The Bar Pours a Sip for Janese Talton-Jackson


This story is just pissing me off to no end.  Not only is a young, beautiful woman gone, but Janese Talton-Jackson will never get to go home to her tiny humans...because of some complete and utter bullshit.

How can we even say "Rest in Peace"?  Who can lay dying on the cold pavement, mind whirling with frantic thoughts of their babies, and then go in peace?

I guess that's why we say Rest in Power instead.  Because Janese didn't back down, she didn't cave in, she didn't try to compromise, she didn't bother with fake phone numbers - she just stuck to a plain and simple "No".

So raise your glasses for this woman, Patrons of the Bar, and let us pour a sip to honor her passing.


  1. Such a beautiful young lady. Unfortunately, someone was too selfish not to accept the answer "no".

    That's a scary thing to think about. If I say no to a guy for a date, I pray to god that he isn't some nut case. I admit, before I started to be honest about my relationships status..I was one of those girls who would give fake numbers, put on a fake Avon ring to make myself look married/engagement(far as the initial engagement, it wasn't always a lie.) having my brother or mother shooing them away or just sitting/talking with a guy just to make them think I'm dating them..and some of them still had no respect in accepting no.

    This man must have been a nutcase. Otherwise he would have left Janese along. Some guys is so delusional that they see that person as theirs and want them so bad that it really hurts them not being able to acquire them.

    My heart goes out to her kids. It's was selfish for her killer to take away their mother like that. No is no..accept that.

    Rest in ..Power Janese.

  2. I see some f*ck-heads decided to bring their entitled attitudes into 2016. 'No' is a complete sentence. If I could have learned and was expected to abide by that at age 3, then he should have been able to handle that at 41. Her refusal to entertain him was not worth her life.

    I hope he's up to his neck in unwanted company where he's headed.

    1. This is something I am learning. It is sad how well taught young girls and woman are to cater to the egos of men. We shouldn't have to if I tell you no then accept it. Male entitlement annoys me. It reminds me of the all the times guys would comment about whether they would date me or not, or girls being immature would ask him if he would as though his approval or denial meant a dang on thing to me. Ugh this is just sad. I hope he has fun under the jail because that is where he belongs. You do not get to hurt us because your ego is bruised. This is why we Black women must know how to defend ourselves and carry guns, stories like this continue to prove this point. May her soul rest in peace and power, such a senseless death. He is scum and the earth would spit back out his ashes.

    2. Speaking of scum, I didn't realise that Mary Spears' killer had been tried and convicted last summer. May Janese's killer meet the same long fate, and without the b.s. apology to her grieving family.

    3. I wonder how many people saw what was happening yet did nothing.

      A gun would have been useless in this situation. Plus they carry a false sense of security. She wouldn't have time to get it out of her purse or side holster if she was carrying a concealed weapon. She wouldn't have had time to take the safety off.

      And before you say it, no you can't leave the safety off. If you drop it or mishandle it there is the chance it accidentally goes off. On top of that if you do not use it (gun range) often then you reaction time is terrible. I am not saying having a weapon is a bad idea. But just getting a gun isn't enough. It has to become second nature.

      The best self defense is probably Krav Maga. You can disable someone enough to get away.

      There is safety in numbers. Black women really (though some already do) need to looking into co-housing if they are single, young or old. Being out on your own is getting dangerous.

    4. " I wonder how many people saw what was happening yet did nothing."

      Good question. I also agree. Depending on what state/city you're in, you may not be allowed to have it out in the holster and even if you're allowed to it, you have to be quick and pray to god that you know what you're doing with the gun. There have been too many people who have been more victimized by their own self help.

      Oh god! I will also agree with you about gun safety. My late aunt had a semi automatic, I believe. She was just only trying to take the bullets out of her gun and she end up shooting off the tip of her index finger. In addition to my aunt' finger, I would be very afraid of it getting into the wrong hands. What if your kids find it? Yeah..people will say " will be safe because it will be in a lockbox".Sure, it may decrease the chances of them grabbing it, but nothing is 100 safe and it would scare me if they did. Kids aren't as naive as they would like to think.

      " Black women really( though some already do) need to looking into co housing if they are single, young or old." being out on your known is getting dangerous".


      I make a confession: I live with my mom because of her health, she has no problem with it and neither do I. I've been living in my family home since I was a year old. It's not that I'm trying to take advantage of her as she said I can move out anytime but I would want to leave her alone and disabled like that. In some families in other countries, they see this as family bonding and I'm for that.

      There are times where I thought about moving but if I is going with me..that if ,she want to. I always thought that if you move a person away from their homes when they don't want to they will be miserable and whither away. Anyways...I also thought about about the "what if's" of moving out. We were checking out a nice home in a nice side of town. As much as we liked the community, I part of me also wondered will we be at risk for crime? The biggest mistake that people have about nice neighborhoods is that they are supposed to be " crime free". Don't get me wrong, I live in a pretty nice home,but so far ..other than one break in which took place in 1972.. thankfully so far, no major crimes have taken place in it. These days, the bad guys seem like they are targeting those " nice" communities.

      So far, we've been fortunate, but I fear that it will happen where I live. I guess we've spared of the major crimes because we have a lot of nosy senior citizens around here who are particular about the people who come in/out of the neighborhood and

      My neighborhood is always " busy" people be out until it get dark. They are outside, someone is visiting someone to talk to , doing their gardens or cutting their grass..people are always active and stay outside, so that helps. Even at night, someone is always paying attention when you think they aren't.

      I would miss where I am because of the literal social security in my community.

    5. I remember years ago a man shot himself. He kept his gun on the nightstand and it went off while he was trying to turn off the alarm clock. He was lucky that it didn't kill him. I was raised with guns and learned at an early age to treat them like they are always loaded with a round in the chamber.

      I don't think most people imagine someone taking a gun from them.

      Sadly there are NO safe neighborhoods anymore. Are some safer than others? Yes, but crazy is running loose these days.

      There is nothing wrong with living with your mom. These days a lot of people do it and back in the day it was expected when your parents got old. If you have neighbors that watch out for each other then you have a good set up. It is hard to find these days. The only problem is they are senior citizens. A lot of neighborhoods go down hill when they die off because their homes are left to relatives who don't give a f***. I have seen a lot of places change when the older residents die off and its mostly for the bad.

  3. This is so sad. I have three daughters of my own so I share in the family’s Trepidation & Loss. Now relatives are left grieving for a woman, whose only crime lay in her right to refuse a man’s unwanted advances.

    Obviously her alleged sin was an affront to his manhood, his sense of pride. "Why any reasonable woman would have consented without issue, but this stuck up so-and-so (probably a lesbian) had the gall to refuse the Kidd? Naw, ain’t happening bro. She ought to be glad someone took interest in her at all.” The sad man mused.

    But we’ve seen how white men consider a woman’s sexuality their property: I guess it’s no stretch that some black men feel just as entitled to a woman’s personhood whereby No is not even in the stars with regards to a reply. Likewise, the term is an offence to frail men with small minds, thru which Ego is bolstered by the effectual gun . Goodbye Janese Talton-Jackson, and “may flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.”

  4. I don't have any words for this kind of foolishness.


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