The Bar Pours a Sip for the Immortal King of Shade

Damn, Prince!!!!

I can almost accept David Bowie and Alan Rickman going; they were both 69 and plagued with cancer. I don't accept Chyna's death; dying at 45 is some bullshit I'm not even tryna hear right now. Scalia could've dropped at 34 and I wouldn't have batted an eye.

But Prince???? At fifty-seven????

Bar Patrons...raise y'all's glasses, sip that Purple Rain, and share your fondest Prince moments and music videos.

I'll start.


  1. My favorite song is Mountains. My favorite moment was back when VH1 (do they still exist?) did a fashion awards show. He performed P Control. He addresses the audience (minute mark) to listen carefully; that the song is meant to uplift and enlighten all the members of the female persuasion so that no woman ever becomes a slave. I LOVE that song. The video is below.

    As for Chyna I just read that it looks like she died on Monday and no one found her until Wednesday.

  2. I'm still in denial about Prince's death.

    When I first heard about his death, I thought that I was young deaf. My nephew scared me as I thought that something happened to someone I know .Not only did he scared me but he surprised me that he knew about Prince at his 18 years old? Then again,he listened to what my sister listens to ..oldies).Then I watched the news and I couldn't believe what media was reporting PRINCE HAS DIED. My 90 year old grandmother even called me and asked me did I hear about his desth ? I'm also shocked that she knew about the guy..Wow! then my sister came over with her kids and we all sat and watched an hours worth of his videos.Just goes to show you how big of an impact Prince had oin his music and people.

    There no one song of Prince that I was biased about. I just couldn't just settle for one of his songs because they all sound great.Gosh.let's see here..there was Purple Rain, Pop Life,1999, etc..I'll take all day naming the others.

    Today as I was going grocery shopping for my mom..I seen some people in purple.One guy dedicated himself to Prince by wearing a shirt with his face on it.Another guy literally wanted to dress like his idol in every way.Even me, I'm paying homage to the Prince.I automatically wear plum or red lipstick and the frame on my glasses is already a plum color.I have a purple shirt which I want to wear to work.

    It's funny..when I was in high schools girls was fawning over Michael Jackson.
    Don't get me wrong..I loved Michaels music to death and he was bad brother but to me..just to me..I thought that Prince was one point above him. Though both of them were eccentric introverts..its just with Prince ,he was mature.Michael was cute but Prince was sexy and he demonstrated that in a lot of his music.He like MJ ,he is a musical legend.There will be no other musical artist like him.

    RIP to the great one.

    1. Everyone else adds to music, but Michael and Prince CHANGED it!

    2. Yep...for sure.

    3. I'm still in denial about Prince's death.

      Right? I accepted Michael's death far more quickly than this.

  3. So many of us love him. Just hearing the testimonials from black female celebrities about how he encouraged them and was kind means so much.


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