not even into diving that much, but stopped when I saw the Chinese team (synchronized) that won gold.

      On another note Jennifer Abel a sister from Canada just missed getting bronze in the women's synchro. diving.

  5. *nods* The volleyball players are basically playing in thong bikinis.


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