Open Mic Night: Daniel Holtzclaw

It's widely believed that the reason the jury took so long to hand Holtzclaw his 263 years was that they wanted to announce their verdict on his birthday (December 10th).

What are your thoughts, Bar Patrons?  Y'all are sippin' that tea for free tonight!


  1. * Depending on my words, I may have two post coming up about his bastard!*

    When I first read about Daniel's verdict I I've mentioned on Blasiannarrative..that I was cautiously elated about it. Yes, the jury is recommending 263 in prison,but for all we know ..and have known throughout time that 263 years can be cut down to 2 days of prison time for all we know. He's supposed to be sentenced in January and I praying to god that he get that amount of time for what he did to those women.

    I remembered anxiously waiting for the verdict for the last three days. Though I don't know any of these women, I felt their anxiety, I could imagine how much worse it was for them. With the history of all White juries constantly throwing the book of Black victims, I was SURE that Daniel would walk.

    I was just reading Ranier's and other people's blogs talking about his mixed- race Asian/White background and may it have played a role of his * coughing* innocence or guilt. It's an interesting question to ask because in my much as I wanted this man to be punished for what he did to these women , would he have gotten that much time if he was a full blooded White man. Honestly, I don't think so.

    I think Daniel's biggest mistake(s) as many have said on several blogs that he thought that he could use his White privilege status against those women. I don't know what make some people think that just because he has a White parent that he's White. spite of him looking mostly Asian( and god knows ..stupid looking)m he just thought that with his White father and his Japanese mother being under the supposed Model minority category that he'll be accepted by Whites.

    There is a difference with being accepted and being " tolerated". I have said this before and I'll say it again..there is a reason why Asians and other non-White people are classified as minorities and if they haven't figured out why..thats's on them. Asians and mixed race Asian are tolerated,but no more loved than other non Whites. White people will tolerate them because they see them as gullible for the White man( which we know that's not true. )

    For example(s) Look at what Dylann Roof . He said that he hated most minorities but had no problem with "certain Asians"( Notice how he said some but not all of them) because you can read between the lines of what he said and translated into " They are the White man's lapdogs and will kiss up to us anytime.. they won't talk about us" I'm not Asian but if I were , I would be highly offended( In which some of them were) by that. T Then you take a Asian man like Rainier who is ( along with his friend Malcolm.) very outspoken either makes enemies or some White/ dimwitted POC being " disappointed" with him because he wasn't the butt-kissing Asian that they envisioned in their heads


  2. (Part 2)

    Another reason that Daniel may have had that conceit is his dad: His father is a retired Oklahoma cop and he had many cop buddies on the force. For all we know, he could have been reading up about George Zimmerman and thought that he was a mixed-raced Latino man whose father was a judge and got off for killing a Black child. It wouldn't surprise me if those were Daniel's thoughts but here is what he forgets: Unlike George, my knowledge ..didn't have many faouse conservative people paying for his defense. I think that is what helped George out and once again..Daniel forgets that he isn't White, just because a few whites tolerate you doesn't mean they all do. Maybe he should look at the OSU( Ohio State University) Haters site and let him see how many of those lovely White folks express their "love" for Asians.

    Lastly,the women. With the exception of one of the women...most of these women had pasts and they were poor. Being Black , having a past and being poor don't mix..especially to the "justice" system. It kind of reminds me of what I posted on Brotha's blog about Krystal Mangum( sp?)..the young woman who accused the Duke Lacrosse players of raping her. Although both Black and Whites dismissed her, I still think that she wasn't lying about the rape. Mind you that she's in prison for the murder of her boyfriend,but far as the rape..I didn't think she was lying because from some of the things that the author of her biography said about those guys didn't match up,but her big problem was that her rapists were rich, White, educated guys, while she was a poor ,mentally ill Black girl.

    I see Krystal in these women. Oh Daniel , family and friends thought that they were going to have a field day with these women. They had pasts, why should they be believed? then with the all White jury and coming from an law enforcement back ground the verdict should have been lickedy split..NOT! It was disgusting of what they had to go through with not only Daniel,but with a bunch of racists who wanted to see these woman suffer because of their backgrounds and especially they color of their skin. It also didn't help that..up until now didn't talk much about these women. To them , they were nobodies who weren't worthy of coverage and that is ashamed. If they would have been White, it would have made it all over the world.

    The Oklahoma sheriff's department said that Daniel is on suicide watch. So be it. He didn't show no mercy raping those 13 Black women like he did. I don't feel sorry for him at all. While he awaiting his sentencing, I hope he think about not only what he did to those women,but his standing in this world as a biracial Asian male. He is not White no matter how he tries. Just because his father is White doesn't mean he is nor does his being half Japanese make him any better than you and me. As some Black people will say about other Black people who acts like Daniel will informally " You're just another "N" to the White man "

    In a JEZEBEL online magazine article, it's said that Daniel expressed disappointment with the jury and if you read his lips on the clip that they have of him., he tell them " How could you do this?" Why because his White privilege card is being revoked? He's now being reminded that he's not White. He was USED by the very people he strived to be. Now he's about to see what it will be like to go through pain that his victims went through..maybe worse. I hope that his stay in prison will be a great one * sarcasm*

  3. First, let me say that I was shocked when the jury found him guilty and even more flabbergasted by the sentence they proposed. Given history, I fully expected him to get a slap on the wrist or walk clean and free. This is one time in my life where I am very happy to have been proven dead wrong.

    I hope he gets every day of that recommend sentence and that the judge doesn't rule that he serves concurrently. He needs to be in prison until he's too old and frail to scratch his own ass much less force sex from someone. I believe with all my heart and soul that he would have escalated to murder if he kept going, or if he had gotten off. If he could have sexually assaulted a teen on her own porch, it's plain as day that he cashed in and spent all his f*cks a long time ago. He's capable of all manner of evil.

    1. God is god..for sure!

      Honestly, I really didn't think that they state was going to let him serves that amount of time and if so, it would be no more than a week in there considering that Daniel's father is in law enforcement and that the judge presiding over his case, was a former cop. Wow.. 263 years? even if he was considered for parole, chances are that he will not not live to see it. He would have to wait 118 years for parole.

      I don't know why Daniel had that snarly expression on his face. He brought all of that evil on himself. I guess he was sooo sure that those women's race and checkered past was going to be by his side. What he wasn't counting on was the DNA and the innocent grandmother without a crimimal record. I bet that he wasn't counting on that.

      Maybe if he was a full blooded White man, he would have got away with it but he wasn't. I guess he forgot that part.

  4. An excerpt from a Blog I used to frequent, entitled:
    'Forget that black women are more than just strong'

    "...This constant non-defending of BW comes directly from the stereotype of BW not being "real" women as in not being seen as delicate, feminine, worthy of care, affection and protection. We are seen as "mules uh duh worl'" and as rhino-hided, she-beasts utterly incapable of delicate, complex feelings or thoughts. Basically no one defends us because we can "take it." It also leads to the idea that BW cannot ever be harmed (from this comes the view that BW are un-rapeable)."

    This statement by an esteemed Bar member epitomizes word for word what that white officer thought. "These women are the dregs of society, neither loved nor valued (even by their own). Hell, they ought to be thankful I showed them any attention at all. No jury in the world would believe I abused them, as it seems life has already taken care of that for me. This... will pass."

    Oh but he was wrong. Barring any possibility of him winning on appeal he'll have plenty of time to experience just what each and every one of those women went through. It brings to light what many black women went through during the Jim Crow Era.

    In the 1970 film The Liberation of L.B. Jones one particular scene comes to mind when a white cop violates a black woman (in exchange for a reduced sentence for her husband). Knowing full-well there was no appointed authority she could appeal to for help, as none one would take the word of a black woman over a white police officer. History, has a tragic way of repeating itself.

  5. TheSecretNinja200112/12/15, 5:29 PM

    a friend of mine and i were just talking about this. i think this case would have gone completely differently if he were full white. i agree with everything you said, and to add to it, i think it's important for mixed people to realize (whether is black/white, asian/white, latino/white) that the white privilege they have access to comes with an asterisk and fine print attached. that white privilege is only allowed for use in certain situations (mainly to cause rifts and divisions within POC communities). i heard an interesting line on an episode of 'Being Mary Jane' (stay with me here) she replied to someone that told her she sold out that "i'm not selling out, i'm buying in". i think that's the mentality that some mixed people have, that they can "buy into" that white privilege and use it just like their white parent, not realizing they're only being allowed to borrow it and it incurs heavy interest, interest they can never pay and were never intended to.

    1. " I heard an interesting line on an episode of 'Being Mary Jane'(stay with me here) she replied to someone that told her she sold out that " I'm not selling out, I m buying in".

      Exactly..and that is a great quote you got from BMJ. Seemingly, it was the same bogus mentality that Daniel Holtzclaw bought into. He even thought that he was so White that he told just reading the quote he told one of his victims " Is this the first time that you sucked a White cock?".Just thinking about what he's done to those women and his White privilege conceit makes me sick. I don't know about other people, but I physically don't see a White man ..not even a trace of White, I see an Asian man. Physically, he cannot pass as such like Mark-Paul Gosselar( Saved By The Bell). He is mixed half Asian( Indonesian)/ White( Dutch) and he DOES look like a White man. What a delusional low life.

      I feel bad for anybody ..mixed race or not who think that they are White.It wasn't that long ago that Taye Diggs came to a local mall where I live to promote his book "Mixed Me" in which he discusses raising mixed race children and his own mixed race son in this world.Though I didn't by his book, I did get permission get a couple of pictures of him and left.

      I just lost my respect for the man who I thought was pretty darn hot. What turned me off from was when he said that he was afraid of people calling his son "Black". As a Black woman and a Black person, I was highly offended by his remark. What is wrong with saying that he is Black or even half Black because his son is half of it.For Taye to say that would be afraid to call his son Black is like him comparing it to kryptonite.I didn't appreciate that.

      I ask myself how can people like Taye say that he wants his son to have a healthy sense of who his son is when he's " afraid" of the kid being called Black? If anything, raising a child with Taye's polluted mentality will cause his son to do a Daniel Holtzclaw on him.

      If Taye think that society will look at his mixed race son as the golden child..perhaps he should ask James Blake ..the retired tennis star and by his mom's own admission, she was naive that her son was immune from the realities of Blackness(, Tony Robinson, the young biracial Black Wisconsin man who was killed by their police. His uncle thought that he was too good to be recognized by BLM because he was mixed and Darrien Hunt.. a cute mixed Black man who was shot dead by the police. It didn't matter if they were mixed..all the cops saw was three Black men that had no place in the world.

      Occasionally, The Imitation Of Life Movie is shown. In one part of the story the character Sarah wants to be White so bad that she was willing to basically hurt( And eventually killed) her mom and pass for White but she was eventually reminded that she was Black when her boyfriend beats the living daylights out of her for deceiving him about her race along with clubs throwing out because of it.Even though Sarah was trying to pass as White, it's no difference of Daniel using his " White privilege" card to be such as he told that victim.

      If I were mixed race, I would rather just be the real me than to be something that I'm not because just like some people getting off a high,coming back to reality is painful. In Daniel's case, he thought that he was sooo White that they jury wasn't going to convict him because he was in law enforcement,his father was a former cop and especially he probably was raised to believe that he was White and that White folks would overlook him being Japanese..WRONG! He should have known better. His mind was so stuck up the White man's butt until he forgot about his societal standing. He's half Japanese,not a complete White man and Asians are called " Model minorities..not White.This should be lesson # god knows for people trying to be something that they are will catch up with you one way or another.

    2. Excellent post. By the way, Mark-Paul Gosselar is 25% Asian and 75% White. His mother is half Asian, half White (Dutch)and his father is 100% White (Dutch). This explains his more White appearance. Daniel must have thought that he looked White enough for the full-fledged White privilege. He thought wrong.

  6. Good riddance to that bastard! This should send a clear message to all non-white/ mixed racial groups: If you ain't white(especially rich and male), YOU AINT RIGHT! Sadly, people never wake up and smell the reality from this.
    Even white women are vulnerable to this. But only against white men. If this case were 13 white women against a white cop, he wouldn't even get 25 years in prison. NO ONE has more privilege than a white man.
    I pray that these women get protected by their family and friends as well as seek therapy for the trauma they went through.
    In my opinion, it seems like cops are the most well-respected terrorists in this world.


  7. Thank you for the post. This made me feel a little better about the future for justice for black women and children. But I won't get my hopes up too high.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone's sentiments. Hope he has fun in prison, heard cops are well liked there. anyone who thinks its okay to target black women need to learn it won't be tolerated. The type of biracial folks who want to use any form of white privilege to violate others deserve what they get. I am glad for the verdict and it better not change.

    1. And that's my big worry, that the 263 years won't stick.

  9. I'm glad that he got what he deserved. However, I do agree with M that had he been full white man, he would've never got sentenced to 234 years. Nonblack men, esp. white men have been getting away with raping Black women without consequence which is why mainstream media didn't cover the trial.

    That's my take on the trial.



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