Lawd, They Done Killed Poussey (#OITNB)

Y'all...I don't know how I got mixed up with this show.  I recall I initially disliked Orange is the New Black, but somehow I got sucked in and got attached to a lot of actresses.  One of them being, of course, the phenomenal Samira Wiley as Poussey.'s the end of the Season 4, and they done killed Poussey.
Poussey’s death nods toward several high-profile killings of black Americans by those in law enforcement, as well as the aftermath of those deaths. Poussey is restrained and suffocated, like Eric Garner in New York City. Her body is left on the floor for hours and hours, like Michael Brown in Ferguson.

And when the prison’s statement to the press on Poussey’s death chooses to focus on Bayley’s innocence, rather than what he did, all of the women in the prison storm out of their dorms in outrage, with Poussey’s best friend, Taystee (Danielle Brooks), screaming in anguish that they didn’t even "say her name" — the same rallying cry that emerged after Sandra Bland died while in Texas police custody.

Even outside these very obvious markers, Orange Is the New Black makes a point of showing exactly how screwed up the system is, and how little say those in custody, especially people of color, have when it comes to wrongful deaths.
Bar Patrons, I'mma need a few drinks to even begin to recover from this.


  1. I actually went and walked up and down the aisles in Walgreens looking for something to drown myself in. I am in shock and so sad..

    1. And the way Taystee wailed over her body... *shakes head* Lawd, they done took my boo....


  2. To quote Bernie Mac "dis some bullshi*t"...

  3. I cried...Poussey is my BFF in my head and it felt like I really lost her for real.


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