Open Mic Night: Peter Liang Gon Learn Today....

So it seems I'll mostly likely be a weekend writer/blogger/what have you which annoys me because there's so much crazy and so little time.

We'll start with Peter Liang, who was not only indicted in the death of Akai Gurley, but who is currently on trial for manslaughter, has been abandoned by the police union, and has left an army of baffled (Chinese) supporters in his wake.

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  1. Here is another one of those " I'm-glad-you-brought-this-up" blog article.

    For the past couple of weeks, there have been two stories that I have read/heard about MOC and Peter's was one of them.

    I don't know what kind of police officer that Peter may have been to his citizens but with the case with Akai Hurley, in case he was one of those nasty cops, this^ you said should serve a lesson to people who feel that they are above the law and in case they may think that they are above Black people..this story should serve as example number whatever to let people know how White society will remind of their place in life.

    I admit, when I first read this story about the Chinese community protesting, I originally thought that they were protesting for only support for Liang but the more I read about about their protests, I kind of got why they are doing it. Whether they may disagree/ with Peter being put on trial or him being wronged by his police union, one thing that they are right about..Peter is being scapegoated because of his race.

    Like they said, how come his partner , Shaun Landau.. was given immunity but not him? Don't get me wrong, I do believe that Liang should be charged with Akai's murder,but so should his former partner. I also found it to be pathetic that his own brotherhood abandoned him in his time of need just like the the Chinese community said. Liang got really screwed. I bet that he'll never respect the NYPD anymore.

    Also..another..typical gesture that I know about Liang's trial is the jury. Supposedly, the jury consists of 8 Whites 4 Latinos and one Asians whatsoever and do you ever notice how media always talk about worry about the jury pool always have to consist of other POC's except Middle easterners/Arabs and Asians? Courts never worry about putting a lot of them into the jury pool whether they are the victim or suspect? Though I feel that Liang deserves punishment, I could only imagine how the Chinese community in NY may also feel about that.Even though a part of me is like " you got what you deserved" but at the same time, more Asians/Chinese should have been in the pool.This is NY..the melting pot of the USA. Do you tell me that there are no Asians in they city?* sarcasm *

    It's funny how some Police forces are indicting cops these days. Daniel Holtzclaw as convicted( though now it has been said that his name has been erased from the OPD system " for his safety"..(yeah right) and that only one of the victims has been notified about his transfer to prison and another cop in Los Angeles has been indicted(I believe) for a murder of a homeless man.While that may seem like music to one's ears, to some degree , it isn't. Yes, those cops deserve punishment but the only thing that the both of them have in common is that they were MOC's. we all know is a mixed race Asian man and the cop killer from LA was Black and his victim was Black. Recently, a Black female cop who was supervising over the Eric Garner case was fired from her position for basically nothing yet th killer *cough..cough*..cop who Eric Garner is on a nice long vacation somewhere in NY. Them being arrested/forced/convicted is just fine but to say "Here, we got one here to convict and oh yeah..he's a can have him", to me it's still not good enough because they're protecting their own while putting Blacks and other minorities under the bus. That is why i hate to see nasty Black/POC cops. They can mistreat us or their minorities but they will never be able to get away with it if the victim is White.

    1. another example is the Freddie Gray case, half the cops going on trial are black. I guess the less here is non white cops should not expect to get away with murder but white cops carry on.

  2. "Another example is the Freddie Gray case, half of the cops going on trial are black."

    Oooh..that angers me. Yes, cops get in trouble but law enforcement is going to make sure that they aren't White as much as possible. I remembered seeing the trial on the news and if I'm not mistaken , there was a White cop who got immunity for testifying against one of this peers. I was like " typical". I wouldn't be surprised if all of the Black cops went to prison and the White ones walked. Far as I'm concerned, all of them should be locked up.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if a WrongedBlackCopsmatter hashtag will come up one day because when it comes to Black and White cops getting accused of wrongdoing, the Black men/women end up getting the short end of the stick.

  3. Peter Liang has been found guilty of the death of Akai Gurley (Source-

  4. After the accident. He should have call headquarter for helpd and try to save the men in the meantime. But he didn't. Its sad for Liang and his family but its even more sad for the guy who got killed. If he had call for help and tried his best to save the guy he would have been in a different situation now......also why the lawyer advise him to dress up like a rich wall street business kid instead of a normal city worker? No one will feel sorry for him looking like that.

  5. When I looked at those Chinese protesters march for Peter Liang, three things pissed me off about the whole thing 1)How some of them was racially disrespectful to Akai's family 2) Even though I get them in one way, I do not feel that Peter should be escaping conviction and 3) How they( the racist ones) are not marching against White supremacy..the one that let Shawn Landau escape possible prison time and got Peter convicted. Ooooh..the protests are just beyond disgusting! Some of them can take their anger out on Akai's folks but aren't man or woman enough on taking it to the resource..the NYPD.

    It was also said that Peter's mom was tired of BLM..making it seem that they influenced the jury's vote. Oh no, it didn't. Even if BLM didn't exist,Brother Peter was going anyway because some of protesters cannot seem to grasp that HE IS NOT WHITE! you can only use that White privilege jazz so much before you will be reminded where you stand in this racist world of ours. For Peter's mom to insinuate that about BLM is an insult. Do this woman think that they march just to irritate people? no.Unlike some of the Chinese marchers, they are marching for justice and against White supremacy ..something that they don't get/want to get. They are marching for a cop who have killed an innocent man. Freddy Gray was shot by Black and White officers. Did you see any Black people march for those Black officers to be released from jail/going to prison?No they didn't and you won't because they have enough respect not to. To many of us Black folk, seeing a member of your own community in law enforcement unjustly kill another member of your family is the ultimate betrayal and will not let them forget about it.That is what some of them don't get. We won't support dirty Black cops just because of their race. While I get that Peter was shafted by the NYPD, he should not be released from being convicted because he actually killed somebody..whether intentional or unintentional. He was convicted of manslaughter and she should get punished for it.

    This should be a lesson not only to the Chinese American/Asian community of NY in general, but for any minority who see themselves are superior to another minority to White man: he doesn't care about nobody except himslef. Sure, they can be very friendly to you,but at the end( eg. Peter Liang)eventually he will throw you under the bus. Mind you that Peter is a minority who killed another minority but if there is another thing I've learned about White society is that they don't like Asians anymore than he does Blacks but it's about who they think they see as being naive and conducive to them. That is what Dylann Roof basically said why he "liked" Asians( Also notice how he said he liked " certain" Asians,not all of them) . He thought that they were so prejudiced against Blacks and other minorities that they would ally for the White man's cause(his words not mine). Ha!

    1. Here is Tariq Nasheed speaking about this very issue. The first two-thirds of the piece deals with other issues (A NYT article, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, etc.) but he talks about this at the 42:24 mark if you want to skip ahead.

    2. Hello, everyone. I know this comment is a little late. I have followed this blog for a while now, but I have never commented on any of the articles. I love what this blog stands for so I like to visit from time to time.

      However, for some reason, I have to make a comment about brother Tariq Nasheed. I just finished viewing his video from the link provided by Mickey. Now, I understand what the brother is saying. In fact, I agree with the majority of what was said. But, I get this feeling that he's one of those brothers who profess to be so pro-black, but he comes across as anti-black woman. In the video, he refers to black women as "bed wenches", "2-am hoes and jump-offs." I know he was making an analogy, but the word usage is indicative of his mindset. Also, I noticed during the segment in which he spoke about "fake black feminists"[his words] hooking up with white men, he emphasized the fact that the women were usually overweight, middle-aged, and had blond-hair. 1.)What does that have to do with anything? 2.)Really? And, he knows this for a fact? Plus, he has an entire video on the subject about "Negro bed wenches" [his words]. He also has another video about men taking on their mother's hoodrat mentality. It's as if he's one of those black men who blame black women for what ails the black community. I'm tired of hearing these black men who say they are so concern with the state of the black community and/or about empowering the black community, but yet want to place the blame for the "pathology" of black people at the feet of black women.

      Another point - One young lady who made a comment in the comment section of the YouTube video brought up a good point. Why is he using language such as "coon," the n-word, etc. to describe black people? If you are for tearing down the system of white supremacy, why are you using the language of white supremacists?

      It's a shame I feel this way because he really does make a lot of good points. He says things that black people need to hear, but his whole mindset toward black women turns me off. To me, he's a big question mark.


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