Open Mic Night: Announcements for 2016

Some major things going into effect...

For starters, Middle Child Press is kissing goodbye and re-embracing our old platform on E-Junkie.  The reason is simple; we miss the higher revenue, the freedom, and the flexibility, and we are serious about turning MCP into a profitable business which can expand and create job opportunities.  Readers will notice that price jump on Amazon; that's deliberate.  Just bare with us as we reopen our store on E-Junkie.

Also...2016 will say goodbye to the Blasian Narrative.  We have our reasons, of course, but the main one is that I want to focus on women-centered writing on the Black Girls Club and in fiction, as well as get the indie artists Back to the Bar, telling us about their trials and tribulations and triumphs in the Big Bad Biz (I really want to talk to Ashley Black, y'all).

I also want to get back to commenting on the sorry state affairs we are in, 'cause...damn.

Y'all can go ahead and have at it.


  1. I am excited to see whats in store I have been waiting to buy your stories on Amazon. I can wait for e-Junkie. I really can't wait for you to start your stories. Speaking of which you have inspired me to wring a story with Daniel Wu and Viola Davis. Good luck in 2016!

    1. a fanfiction? Or an original fiction inspired by those two? Either way, I'm already a fan.

    2. lol I haven't figured out if I want to place her into the badlands as a baron or just create an original fiction with them in it. Or maybe bring her into her world of how to get away with murder as an old flame.

    3. Wayment....Viola Davis as a Baron?!? LOVING it!!! She can be the one who's about to buy him.

    4. Wayment....Viola Davis as a Baron?!? LOVING it!!! She can be the one who's about to buy him.

  2. Imagine that? Viola and Daniel Wu doing their thing? Oh yes,yes. I'm loving it already and you haven't written your piece yet.


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