The Bar Loves #BlackAndSexyTV

I love Netflix.  I love Hulu.  I love a few things about HBONow.   But there's something depressing, exhausting even, about looking for something to watch on the weekends and seeing a seemingly endless sea of White faces.

Thank the gods for Black & Sexy TV.  Originally a crowd-funded labor of love on YouTube, it is now a Chromecast-compatible streaming app with a fully stocked treasure trove of independently-produced Black shows and films.  Usually priced at $6.99/month, they're currently offering a free 2-week trial and 25% off the the first free months.

Needless to say, I've signed up.

I've picked where I left off back on YouTube, and that's with Hello Cupid.  But I'm looking forward to watching everything.  I'm so proud of the quality of media that I could cry - from the writing to the casting to the wardrobe to the music to the lighting to the directing and editing....  I can't wait to binge-watch and review and fangirl in the months to come.

If you've already got a subscription, let me know what you're watching and what you think!  If not, sign up!  This is a Black-owned business providing some desperately needed content, and they need our support.

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  1. I don't know why my preivous comment didn't appear here, but anyway, let's try again.

    My favorite webseries (from Black&Sexy) was Sexless. If you intnd to keep watching Hello Cupid you'll see a new character, Farrah, who was first on Sexless. "Hello Cupid" was pretty cool too, can't wait for the new season !

    I'm not really into their content these days, especially the new ones like Chef Jullian or Rdier.
    I didn't pay much attention to Nia but I'd like them to do a new season for this webseries.

    Off-topic but have any of you watched Inkspotentertainment's webseries ? They have 3 shows, my favorite one is "everything I did wrong in my 20s", it's quite refreshing.



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