What did I SAY about the Brown girls????

L to R: Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles


But What about the Brown Girls?

If you're not paying attention to elite artistic gymnastics right now...I don't know what you're doing with your life.  2016 is not only the Blackest year ever, it's the Brownest.

Follow along, good people.

America is sending the Dream Team to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, which just so happens to include history-making Olympian Gabby Douglas, the inimitable Simone Biles herself, and senior newcomer Laurie Hernandez.

I know y'all remember Laurie Hernandez.

And it's not just the Americans.  While British gymnast Becky Downie has represented Great Britain before, her younger sister Ellie joins her this time around.  Ellie in particular has been in great form this season, and together the Downie sisters pose a double threat.

Becky & Ellie Downie
This next Brown sister brings tears to my eyes.  Dipa Karmakar will be the first Indian gymnast to represent her homeland at the Olympics.  How did she pull it off?  By being only one of five gymnasts in the world to master the infamous Vault of Death...and landing it like a #bawse.

Last but not least, Marisa Dick will be the first gymnast to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the Olympics.  Her fellow Trinidadians would prefer if the Canadian-born mixie wasn't going, and would rather have Trinidadian native Thema Williams go instead, but they could send only one and Marisa got the gig.

She's known for performing the Dick (mounting the balance beam by landing a split), and she's so talented and confident on the beam that I think she's got good a shot at Olympic gold.

I'm telling you...my inner teenager is screaming right now. It's about to go down next month, and I'll be happy if any of these ladies goes home weighed down with Olympic gold. #Represent


Leo the P has kindly pointed out that I neglected to mention Toni Ann Williams, who will be the first female gymnast to represent Jamaica.  I don't know how I could have missed her, 'cause y'all...this is woman is no joke.


  1. I watched and I was so happy for those three when they were called as the names to Rep USA. So proud of them can't wait to see them show out. As for the rest that are representing: Trinidad & Tobago, Britain, and India, I wish them luck as well. Im also hoping they are safe from the Zika and stuff. Congrats to all!

    1. Yeah I'm worried about Zika too and the crime. I hope they have adequate protection while they are over there. I doubt there will be a lot of sightseeing. Hopefully they and the Williams sisters compete in their events and come straight home afterwards.

      I wish them all luck, but especially the US girls (sorry not sorry I'm bias). If its true the Russians won't be allowed to compete (unless they go under another country) then it opens up a little bit (China is still a threat).

    2. Girl, China was the country I rooted for when the melanin from other countries was lacking. I praise them for holding down the fort this long. Now they have some help to #Represent.

  2. There's one more, Ankh. Tony-Ann Williams

    1. OMG, I can't believe I missed her!!! *scurries to update post*

  3. Congratulations to these women. They really make me proud. I think that I will jeep my eye in the Rio Olympics...and praying to God that nothing more goes wrong with it anymore than it has.

    1. Agreed. I think the events are going to be overshadowed by the other stuff going on. Body parts just showing up!?!?!?!


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