#BlackVotesMatter: The Dark Side of the Clintons

Has the current election got anyone else flashing back to 2008?
On Tuesday, former secretary of state and current presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took the stage at BET's Black Girls Rock show and proclaimed, "There are still a lot of barriers holding back African-Americans and black women in particular."

On Thursday, black protesters attempted to highlight some of those barriers Clinton alluded to during a campaign rally in Philadelphia. In response, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, attempted to bring those protesters to heel, and referred to an adult woman who was protesting as a "girl."

So on Tuesday, black girls rock. But on Thursday, it's black girls hush.

Sure, Bernie Sanders has the bleeding hearts on lock, but the Clinton campaign is not just interested in winning over liberals and progressives. They also hope to garner votes from disaffected whites who feel left behind in the economic and demographic shifts the country is going through. And while some, perhaps even many, of these white potential voters are supporting Donald Trump, some of them are on the fence about the demagogue and are equally disinterested in his truly conservative opponents, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Bill Clinton was talking to those voters, letting the folks who think that today's BLM protesters are whiny, entitled, spoiled Millennial brats who don't know about following orders. And that he and, by proxy, Hillary Clinton are not afraid to put these uppity negroes back in their place. Bill Clinton is also signifying to those in black communities who find the current rhetoric of black protest too brash and aggressive, those who feel like protesters should be marching peacefully, demanding rights while they sing hymns, as the sanitized history of Martin Luther King Jr. suggests is the most respectable way to make change.
Normally, in a situation like this, I'd just be laughing at the Clintons as their ship goes down. But I'm not yet fully convinced this one's going to sink. #Shillary is trending for a reason, y'all.

I was initially rooting for Hillary because, you know, Obama got 2008 and "the agreement" was that she'd get the Presidency later. But I'm beginning to think Mellie, er, Hillary, is simply not meant to be President.  Because just like in 2008, someone has emerged from the woodwork who's electrified the youth and, like Obama, simply refuses to shut up and go away.  And the more he's dismissed and downplayed, the harder his supporters work.

That being said, this isn't even about Bernie Sanders; it's about the Clintons just doing what the Clintons do best: say whatever's necessary, appeal to whomever's necessary, literally do whatever's necessary to win the damn Presidency.  How does one even look at themselves in the mirror at night?  Or rather, how many mirrors does such a person need in order to accommodate all their faces???

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  1. Man, if I only knew the years past about the Clintons...

    I don't know about other people,but when I heard about Hillary Clinton attending the Black Girls Rock ceremony. I was OFFENDED. What she did reminds me of politicians who you only see once a year coming to your churches, masjids and temples asking your votes. I have never cared for that and with Hillary? Her potential Black voters have been asking her ..before she made it totally official that she was running for president...that they needed her support with their causes and asked her hypothetical questions about issues concerning Black people but she basically shrugged them off..god knows how many times. Now mind you, when Bernie first came out in Seattle, he got frustrated about the protesters barging into his rally but he seemed to have " learned "( You know it could be a ploy for all we know) from his mistakes and Hillary has been paying for it ever since.I'll also never forgot what she did with Obama when she distanced herself from him during the 2012 senate house races. I didn't forget that and I'm quite sure others haven't either.

    I bet you at that Hillary was shocked that she wasn't going to be in the presidential practically by herself like Obama was. Like you said, she thought that shew has these elections to herself to the point where she never thought that Bernie would give her a run for her money. I mean..she took people for granted.The last straw for me was when she , Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem was upset because people..especially women.. wasn't giving Hillary all of their votes like we're 5 years old or something. That really burned me up. Just because there are women out there doesn't mean they should automatically vote for her because of Hillary's gender. Why should they? for the most part, with Black/WOC ,White feminists have..and still..ignored the issues surrounding us and now all of sudden they want to " support " us because of getting votes?..Oh no! They should have thought about that before they threw us on the back of the bus.

    Even if Hillary was the only Democrat in this race, she really haven't came out with a definitive plan on anything. She just went to easiest thing to talk about..women's rights. She had a good deal of time to talk about police brutality against people but only recently discussed it because of Bernie.

    If there is a lesson that I have learned about today's presidential primaries/elections are is that unlike the past..none of them can no longer take their voters for granted, especially Black/POCs. Hopefully,Hillary is learning, you cannot underestimate people and think they aren't paying attention to them. These days..as it has been said many times..it's not going to be as easy getting Black/POC votes like their parents/grandparents did in the past. They will be challenged,like Hillary is being done. If the candidates aren't paying attention to their issues of the voters, their voters will not be paying attention to them.


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