Yes, I know I've been gone and yes, I WILL try to do better.

2016 is shaping up to be a particularly interesting year, y'all.  I mean, we had the Blackest Black History Month ever (during which Antonin Scalia randomly dropped dead) and then we just kept getting these signs and signals from the universe that folks are really, really fed up with Whiteness.

Okay...we'll start with our main girl Aleeyah right here. I mean...don't give me that "violence is never the answer" bullshit because that ship of chill has sailed. In fact, I think it sank somewhere back in 2015, by which time it had been firmly established that violence against Black people is always an acceptable answer. I mean, in addition to calling Aleeyah a nigger, the White girl in the video was threatening to blow her head off. Aleeyah lives in Oklahoma, y'all. Y'all do remember Oklahoma, right? We all know how vigilant Black folks gotta be in Oklahoma.

Now...let's head across the pond to North Korea for a minute. I know, I know...the flight won't be direct and it ain't cheap and it's not exactly a choice spot for a vacay, but to hear some folks tell it, North Korea the perfect place to travel to and act like a goddamn fool.


You know, I've been planning this post all week and all the things I was gonna say, but now that I'm here, I'm gonna let legal analyst Danny Cevallos do the talking on this one:
...Strangely enough, some American tourists don't seem to learn. Even after shows like Locked up Abroad or classic films like Midnight Express, there are still Americans who unwisely misbehave in other sovereign nations, unaware that their U.S. passport is not a force field or a "get out of jail free" card.

...Tourists goof off abroad, then suddenly find themselves under arrest, and at the mercy of another sovereign. It's that manufactured, sudden imbalance of power that gives an underpaid policeman or a regime the bartering power to extract what they want from a vulnerable American.

North Korea isn't looking for a cash bribe, though. Rather, it seeks another kind of capital — political capital. And the method works just the same. When you think about it, in terms of propaganda, the plaintive cries of a bawling, penitent UVA student televised internationally is as compelling and newsworthy as test-detonating a nuke.

...If you're an American who assumes that if you're arrested abroad, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is going to land some Chinook helicopters on the jail roof and send in some Delta Force guys to rescue you, then you are sorely mistaken. And trust me, the White House is not interested in a Guantanamo prisoner exchange for some Delta Tau Chi brother who urinated on a statue of some historic liberator after too many shots of tequila.

The U.S. Department of State makes it crystal clear: a consular officer cannot demand the immediate release of a U.S. citizen arrested abroad or otherwise cause the citizen to be released. Nor will the State Department represent a U.S. citizen at trial, give legal advice, or pay legal fees and fines with U.S. Government funds. They'll maybe help you contact your parents, or give you some reading materials, but that's about it.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Aw, come on, K!!!  Not all White folks are the same and not all of them have the same amount of privilege.  Some are suffering too, you know.

Yes, and Field Negro recently reposted an article which touched on this, about how Whiteness is not universal and not benefiting all White people the same, and how a lot of them are also angry at the rich White elite, and how that anger drives their violent tendencies.
You may not like this, but the cold reality is that you need to keep the people who enjoy violence under control and, ideally happy–wanting other things more than they want to crack skulls. At the least, you make sure that they spend all their time killing and hurting each other and poor brown people, not their “betters.”

You have to be real stupid to lose control of your society’s fighting class. You have to be real stupid to degrade them over a period of decades, to employ them en-masse in jobs where they beat up other people.

Demonizing poor white men as “trailer trash” has simply alienated them. Telling them they are all sexist, racist scum has not “raised their consciousness.” Strangely, they don’t think that all the people who tell them they’re bad are right. Instead, they think those people are assholes.

...You have treated these people like shit. You know how you get treated at bad jobs? Like disposable trash who can be ordered to do anything?

People become how they are treated. You have to feed the better parts of them if you want those parts to win. If half the “good jobs” available to these people jobs that involve violence, if the remaining non-violent jobs (manufacturing) are disappearing, and if the rest of their jobs are ass, you should not be surprised that they become mean.

You make them this way, then you demonize them for it.

Trump does not talk to these people like he despises them. (Neither does Bernie.)

Clinton does. She’s pandering, she knows it, and it comes through. The disdain drips.

The quality of life for the average “white male” peaked in 1968. Then, you call them trash, they have almost no good jobs, and you’re surprised they’re angry? You think they aren’t human? You think they are Jesus, and can be treated like crap for longer than most of them have been alive and that there won’t be consequences? You think that because other people are treated even worse, they will sublimate their own mistreatment?
First the fuck of all...fuck these people. They are shit. They are trash. Not because they're poor. Not because they're intellectually deficient. They're scum because they struck a Devil's bargain with scum. Their ancestors couldn't wait to step on bodies of color to get scraps from rich White men. They couldn't wait to string those bodies from trees and set them on fire; they couldn't wait to rape, demonize and dehumanize those bodies for a pat on the head and some promises...all to find out it was for naught.
“And when the poor white man’s children wail with a hunger that cannot be satisfied, he feeds them that same vicious lie. A lie whispering to them that regardless of their lot in life, they can at least be triumphant in the knowledge that their whiteness makes them superior to blackness.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." - President Lyndon B. Johnson

Yeah, these folks get no sympathy for me. When you're gunning down unarmed POC in the streets, sucker-punching Black men at Trump rallies...when it takes a whole horde of you to oh-so-bravely shove around ONE Black woman - in 2016, not 1916, mind you - all you're doing is confirming that you are, in fact, worthless, useless, low-bred trash. And at that point, not only do I give no dambs for your Whiteness, but I give no dambs for your anger as well. Fuck you and your anger. You called up the Devil and seriously expected him to behave.  You got swindled, and you have no one to blame for that but yourselves.


  1. And BOOM goes the dynamite!

  2. I dont feel sympathy for these types. Classism is just as much a part of America as racism. The poor whites are just as worse as their racist rich counterparts. How do you for centuries continue to vote against your own interests just to stick it to a group of people? That is stupidity of the highest order. I don't care what Trump talks he will use them as well. These are the same type of whites that try to sabotage black people who make more then then, f**k their feelings. That white girl deserved to get rocked you do not call anyone a racial slur and not expected to get handled. I do not understand what she thought was going to happen? Bet she will think twice in the future. Those cowards pushing that women are just horrible. You do that to a woman? Like Trump rallys show how they trult are. We should never go solo we need to go 50k deep and see how they change their tune. White people have been violent in time sof peace and war, they are not going to stop so there will be no catering to their feefees. Grow up and do actual work, pull yourself up by bootstraps instead of waiting on whiteness to save you should be what they are told.

    1. Grow up and do actual work, pull yourself up by bootstraps instead of waiting on whiteness to save you should be what they are told.

      Oh, snap!!!

  3. ..The slap that was heard around the world..

    Anyways..what did that White girl expect? it's one thing to call Aleeyah the "N" word but to threaten her life? Oh no! I wonder about the end result of the White girl. She should be in jail for making a terroristic threat..then again, Mtat Watters sadistically threatned the life of a Black woman but what was her end result? the police and FB ignored her. It also had me thinking about that young Black woman in the Trump rally. Notice how media didn't bring her ordeal but had no problem talking about Megan Kelly and the journalist from Breibart . Her racist critics kept saying " She kept smiling". I will guarantee that if a White woman was doing the same thing they would have been up and arms over that and they wonder why BLM are protesting?

    I will agree..slowly but surely..I'm beginning to see a shift in attitudes concerning the White man abroad. When I was looking at the man getting in trouble in N.Korea I was like " who does this man think he is?" Did he thought that the N.Korean government was going to let him slide because he is a White American ? or that it was similar to S.Korea ? He must have been mighty stupid to have thought that. He must not look at the news or read very much about the country.

    Let the White man tell us that every country loves him. Maybe some of them do but as you said, the attitudes about the world is slowly beginning to change just like it is in the states. I'm reading and hearing people who are really getting it and is getting fed up with the prejudices.It also doesn't help when you have people like Donald Trump who is making enemies and worse enemies with his current adversaries but if there is any thing good that I will say about him is that he's being brutally honest with his racism and isn't hiding it. Initially, the GOP thought that it was funny to be that way,now that they really realize the wilderbeast the he truly is , they are afraid of the person that they created and is afraid how he may destroy this world.

    My feelings: I'm indfferent about it all. To White society, minorities are a punching bag and the continued to think it was funny to get mentally, physically, spiriritually and verbally assaulted. Now that people are getting fed up..they are pretending not to be afraid of the mess they created and want to shut us up.

    For centuries..the White man has done everything to bring Blacks/minorities down. It's 2016 and they still haven't succeeded with their plans. They may look at Donald as their messiah but if he is elected as the president, they are going to wish that they would not have done it. He is nobody's friend but his own.

    1. " they are afraid of the person that they created and is afraid how he may destroy this world."

      You mean they will be afraid how he may destroy the GOP! THAT is their main concern!

      If he is elected President it means Democrats didn't bother to vote which will be a shame.

    2. " You mean they will be afraind how me may destory the GOP! THAT is their main concern.

      That's about the size of it. Initially, hey thought that they were going to get away with their veiled racism then as soon as Donald Trump came out with h honest brand of racism ,they wanted to hide behind him thinking that he was the kind of guy they needed to express themselves and their ideas about their racist thoughts about Obama/minorities. Now that they are seeing the monster that he really is they are gritting at the teeth. The only thing that I will say about them is "on them".

      "If he is elected president it means Democrats didn't bother to vote would be a shame"

      Yep ..along with them not tampering with the votes. There are people who are already saying if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination they will not be voting for her. Don't get me wrong..I'm not overly confident about Bernie or Hillary, (Though if I had to vote Bernie would appeal to me a little more) but I would rather risk that my vote goes to either of them than to Donald Trump. Like you said not voting would hurt us more that if we did. Whether people like it or not, the last thing they need to do is not vote because they're increasing the devil's **cough** ..Donald's chances of being president. We cannot afford that whatsoever.

      Even though I will never vote for the GOP, a part of me wished that more people would have voted for Marco Rubio. In comparison to a lot of his colleagues..he..at times.. was a little more open and talked with a little more sense. If we had to be stuck with a Republican president, I'd rather for it to have been him.

    3. Trust me no one is appealing on either side! I don't think the GOP were hiding behind Trump honestly. I think (and one former staffer confirmed) that he had no intent of actually getting this far. I think the GOP thought he would drop out after a couple of months of grandstanding. The monster got away from them.

      Marco Rubio was the candidate the GOP wanted, but he was no match for Trump. And let's be honest Trump is better at "marketing" himself then the others. He knows how to play to the crowd. It shows how much the GOP are out of touch because they are playing catch up to him.

      What I can't understand if after both of President Obama's wins; you would think the GOP would have figured out how out of touch they are! If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results then you are doomed to fail!

    4. " And let's be honest Trump is better at " marketing" himself then the others."

      Ironically..when Donald said that he was running for president, I didn't underestimate him, though a part of me wondered about his "political" credentials. Just looking at his face looked like a joke to me but I never underestimated him. Though I'm not a Donald Trump's him, I will give him credit, the man knew how to motivate his supporters..even if it meant " waking" up Neo Nazis.

      I must agree with you about Marco. A lot people thought that his speeches was robotic and now that people learned what Donald Trump is all about..he had no chance Marco often said that he grew up in the Reaganite era and which I admit..in comparison to now( though I despised him about the Willie Lynch mantra)..was better. The GOP no longer wants..or so they thought..want Reaganite politics anymore. Now that Obama has become president twice over..its bothering them to the point that they can no longer be classy..it's eating them alive and is not sure what to do with themselves. Well..Donald is telling it like it and they're having panic attacks over it. Going nuts over Obama ..and now Trump..what a crazy world we live in

      Marco was one of the last " classy " competitive presidential candidates for the GOP but like you said , he didn't stand a chance against Trump, his style of politics and my suspicions of his Cuban-American background(Notice how Chris Christie accused him of being " too young " and " "inexperienced"to be president.sounds familiar?). I also found it ironic that while the remaining presidential candidates had support from their home states , Marco did not. Some people may say " well he was Florida's long time senator". Yes, he was but that was far as they wanted him to go. I could be wrong as Trump does have a home there,but Marco was born and raised in Miami. He should have been his states first choice.

      ' What I can't understand if after both of President Obama's wins; you would think the GOP would have figured out how out of touch they are!"

      Yep..one would have expected that but they were/are so bigoted and bent on destroying Obama until they can't even think straight. It's crazy how they keep digging a deep hole into their political graves. I guess that they are so used to spreading propaganda until they forgot about their " roots". I would be surprised that if one day, I pick up a history book and read about the " former GOP party". At the rate they're going, that is exactly what will happen to their party.

    5. Marco Rubio was too "nice" for the GOP. Plus he was Latino and no way in Hades did they want to go from a black president to a Latino! I'm honestly fearful if Hillary wins because I feel attacks on women will skyrocket!

    6. Unfortunately. I almost fell to the floor when he mentioned Barack Obama's name in a positive light. I really think that he wanted to pay homage to Barack in his own right and couldn't keep it in when he mentioned the Civil Rights movement,but as long as he's a Republican, he like you just said can't be nice.

      Yep! We already had Barack twice over..and it would have made them sick if Marco would still be in this race. For sure , they didn't want another minority..a Latino in this case to be our next president..nope..the GOP can't have that!

      I admit..I voted for Bill in the first go as Democratic president because I thought he was really " cool " and no longer wanted GOP in office but as time passed and thought about some of the laws he created, I was slowly getting turned of by them.

      I also felt the same about Hillary because of her lack of reaction to a lot of critical issues that needed to be addressed, like whem BLM and other civil/human rights organizations asked her what plan did she have for combating police brutality..she never said what it was and as of this day she never said what it would be.

      Even though Bernie could be lying to his voters as well..at least the man was smart when it when it came to answering questions about the plans he had with them and other plans that he had for his voters. Still..it can be a ploy to get us vote for him, but it's a risk that I will take..if it will mean attempting to keep a Republican especially Donald Trump..from being president.

  4. It just goes to show how deceptive and ingenious whiteness can be to white folks. It tells them they are invincible and yet, it's an invisibility cloak in certain parts of the world where white skin is seen as the "norm".

    As a side note, why did that guy want to go to, of all places on Earth, North Korea? Did his white privilege concealed the fact that they and America are on some not-so-friendly terms? Or, like I mentioned earlier, did he think his privilege will shield him from any possible imprisonment, let alone accountability should he acts like a jackass? Whatever the case, he got in trouble. He's paying for it. And he has no one to blame himself.

    And I agree with the second part of this blog. White people who subscribed to ignorance and hatred as being tools of power and justice just because a white person with power told them so are worthless mindless sheep who are about as deep as a puddle after a two-minute drizzle. If the fact that you share the same skin color as the man who is purposely trying to deceive you into believing that being a hateful, nitwitted douche bag is better than being a respectful, enlightened human being, you're pretty much saying that you're a loser.

    1. "As a side note, why did that guy want to go to, of all places on Earth, North Korea? Did his white privilege concealed the fact that they and America are on some not-so-friendly terms? Or, like I mentioned earlier, did he think his privilege will shield him from any possible imprisonment, let alone accountability should he acts like a jackass? Whatever the case, he got in trouble. He's paying for it. And he has no one to blame himself."

      Remember that White guy Michael Fay back in the 90s who went to Singapore and was caught spray painting nice cars over there? His punishment was caning (being hit across the ass with a rattan cane.) I recalled his family being on the Maury Povich show and they talked about how they were discriminated against in Singapore because they were White and not Chinese. Mayor (at the time) Ed Koch actually got on the family's case telling them that they probably thought that because they were White they should have been given special privileges. This was perhaps the first time I saw a White person call out another White person on White privilege.

    2. I don't remember the case with Michael Fay. But it's good to know that Mayor Ed Koch called him out.

    3. " Remember that White guy Michael fay back in the 90s who went to Singapore and was caught spray painting nice cars over there?"

      Oh..I certainly do and I'm quite sure he'll never forget that " butt-cutt"( as my dad called it) he received. From what what I read about Micheal, these days..he's not doing that great today with the law.

      If Ed said what he said to Mike's family them he was right on the money. You're in someone else's country and when you're in their country, you have to follow their cultural customs and laws whether we agree/disagree with them. I remembered doing a report about religion and the Muslim faith and I was reading about the things expected as a visitor. Although it wasn't mandatory that non Muslim visitors to do it, the masjid that I visited preferred that they came in with their head covered, long sleeves and their bottoms completely covered which was what I did. I had no problem with doing it and I didn't question it because that it their religion and a part of their religious preferences.

      As Black people..most of us already know how most people from other countries feel about us and where we stand in them but some White people just think that the world love their color so much that they're invincible from trouble until they forget where they are.

  5. Does anyone else blame The Interview?

    When it came out, and generated negative press, The Powers That Be tried to spin the whole drama into being about free speech, and how North Korea was being the big bad bully (ironically), trying to ruin America's good time.

    So out came a film about two White dudes clowning in North Korea (for lack of a better description). Next thing we know, a White dude is sentenced to 15 years for clowning in North Korea.

    Americans (White ones in particular) always say they can tell between fantasy and reality...but we know that's not true. Back to back shows and films tell them they are brightest, strongest, and live in the best country. Hollywood has built a world in which White people are always right and can win any fight. That they can do and say whatever they want with no consequences.

    But then reality strikes.

    1. " Americans( White ones in particular)always say they can tell between fantasy and reality..but we know that's not true".

      Oh God no White Americans can't and most times any Black/POC can tell it in their work.

      I was reading a older news article article about John Amos article about his reason for leaving good times and one of the reasons that he said he left the show was he didn't want to look baffoonish as the director of the show wanted him to be and I couldn't blame him.

      I look at some of these reality shows and while you Blacks one a couple of them, you can tell tell that a White man's " touch " is in it. There is a pattern in how they do things and you can tell. It's consistent for sure..consistent in promoting more stereotypes of what Black women are supposed to be like..that is.

      That is why Hollywood is dying..They never knew how to be inclusive, original and diversified..and now they are paying for it. Sure, they are doing their best to hold on to the old system for promoting " good" pictures but it's no longer working.

    2. Not to get off the subject but there has been a news story going around on several blogs/twitter/FB accounts concerning a guy asking a woman for a prom date. Would you say yes this to this young man's " promposal" **mouth twisted in sarcasm and disgust**? You get the idea how I would feel about it.



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