The Bar Pours a Sip for the Victims at #Pulse


  1. My heart goes out to all those affected by this senseless massacre.

  2. You know this makes me mad, sad, ill, and just over it. We have spoiled brats killing people because they do not live the way THEY want them to. We have women being raped and killed by men who feel they are only there to "service" them, people hating because of skin color, gender, and everything else under the sun. Children being abused, molested, kidnapped, and killed. People not caring sh*t about each other. Blaming each other. And no where NO WHERE is immune anymore.

  3. Again my deepest sympathies/to the patrons and employees of the Pulse night club,the city of Orlando and my sympathies to the Muslim community.

    I was just thinking about the 1970s..the decade that I grew up in. As a child, I remembered the good old days. I recalled spending nights playing with my friends carefree until midnight down my maternal grandmother's house,going to the drive in theatre and riding on the swing sets and sitting in your car without wondering if you will get jacked.There was crime,but it wasn't to the point where you didn't feel that your life was threatened. I also remembered the Vietnam War and the Iran Contra incident in 1979. Yes,these events was a national security but people didn't seem as scared for some a matter of fact some of them was a peace that everything was going to turn out for the better.

    Sadly, I can't say that in 2016. This world of ours have become a scary place to be in.I feel so bad for these children and young people they have to witnesses such evil,like the shooter and Donald Trump..who really think that he's doing North America a favor by running is bigoted mouth.I hate that they have to see all of this.. in a country where they have been bamboozled into believing that our country was the safest place in earth. Ironically.. I never wanted kids but the way things are going in this world,I wouldn't want my kids to be raised in this chaotic society. Not long ago,I went to my brother's college graduation. The commencement ceremonies took place in a dome stadium. Before the Pulse Massacre..I thought about the " what its" took place there? After all,his graduation was packed with hundreds..possibility.. Thousands of people in the dome. Before I got to the Dome, I took a bus and train to the graduation. I thought about the movie " Speed " and all I thought about was what fool will get on the bus and terrorize the passengers on it ..and the train? I prayed that I would make it to and from my brother's graduation safely.

    I've been exposed to some mighty scary situations in my life,but I pray that me and nobody else will have to deal with an ordeal such as the tragedy that took place in Orlando. Though we're all in danger.. I have a gay cousin and my mom called him to see how he was doing as he is going to fly on a plane to visit his friend in Texas. He's doing well. There was a time where a security guard almost got him jailed because of his homophobia. It just amazes me that out the things in the world, we get worked up about same sex unions.How come people cannot be aggressive in solving problems about drug dealers,murderers,child molesters.. real problems that can actually hurt others? I don't feel threatened by gay the community whatsoever. The shooter felt threatened by gay people yet the very threat that caused pain to possibility hundreds of people was a supposed straight killer.What a doing gone shame.

    1. Indeed it is scary, but you have to keep living. I would like to buy a private island and go live there alone. Its sounds crazy, but the whole hermit idea is looking pretty good right now!!

      I'm like you whenever I'm in a large crowd (of course I've been like that for a while). I helped out with a marathon a few months ago and thought what is someone tried something. And running overseas is no longer an option because they have their own problems to deal with from terrorism, to crimes against women and children, economic collapse. Money is getting to the place its worthless because everyone (countries) are so far in debt.

    2. * doing..meant to say " dog gone ".

      " Indeed it is scary, but you have to keep living".

      Yep..I'm always going to do my best to move with my life and enjoy it to the fullest. I wouldn't want to be held hostage because of fear and I definitely wouldn't want my adversaries to think they won because of it. It's just sad how those men and women in Pulse wanted to have a good time but was cut by a fool who didn't respect them.

      I agree with you about running overseas.As that saying goes " You can run but you can't hide. When it comes to terrorist..whether domestic or international..comes from all walks of life and when it comes to terrorism, it comes in many forms.Far as I'm concerned a bank robber is a terror because they they causing fear and they most tonnes threaten their victims whether it be with death ,maiming them or hurting them..its a form of terror.The only thing I do is pray for God's protection.


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