The Art of Halves and Trick Bait (#CancelSleepyHollow)

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The demise of Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow has basically been the Death that Launched a Thousand Ships.  As you can see by the above hashtag, war has been declared, the fleet has set sail, and folks are straight achin' to burn this bitch down.

As someone on Twitter noted, Sleepy Hollow is currently being dragged left and right, and in multiple languages.  For real.  I'm seeing tweets in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and the one thing they all have in common is that damn hashtag.  I didn't know Nicole Beharie had fans like that, but damn...she's proving to be every bit the goddess I always knew she was, and the epic backlash going on right now is going to have ripple effects for a long, long time.

Like many commenters and critics, I stopped watching a while back, but every so often I'd be drawn back, not just because of the legendary Mison/Beharie chemistry, but simply because of Beharie's face.  That is a beautiful woman, y'all, and one hell of an actress.
The wound of her death is so raw and so fresh right now that it's got people talking about everything from discrimination in TV, fridging, Dead Lesbian Syndrome, and oh yes...the practice of pretending that the shows we like only have a Season One (or, in the case of a show like Scandal, Season 2).

But then, this got me thinking...isn't it usually just the first half of Season One that's good?  It's not always the whole Season.  It's like once these shows come back from that first winter hiatus (and that first change in writers/showrunners), everything goes downhill from there.

Remember how FlashForward went and fucked itself?  Remember Heroes?  Remember Twisted?  Remember Person of Interest?  And to an extent, Once Upon a Time?

We didn't get a flawless introductory season from all these shows from beginning to end; most of the time we got the trick bait which whet our appetites just enough to keep us faithful through the winter hiatus until our shows returned and had us wondering WTF happened while we were away.

On the Black Girls Club I suggested that actresses like Nicole Beharie and Kat Graham voluntarily leaving their respective shows is not just a great sign of strength, and a great sign of the times, but it's a sort of movement which needs to go further.  First off, kudos to Graham for just announcing her intent to leave straight to the press like your standard stone-cold, gives-no-fucks millennial.  She didn't clear that shit with anybody, and she didn't wait to be told when she could leave.  That is a telltale sign of having no dambs left.
Actors need to tame the thirst long enough to ask some deeply probing questions and get much needed assurances in writing BEFORE they sign on for a gig.  And fans, we need to stay on these writers from hereon out.  We need to mobilize at the very first whiff of bullshit and campaign for cancellation the split second we realize they are not playing ball.  Sleepy Hollow was renewed twice, and that was two times too many.
We can no longer accept excuses like "the good stuff for the POC characters is yet to come" or "we hear you" when they clearly don't, or "so-and-so wanted to leave the show", while leaving out the part of about backstage bullying and random character restructuring.  If we're not satisfied every week, we need to bring the hammer down swiftly, so we don't have a repeat of the last couple of weeks.
Remember when Torchwood just started killing its characters left and right, and one writer had the cajones to tell off the fans and say he was "just doing his job"?  That crock of shit shalt not flyeth in 2016.  Let's not get it twisted: the job of these writers - and casting agents - is to please the audience who's paying the cable bills, and the Hulu and Netflix subscriptions.  Do not fuck with us.

Y'all been put on notice.


    I've been thinking the exact same thing. This Shady Hollow fiasco and the gracious exits of 2 Nicole and Kat are a sign of things happening.

    I am gleeful AF at the INTERNATIONAL outcry over how they did Abbie/ Nicole and the fact that there is ample support of the success of media thronging with POC and BLACK WOMEN front and center kicking ass with fans and critics alike and are spectacular art too.

    Always black women are given crumbs and asked to accept it endure disrespect and sub par treatment in life and onscreen and be paaaaatient and yeah, these actresses have caused ripples. Serious reverberations.

    I have tingles.

    Ugh, i shudder at the memory of Flash forward and twisted. Such great interracial couples with ZERO white people done dirty.

    1. " Shady Hollow"

      You got the Shady name for that show!

    2. I am gleeful AF at the INTERNATIONAL outcry over how they did Abbie/ Nicole

      Seeing FOX get cussed out in all those different languages was like...*shivers*...Christmas, New Year's, Halloween, and my birthday all rolled into one.

  2. Wow...I was expecting an outcry but I didnt expect for it to be that big and/or international. I know that this is making Nicole very happy.

    When you have an outcry as big as the one Nicole is receiving, this should tell the people behind the show something. Black women actresses are more vital to shows/movies more than they're willing to accept and with them when they have a relationship/friendship in them, depending on their chemistry it's unbreakable: Jett Le and the late Aaliyah( unfortunately she died), Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury and Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie as you've mentioned. They all had a chemistry that wasn't easily duplicated...making for a great show.

    " The good stuff is about to come.."

    Man, I wish that they stop saying that. They got rid of the " good stuff" when they got rid of the writers and vital actors of that show .It began to show as it began to suck. Like I said, I read in article where FOX intentionally put SH on Friday because of the low ratings and seen no need to keep it on..thinking that we would be out to dinner on Friday night and nobody would be home on time to see it.

    When will Hollywood get it? Their formula for White female leads and mostly White leads are getting quite boring.I'm happy that Nicole and Kat did what they did. They weren't treated right on their shows and with their departures,it just goes to show you how much you cannot take them for granted.

    1. When you have an outcry as big as the one Nicole is receiving, this should tell the people behind the show something.

      For real. I mean...when Person of Interest killed off Taraji Henson, the fan meltdown was bigger than expected. But this...this dwarfs anything I've ever seen.

  3. You know I'm not surprised. Thandie Newton had her own show called Rogue. They killed her off in the third season.

    1. I didn't even know the show existed. It's not Hulu, Netflix, or Google play.

    2. I don't know if it would be since it was a Directv made series.


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