Thoughts on the Raven-Symone Petition and the Nouveau Heroin Chic

Okay, so not everyone is down with having Raven-Symone fired from The View (which, FYI, I don't even watch).  Some folks thinks it's a cop-out, taking the easy road, focusing on the wrong thing.  And to an extent, I agree with that.  For example, when Jane Doe is getting manhandled by Officer Slam, we shouldn't really be caring that say, Miss Raven thinks she's from every continent in Africa except one, or that she'd never hire someone named Watermelondrea.  That's just Christmas on Black Twitter, and I get that.

However, I think POC - not just black POC - need to make a New Year's Resolution for 2016 in which every time a brown person steps out of line (e.g., publicly blaming POC victims and pandering to white egos), we need to fuck up their careers simply on principle.  We need to boycott their projects and get them fired from television.  We need to blacklist their work in every way we can.  A commenter on Facebook accurately stated that Raven-Symone suffers from "Stacey Dashitis" and not only do I agree with that diagnosis, I think we need to ensure that it doesn't spread.  'Cause when Ann friggin' Coulter is breaking her foot off in yo' ass, I believe we can safely assume your Dashitis has just gone critical.

POC are always telling white folks that they need to STFU and get their own damn house in order.  Not only do I stand by that assessment, but I maintain that POC need to consistently do the same for our own, and without hesitation.  In a world where we often feel we have little control, that is something we actually can and should control.  We need separate those who are kinfolk from those who are merely skinfolk.  We need to make an example out of any and every POC who throw their own under the bus for a paycheck and/or a pat on the head.

Let me be clear: it is never "easy" thing to choose to silence a fellow black woman.  In a country where so many POC fight to be heard (again, on much more serious issues), firing/quieting POC is not something we really wanna be doing.  But I, for one, am fed the fuck up with "The Struggle" and all the health problems and financial obstacles it comes with.  I would like us to move forward, together, with all our strength and determination.  When I look at Raven, I don't blame all our setbacks on her (obviously).  I don't even think she's doing any catastrophic damage all by herself.  But make no mistake, Rented Negroes can and do cause damage, and we need to control that damage.  Not by demanding apologies and such, but making sure they understand just how not worth it those pats and paychecks are.

Now, before folks have a coronary, this is just my personal opinion, I am no one of import, and I will understand fully well if folks (calmly) disagree.

Moving on to the heroin situation.....
When Courtney Griffin was using heroin, she lied, disappeared, and stole from her parents to support her $400-a-day habit. Her family paid her debts, never filed a police report and kept her addiction secret — until she was found dead last year of an overdose.

...“Both the image and reality is that this is a white and often middle-class problem,” said Mr. Mauer of the Sentencing Project. “And appropriately so, we’re having a much broader conversation about prevention and treatment, and trying to be constructive in responding to this problem. This is good. I don’t think we should lock up white kids to show we’re being equal.”
Aaaaaand I'm done.

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  1. "I would like us to move forward, together, with all our strength and determination."

    This can only happen if we highlight opportunities in education, jobs, politics, and stuff like that. Highlight black scientists and ask them what was their path into those fields. Our kids don't see that and need to. Start highlighting what all these candidates are about so we can be informed when voting. Highlight companies that offer internships that we can take advantage of. Highlight the best jobs we can apply for and where they are located. Highlight people or websites that teach you how to get your finances in order. Learn how to network effectively. That will move us forward and benefit us.

    Getting some z-level actor/actress fired does nothing. It just keeps you right where you are going around in circles. You get bragging rights on having someone fired. And? Will it lead to more jobs for us? Pay off some student loans? Its just a waste of time. And we are spending too much time on stuff like this. Paula Deen got fired and a year later signed a $75 million dollar deal. Now I doubt that will happen to Raven, but how will her firing benefit us? For the record I think she was (and still is) and idiot and don't pay attention to her. I strongly believe that whatever bad you put out into the world comes back at you full force.

    But if we truly want to move forward (especially black women) then WE need to start doing things that move us forward.

    1. Totally agree. Also, if one wanted to get a Z-level actor/actress fired, one should target the sponsors. They are the ones you go after. There is also a petition to fire Don Lemon, but, like you said, what will that do for the community in the long run?

  2. Getting rid of a Raven fired is one of several things we should do in helping our community move forward. No,it won't help us gain more economic and financial prosperity but still should do this because the Black community should let the world know that we will not tolerate their disrespect and as a Black woman, I wouldn't want people like Raven to think that there is something wrong with being Black and also because I will guarantee, if Raven was to downgrade White people in the same manner that she does her own, she would be off the view faster than lightining and in other world cultures , they would kick her butt for it.

    If there is anything that I've learned about life is that everything will not always go our way,but it doesn't mean you should stop what you're doing in improving your quality of life. I think about what is taking place with Black people/POC and cops. There have been some hits in getting some of them off their jobs and a lot of misses..I'm not going to lie about that but the freedomfighters are still at work trying to go out against the injustices we face, similarly to the Civil Rights Movement. Stuff like this does have a lot to with our education, jobs and the well being of Black families for example, what took place with they student at Spring Valley High School and in trying not to let that from school to prison pipeline problem dominate Black student lives.Even petty as what Raven said is important because it's a form of dangerous propaganda and slow demise of one's culture.

    Recently, I was reading about a Latino senator and the Latino community not wanting Donald Trump on SNL and who can blame them? this man has made hateful speeches which has caused Latinos to get assaulted. Some people say that you shouldn't worry about what people think about you and if they're petty words shrug them off,but the words that Raven, Donald and other propagandists are not only defaming but also dangerous. These days ,author are putting dangerous lies in our history books by..for example(s) telling people that the Holocaust never happened, that slavery was a " lovely" thing or just taking Latino history out of books period. At least with the Black people , they spoke up against such lies and they won. Just imagine what would have happened if they wouldn't have .Lies about the Jewish community was how Hitler began the Holocaust.

    Far as Raven, ABC is keeping her on. It may not have went out the way we wanted it to but it doesn't mean that the petitioner and future ones should stop because along with books and real life, people get educated by TV. For Raven to insinuate that she deserved what she got was diabolical, and to tell the world that Black names are tacky is a problem. I don't have kids,but if I did I wouldn't want for them to sell out like Raven at all. In general, we have to continue to let people know that we're not going to let them think it's ok to attack Black culture like that whether our calls go unheard or heard.

    1. Yes! Look at how the Jewish community went after Mel Gibson after he made his derogatory comments about Jews. Haven't heard from him since. It seems like Blacks are the most unprotected group in this country. Everyone can bad mouth the Black race, including other Blacks, and it's okay. But say something about another race and all hell breaks loose. People like Raven only attack Blacks because that is who she is allowed to attack. Any attack or back talk towards any other race of people, even individuals (i.e., Ann Coulter, Candace Cameron Bure), she shuts down like a little house n****r because "she done upset Missy Ann in da big house". She doesn't even realized that she is being used to say the things Whites who are anti-Black cannot say openly. But once they are through with her, they will toss her to the dogs.

    2. Hence why I think she should be fired.

  3. In regards to the drug situation - I have been saying for years that the Meth problem and how hard it hit white people was karmic for the crack problem in the Black community. I guess heroin is doing a second round.


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