The Morbid Case of #HeatherSmith

So by now, I'm sure you've heard the story of Heather Smith, a #BlackLivesMatter supporter who received a long-winded death threat from a White dude named Matt Walters on Facebook, in which he described in detail how he was going to kidnap, torture, and murder her.

When she posted screenshots, she - not he - reportedly got banned from Facebook and when she reached out to Houston police - 'cause the asshole lives here - they brushed her off (*cue lack of surprise*).

As stories like these develop, you often think, "Well, it can't get any worse than this; I mean, we know how this is going to end."

True as that is, there's always...something which eventually happens which just infuriates you all the more.
Channel 2 is not identifying the man because he has not been charged with a crime. But according to his social media posts, he is a 24-year-old white male from the Houston area.

Channel 2 went to a Cypress address listed for the man. He wasn't there, but his father was. The father said he was aware of his son's message and had spoken to him about it.

"He's a kid. He wasn't thinking what he was saying," the 24-year-old man's father said.
...Lemme stop you right there.

24 is old enough to drive solo, to vote, buy a weapon, buy alcohol, be shipped off to war, and even to run for local office.

At 24, most undergraduate students are wrapping up their first degree, if not sooner.

People have launched successful careers, marriages, and families at 24.

People have reigned over friggin' empires at 24.

The lengths White America goes to justify/whitesplain/excuse/downplay White sociopathy are beyond desperate.  Sickos behind keyboards need to go to jail, and if the legislature is lacking, then we need to make it happen.  After all, isn't there a big election going on?  I don't care that guys like these go running for the hills in real life; throw this fool under the jail and make an example out of him!!!


  1. Aww man..I first read about Matt on Rainier's website and as I as reading what he reported, it really pissed me off how the FB and the Houston Police Department wanted to work so hard to sweep this under the rug. I promise you that if it would have been a Black/POC man to have said those same sick words to a White woman, the HPD would have been there before they can say they're coming.

    I'll tell some one else that I'm mad about: Facebook. I really didn't think about the actions until Rainier brought up another serious point on it. FB will censor users who report about a ligitimate complaints like that of Sidney's or other racially/insensitive material,but will let people stay on there who will use threatening/racist language in their against innocent users.

    How funny is that? Mark Zuckerburg recently got on some of his staff's case for marring a BLM poster. Honestly, I don't get why he claims to be an advocate of the group when most of his staff is predominately White. If he really cared about Black lives, he would be checking on what his staff is doing behind their cubicles.

    Far as Matt's father, I would have told him " no excuse " before he could say his son's name. My god! I'm sooo tired of the excuses. Like you said Matt is in his twenties and I will not accept that he's a " kid ". I thought that the law sad that once you're 18, you're legally an adult? I've seen kids as young as 8 go to juvenile. He's over 18. He needs to be in prison..that is, if they don't drag their feet in filing charges against him..but I forgot...there is no such thing as justice for minorities.

    Another Black woman was also attacked during a Donald Trump Rally in Louisville. Right now, they're looking for the bastards who violently shoved her. I know that one of the fool's application to be in the Marines have been revoked because of his actions , another isn't allowed to go to England because of it(Kudos to England for taking action) and the rest is till be sought for their cowardly actions.

    The War on minorities have been neurotic when Obama became president and way moreso when Donald Trump announced his run for president. Part of me said that I wished that my folks were from another country because it will give me an excuse to stay in it but them another think about the Bibilical character Jehoshophat who end up defeating 30,000 opposing soldiers opposed to the very few he got. God told him not to run but to stay and he'll help him win his fight. With Trump, I hope that it will be a case of the "the bigger they come , the harder they fall".. as the saying goes. Most times, it's the ones with the biggest mouth that are the biggest cowards.

    1. How funny is that? Mark Zuckerburg recently got on some of his staff's case for marring a BLM poster. Honestly, I don't get why he claims to be an advocate of the group when most of his staff is predominately White. If he really cared about Black lives, he would be checking on what his staff is doing behind their cubicles.

      I've said this before.
      Hypocrisy runs deep in European culture, it’s almost systemic. Take for instance the notion of Ideal Image, vs True Conduct/Demeanor. Most whites spend a lifetime crafting an ideal representation for themselves, when privately they’re the very antitheses of that persona. The white man who calls himself Honest John, your friendly neighborhood used car dealer, projects the impression that he’s trustworthy, and above reproach. The TV commercials infer, “You can trust him to be above board in his dealing with you. A good car, at a fair price.” When in actuality (and I’ve seen this so many times where I live) he’s a crook- a liar and a thief, bent on peddling worthless lemons at every opportunity.

      Thus, the white man contends (even when he knows he's lying through his teeth) this is 'Not who I am as a person. Besides, everyone 'knows Mark Zuckerburg can't be racist. After all, he married an Asian woman.

  2. I will say the police did nothing because the intended victim was black. My sister has a coworker (white) whose husband was arrested for communicating threats over the phone (he threatened her (all parties are white by the way) brother in law. The cops picked him up within an hour of the threat. It is a different state also. I know of some domestic violence cases where husbands threaten the wives, but until he actually does harm she cannot get a restraining order.

    Do you know what the law is there involving threats.

    1. No, but I'm guessing the laws down here fall along the lines of, "We only mobilize of the intended vic is white."

  3. Funny how he's a kid at 24 and that murdering sh*tbag Roof was a kid at 21, but Tamir and Trayvon were adults who should have known better at 12 and 17 respectively. Hmm.

  4. “He's a kid. He wasn't thinking what he was saying," the 24-year-old man's father said. Oh I wouldn’t put much stock in that,” he continued. “After all, most black women can take care of themselves.” To paraphrase.

    And there you go. A longstanding, intractable idea stretching back to slavery that asserts black women can’t be damsels, least not to white people. On the plantation black females were the workhorses while the white woman led a life of leisure.

    We’ve seen what happens when black women have run-ins with insecure power hungry white males and more often than not it doesn’t end up well. To them, Black women aren’t portrayed as fragile, delicate blossoms in need of the white man’s benevolent care and protection. Oftentimes her strength (ascribed as a male attribute) is used to malign her, in stark contrast to the brittle image afforded to white women (Regardless of their behavior). White people harden their hearts to the plight of black women, especially to those who express emotion or demonstrate vulnerability in any way. The reaction to a black woman’s suffering is almost always the same: indifference & apathy.

    She’s not in any real danger according to them. Her life doesn’t garner the priority that’s so easily conferred upon her white counterpart. Thus the Damsel is white for these reasons. The white man is often portrayed as an iconic hero, a savior: so don’t be too hard on him when he’s accused of crimes contrary to his character. First order of business: minimize the damage. Downplay The Kid’s actions, then deflect and distract with the good that he’s done. Finally, allow the positive attributes that white skin historically represents to fill in the blanks. I pray someone listens, and takes her plea seriously before this gets any worse.

    1. " I pray that someone listens,and take her plea seriously before this gets any worse."

      Agreed. Like you said in your post, Black women aren't seen as feminine beings. Notice how none of this was not announced on TV and after that incident, it was said that a similar incident took place at another one of his Trump's event,only this time it involved a Black woman, White woman and an Asian man in New Orleans. Ohhh..let me not also forget, another Black women said that Daniel Holtzclaw raped her but her pleas for help was ignored before the other women was successful in getting their stories told. I was just thinking how..after 20 something people are still talking about Nicole Brown Simpson's " justice " yet those same people will think that Black women aren't worthy of protection.

      I mentioned this once last year,but the very things that White people are apathetic to when it comes to Blacks and other minorities has a way of coming back and biting them in the butt. They thought it was funny when crack came into Black communities and when gangs were in cities like Chicago and L.A. but years later, it knocks on their door and greats them in the suburbs.

      Right now, Donald and is supporters are having fun treating Black women like rag dolls at their rallies but just like the spreading of drugs and gangs into White/suburbia, one day their plan will backfire on to them. They don't realize how much they will lose if Trumps becomes..hopefully not..president. I mean, what logical thinking country will want to continue to do business with an intolerable country like the Divided States of America? Rightfully Mexico have already said that they weren't going to pay for his Wall and he's already offended some Arab/Muslim nations. I would be surprised if their allies will turn against us and I wouldn't blame them if they did because Donald Trump is evil.

    2. “…I mentioned this once last year, but the very things that White people are apathetic to when it comes to Blacks and other minorities has a way of coming back and biting them in the butt. They thought it was funny when crack came into Black communities and when gangs were in cities like Chicago and L.A. but years later, it knocks on their door and greats them in the suburbs…”

      I remember the documentary vividly. Scared white people to half to death when it hit the airwaves. I can recall a line from The Godfather after the mafia decides to get into the drug business.

      I don't want it near schools! I don't want it sold to children! That's an infamia. In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds. They're animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.

      Joseph Zaluchi’s words summed up everything whites felt about black people at the time. As long as you keep Crack & Heroin in the black communities who the hell cares what happens to them? Unbelievable in its hypocrisy the film merely voiced what many whites felt about us. Even as Whites sell, cultivate and consume drugs like candy we’re the ones viewed with derision. Even as a strung out psychologist single-handedly devastated a generation of middle class white kids by convincing them to Turn on, tune in, drop out, WE were the ones being arrested and castigated.

      Right now, Donald and his supporters are having fun treating Black women like rag dolls at their rallies but just like the spreading of drugs and gangs into White/suburbia, one day their plan will backfire on to them...

      I so agree. Sometimes I think Racism in Whites is much like the Herpes simplex virus. Promulgated via contact or environment: it’s sometimes passed on via childbirth. In many cases it stays dormant, while in others: attacks occur occasionally as physiology dictates. Still for many, outbreaks can occur during times of extreme personal, racial- religious or socioeconomic stress. Whenever centrality is threatened. Wherever Privilege no longer offers succor… protection or esteem.

      Should the outbreak worsen it can evolve (to keep pace with the times). During those instances the Virus spreads from person to person rather quickly, mutating into a most immoderate form that’s woefully resistant to morality, reason or remedy of any kind (Think Drumpf). That’s when the sickness is most calamitous to we people of color: but most particularly, to black women.

    3. Crack USA: County Under Siege
      Please forgive me. This is the documentary that exposed the devastation of Crack on the white community. The drug was particularly hard on those parents who felt shielded from the troubles of the inner-city. Ah, but they were wrong. Their denial only served as their kryptonite.

    4. Remember in the movie "Richard Pryor: Then & Now" when he talks about drugs being and epidemic which meant "White folks are doing it."? He talks about White folks driving through Black neighborhoods saying, "Look at that. Isn't that terrible?" until they got home and saw their 14-year old strung out and shout "Oh my God! It's an epidemic!"

      Then he goes on to stay, "Maybe next time you see Black folks in trouble, you'll help. Maybe." Notice that he stressed the "Maybe." That sure as hell hasn't happened yet.

    5. I think I watched this documentary in high school. Is this the one where one white kid is like, "the pipe was calling, so I came running" or something?

    6. To add to your earlier point of black women having always been worst off, you have Virgina and Maryland laws from 1643, which levied taxes on African women only (not their indentured white counterparts) as they were only seen as agricultural workers not actual "women" and from 1662 which stated that the children of African women slaves would inherit their mother's slave status for life, thereby semi-controlling her reproductive choices. Of course these laws spread and variations of it continued to be made :(

    7. ..and apparently they still see Black women very much the same way in just crazy where White folks get their " logic ".

      Now a White Republican woman for a conservative publication was thrown down by one of Trumps " security " officers, leaving a nasty bruise on her arm. According to the Devil ..* coughing*..Donald , she lied and it was her fault.

      Trumps supporters are something else. Do they really think this man will be on their side if he is elected president? his security guards/cops injured on of their " own ". Apparently, it didn't matter of she was a conservative and a female, his crew was paranoid and thought that she was an anti-Trump spy.

      This man already has no respect for minorities/liberals as it is but he also didn't have any for that woman. As I mentioned on my prior post, they're laughing now but one of these days they will wish that they had never known him. He's no friend of nobody but himself and it's always like that. Trump is just using them as puppets. He said that he would pay the legal fees for anyone who would punch a protester but he haven't even paid for the veterans who he promised he would pay for supporting him.

      This should tell those low lives something: he punches a White conservative woman who wasn't protesting the rally and didn't keep his promise of paying his supportive vets. If he didnt' respect them, what on earth thinks that he will respect his supporters. He's a deadbeat and the don't even know it!

      I also congratulate the city if Chicago for standing up against Donald and his racist friends. Though I wished it would not have went down they way it did, it was a matter of time before it took place. Donald is nothing but a big coward who thinks that he can bully anybody around ...sort of like the bully you may have confronted in school. Sometime you have to show the bigger man who is truly big.

      Some people say that they should give up and they day that they do that nobody will not benefit from what our people fought for in the days before 2016. Your mom have probably told us that " if I don't work, you don't eat" and that is true. It's not easy ,it can be taxing and painful at times but none of us won't benefit from jack if people will not take chances to stand up against their adversaries. Just imagine what would have happened if some of the slaves didn't risk their lives to save ours? Blacks/POC is already losing the little " freedom" we presently have. Without speaking up, you best believe that it will be completely lost.

    8. "Though I wished it would not have went down they way it did, it was a matter of time before it took place."

      I wish they spent that energy is making sure everyone that is can vote is registered. Trump needs to be shown just like Romney and McCain that he can't win.

      And Trump has no respect for anyone! He instantly insults a woman's looks if she questions him (Meghan Kelly and the long line of other women).

      I think its funny he talks of bringing jobs back, but most of his employees are immigrants! So the fools supporting him are really supporting being unemployed!

    9. " And Trump has no respect for anyone."

      Yep.. that's about the size of which I look at his supporters with laughter. When your find men as evil as Trump, they could care two cents about them. Sure..they'll use them to get what they want and them dispose of them. Like you said..and almost forgot about how he slandered Megan Kelly. I was just reading an article about Caitlyn Jenner support for Trump because she feels that he " cares " more about women's issues than Hillary Clinton.

      Honestly, I'm not a fan of HRC, or other feminist groups but if Trump cares so much for womens why did his advisor threw down that reporter , left a bruise on her arm and denied it took place? He didn't respect Megan and let me not forget Carly Fiorina by talking about her appearance.

      What those racist nitwits don;t realize is how much they will lose..and including him..will stand to lose. Financially ,spiritually, and physically. That dufuss isn't going to bring jack back and if he does ,it will be only for the White people.

      I was thinking about the days of my parents..Jim Crow and I often wondered what it was like for them for to grow up in such torrid days like them? They talked about growing up on racists like JB Stoner , Byron de la Beckwith and George Wallace. When you compare them to Donald Trump..they look like ants compared to Trump.

    10. " I was just reading an article about Caitlyn Jenner support for Trump because she feels that he " cares " more about women's issues than Hillary Clinton."

      I think Caitlyn is looking at it from a MALE privilege point of view. I know that is a messed up thing to say, but I think some parts of Bruce (white male) still lingering around.

      You know I read through a blog yesterday and they used the hashtag #allwhitemalesprivilegematters or something to that extent.

      "That dufuss isn't going to bring jack back and if he does ,it will be only for the White people."

      White people who are born OUTSIDE the US! He has said he would hire legal immigrants so the fools supporting him are not listening.

      I have to say though I think we just need to focus on getting people registered to vote to keep this fool (Trump) out. Stop going to his rallies to protest because its worthless. Getting into screaming matches with idiots and fighting for no reason. Put that energy to actually doing something that will make a difference.

  5. Trying to deny white pathology is a pathology in itself. White folks continue to deny their dark side whenever it pokes its hideous head. They want so badly not to be seen as bad guys no matter how often they f*ck up the world. That is one of the traits at the core of white sociopathy.

    1. Wow..I say this with much respect but I really didn't know how sick White society really is. They are so racially sick that they believe in their own delusion.

      There was a White and a Black man( the one who was assaulted ) said that they didn't even go there for wither side but one thing that the both of them said was the rabidness that circulated at his rallies. I'm just trying to picture myself with the worst rabid dog that I've ever been across..which was one and put a human face on it. If those guys have that much racism and anger in them, then they're evil and sick.

      As I just mentioned , I wished that Trump's rallies were peaceful but he doesn't know what peace even mean. I should have known how racist this man was when he let that drug addicted women keep her crown rather than to give it Miss California and who was first runner up to be Miss USA.

    2. Honestly @M protesters should just stop going! You can't change the minds of fools so put your energy somewhere else. They can start getting people ready for the general election in November.

    3. Wow..I say this with much respect but I really didn't know how sick White society really is. They are so racially sick that they believe in their own delusion.

      From Time Wise: What About White Pathology?
      ...Though I have no doubt there are redeeming aspects to white culture, with data such as this, and in so many categories of apparent and overwhelming dysfunction, can any rational person deny the crisis in white America? How much longer will we ignore the pathological behaviors of the nation’s dominant racial group? How long will we allow whites to blame their problems on affirmative action, Mexican immigrants, high taxes, Obamacare, Islam, oh, and black people, when it is so blindingly obvious that we are our own worst enemies?

      The problem with acknowledging white pathology is this: if they can find one person of color vexed with the same Vice or Deficiency, then there’s no Pathology worth mentioning. This is how white people shirk onus for their own ills and its exactly how white decrepitude persists at our expense. It’s all about the need to protect a corporate narrative to the exclusion of all else. Willing collaborators, the moment each is made aware of their place in society. Blinded by the White so to speak. In short-, Trump speaks to a white devotee's dream of restoring a racial caste that’s been artfully subverted, "by that uppity Black Kenyan in the White House."

      To add insult to Their injury: For the first time in this nation’s memory the destiny of the free-world was not determined by a White man, but rather… a Black one.

    4. Yep! it seems like they area really scared knowing that their dominance on earth is slowly coming to an end. They see Donald Trump as their " savior ',but they just don't know. As I've mentioned,he nobodies friend except his own. Supposedly, Donald Trump was said that he would consider paying the legal fees of the man who socked a Black man in his face. Now he's saying that he said no such thing ..unless he doing it undercover. He also promised his veteran supporters that he would give them a million dollars for their cause. According to some of them, they haven't seen jack! Donald is a backstabber. Hopefully, he will not be our president but in case he does, they will see that he will disappoint them in a way like no other. He's wishy-washy, haven't came up with a viable plan, non diplomatic and just plain racisr. Just imagine if he was president right now?

      " To add insult to Their Injury' for the first time in this nations memory of the free-world was not determined by a White man ..but a Black one."

      I wish that my late maternal grandmother could see this( she died in 2007). Her words and the words of many elderly people of her time have came to light about the " bottom rail ". I didn't think that I would live to see it come to see the first Black president of the United States. I thought about that 106 year old Black woman who went to see the president. I wonder how she felt not only having the privilege seeing the POTUS but living to see it? That would be a visit that I would never forget. My maternal grandmother didn't live to see Obama, but I asked my paternal grandmother what did she think about it. She had tears in her eyes and couldn't believe what she was witnessing. She's 90 and she can say she got to live to see two terms of Obama. I don't know about them,but I'm going to miss his presence of him and Michelle for sure.

      I compare the change of America to the Wizard Of Oz. Just when Dorothy thought it was the end for her and her friends, he slangs the a glass of water in the wrong direction and end up spilling it one the wicked witch of the west in which she meets her death my melting away as a result of the water. That is how I'm seeing the situation with the US. White people are scared and they're doing everything to keep in power by supporting Donald Trump in an effort to maintain their status quo.

      Supposedly, the US will be a majority/minority country in 2050. It's about like that now as I see more POC's around me than ever. I could imagine Donald Trump's farce of a world and I don't want no part of it.

  6. @ Lor,

    This link fits what fits me or look under Chicago Top Prosecutor Accused Of Clearing 68 Killer Cops Fights To Keep her Job.. Look at the first quote highlighted in blue)

    I will agree that voting is key to putting in the right guy in the but my problem with that is like you just can't change the minds of those racists and Donald Trump but while voting is our right,there's no guarantee that it will bring in the candidate we want .Look what happened with Al Gore and Bush Jr. On top of that Donald Trump is so evil, I wouldn't even doubt if he would pay his way off to win them. What's to say the same can't be done with these elections?

    I could be wrong but I bet that a lot of those protesters came on the jobs thinking that the same thing. They're probably realists not caring about changing Donald and his "friends" minds and more interested in trying to starve him being president and seeking justice.Back in the day of Jim Crow, Blacks in general weren't allowed to vote but people still protested ..and eventually brought a victory.

    Even if their message doesn't go the protesters way, they shouldn't stop and let me tell you why. We've all heard of that saying " If you don't try, then you have already failed" and vice versa that if you tried then you have already won. The day that BLM and other civil rights/human rights protesters stop doing their job , we will REALLY lose. We can vote all we want but if their voices isn't heard then you talk about trouble?

    I was looking at world History about world dictators/bad politicians( Donald Trump and how they were defeated. They either naturally died, disappeared mysteriously, protested or coups but most were protested or got overthrown by their governments. In the US, Anita " Bye " Alvarez of Chicago and Tim McGinty of Cleveland lost their jobs as their cities as district prosecutors. I think between the deaths of Tamir Rice and LaQuan McDonald was the last straw for the citizens and for the protesters. I they were outed through voting that was influenced by their protesters letting their world know their names. The people spoke and they wanted the both of them to know that they didn't accept their indifferences of their deaths.

    1. @M

      I understand your point, but can't they do BOTH at the same time. Plus the crap Trump (and his followers)is saying is documented on the news daily.

      And no voting will not solve everything. At the moment the elections are focusing on candidates for each party. The general election is the real deal for president. And if money could have bought the presidency then President Obama would not have been in the white house in the first place.

      Trump has a lot of money, but the problem is when you pay someone off you have to KEEP paying them off. He doesn't have that kind of money. Extortion can get expensive.

      As far as Al Gore and Bush Jr, Gore sucked. He had been invisible the whole time and came out on a weak platform. He was not a strong candidate. People could not get behind him so they didn't vote for him or anyone else.


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