Karen Chen, #Represent


The Bar Loves Nathan Chen (no relation)

If you haven't already, stop by Nathan Chen's GoFundMe page on your next pay day and show the dude some love.  I want him to go the 2018 Olympics, land his quads, and snatch the gold.  Not the silver, not the bronze - the gold.

While you're showing Nathan some love, do the same for your girl Starr Andrews.  Some of you remember when she was a tiny human and did an incredible routine to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"; that video has garnered 40 million views thus far. Starr's now a teenager with her eye on Olympic gold in 2018 and 2022.  And since she's the only African American skater with an actual shot, I want her to snatch *clap* that *clap* gold.

In case you didn't get the memo, tonight's theme at the Bar is Melanin on Ice.  *sips vodka and ginger ale*

I stumbled across Karen Chen by accident; I was searching for a specific competition, and noticed there was abundant footage and focus on the White girls, but not the girls with Asian-sounding names in this listing.  The minute I saw "Karen Chen", I automatically starting searching for her videos.

This first video is from when she was fifteen; she turns seventeen in a few weeks.

As I've said repeatedly before, Asian Americans make up a large segment of USA's elite figure skating team, and yet it's easy to miss them unless you're paying the strictest attention and know whom to look for. I came across Karen Chen's name by chance and after watching her skate, I became an instant fan. Karen's is a familiar story to many POC, working twice as hard to barely get half, and despite her smaller stature, she is a powerhouse on ice.

This is the part where I talk about high hopes for her career, but after how things went down with Cheltzie Lee, those type of statements sort of stick in my throat.  I feel uncertain about all their futures, to be honest.  These athletes are not getting nearly enough support; they're not getting endorsement deals, they're barely getting any publicity, and it's a shame because their presence and perseverance are so inspiring.  Not to mention...they kick ass!!!  They are amazing.  They are very, very good at what they do, and it's painful that they have to turn to crowdfunding just so they can have a chance to #Represent.

We've got to do right by them.  They're young, they're our future, and they're our responsibility.


  1. Question do they (besides Nathan) also have crowdfunding sites?

    "These athletes are not getting nearly enough support; they're not getting endorsement deals, they're barely getting any publicity, and it's a shame because their presence and perseverance are so inspiring."

    This is where I question minority companies that can sponsor them and minority based websites, publications, and such to get the word out about them. You hear a lot about popular (especially male) sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. You barely hear about Venus and Serena. It hit me one day that with all Serena has accomplished she isn't gracing the cover of Ebony multiple times (unless they have put her up there since the latest Wimbledon win).

    I understand if you do not follow a particular sport, but publications/websites and such should give equal time to ALL sports celebrities. We can't complain when we don't see blacks in a certain sport; when we don't highlight the ones that do play it.

    1. Starr does (linked in the post), Karen doesn't. And I agree...in the age of supporting Black - and Brown - businesses, where is the love for this young athletes who are hauling ass on their own?

      Because these kids are bringing their A-game and they get no support, whereas their White counterparts get most of the support, and bring their mediocrity.

    2. My bad I didn't click the link.

      Yeah you can't fault Whites for supporting their own though. WE (and every other minority) can support these athletes.


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