The Bar Loves "Karma, the Web Series" (@ashley_black_)

So because I'm a member of the Black Filmmakers Facebook Community, I was able to see Karlton Clay's announcement that Season 3 of Karma, a web series, had just finished.


Karma? A webseries?  That I didn't know about?  Until the end of Season 3?  Say what???  Y'all know I had to remedy that right away.

I was please to find out I wasn't too far behind and I didn't come in at the series finale.  Karma debuted on YouTube a little over a year ago and will return next summer, per writer & creator Karlton Clay.  I'mma hold him to that, y'all.

The show centers on the romantic misdaventures of Karma Jones, and got me and some of my relatives fairly hooked, like, right away. For example, by Episode 2, every time Karma picked up her phone to text the Jordan Bradshaw, a dude who wasn't calling her back, I'd cringe and yell at the TV screen for her to put the damn thing down and forget about him. Oh,'s that intense.

Which reminds me: I want to give a big shout-out to the thick, fearless, flawless actress Ashley Black and her hilarious portrayal of Karma. The way she was breaks the fourth wall with just a look gets me every time.

The episode lengths vary, but thanks to our being behind the times, Karma is perfect for binge-watching and entertaining as hell.  If y'all watch it, let me know what you think!

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