And on that day, #NoLiesWereTold

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*mic drop*


  1. Just looking at those guys is sad. Right now, their image..along with a couple of Black girls who so proudly took their pictures supporting (incognito..not calling out the cops name)..are out there flowing on the computers of millions of people who could be White supremacists and who are laughing at them because they look like some serious coons to them. I hope they are proud of their stance because they certainly look like young coons on their pictures.

    Also, there is another side to this. I was reading where some of the parents of those students are faulting the Spring Valley school administration accusing them of encouraging the students to walk out of class. Anonymous said that they were having a Pizza Party on the same day after Incognito's departure. I want to believe that,but those kids are not babies, they should know better . If they are POC's they should have walked away or stayed in class. SV principal is a Black man and he let it fly He should be highly ashamed of himself. Argghhh! I think that I'm getting sick thinking about it all

    Ironically, Daniel Holtzclaw's trial has just begun ,though his story about raping 13 Black woman has been out for a year. I don't want to get the wrong info about folks,but I remembered someone questioning him about this( being accused of raping those women) and he basically that Black women was " easy unprotected prey".That should be a serious call for Black women and men as well.Though I'm a seriously proud Black woman and wouldn't trade it for the world, I will admit.. sometimes I'm confused about being Black in this country but not for the reason that you might think. I once had asked this question to my mom and the reason that I did was because you have people like the Tommy Sotomayors out there who will tell you how proud they are to be Black men yet will put down Black women like nobody's business or Black women who proclaim to love themselves and will tell you to date anything but Black men because they are bad news, call themselves anti-Black names like the "N", " You Black so and so.." or will support ..for example..causes like Incognito's instead of your cause? I mean, nobody seems to have any respect anymore for their own people. How can people claim to be proud of their people when they are socially, spiritually and mentally cussing them out? I don't get it.

    When it comes to Black women, we are not respected but when injustice is spoken, it will not come from Becky or Brad, it will come from your OWN community. With BLM and SayHerName, they were created by Black people and women in this case. Look at NOW..other than a scant response on their blog to the Spring Valley High incident, you have not seen them protest about this yet or the 13 women who was raped by Daniel Holtzclaw.. but as one person mentioned..they are all in arms against Bill Cosby supposedly raping all of his victims because they are not about Black/POC, they are only about White upper class women.

    Just last night on the news, a little 6 year old White child named Jeremy Mardis was killed by the bullets of police officers in a small Louisiana town. Though it's sad to hear about dying children. I brought up his race because you would think that being White, their community would be up and arms against the kid's death. I could be wrong..maybe they'll come out later to march against this injustice ,I don't know,but I don't see it because they think they are getting back at Blacks and other POC's by supporting their actions when in actuality they are actually hurting themselves. Again..I haven't seen any major reactions from the White community AKA #Alllivesmatter about this boys death. This goes to show how much Ankh once mentioned in a prior much they could care less about their own. If they can't even react to the death of an innocent White baby..what on earth make some of these self-hating POC coons think that White society will care about them?

  2. *Typo* I'm taking out the part about Daniel Holtzclaw part. Don't trust that quote and I don't want to put words in people's mouth because I cannot find a reliable definite source.

  3. Here is a video of Quanell X telling Angela Box off about the Spring High Valley incident & his awesome response.

    1. Oh god, I saw that clip and just had a ball with it. Quanell X just tell it like it is. Angela may have well just gave it up because she knows he told the truth. I've also seen him on another clip where he tells a racist that his daughter liked Black men and he wasn't saying that to be funny because she really did. He was right in front of the racist face and did not back down although it seemed that he was( the racist).

      I would like to know how she and her racist conservative friends about that Lt in Illinois..or these days.."G.I. Joke" as his hometown now calls him, will try to respond to their hero. They tried to blame Obama and BLM for his death? I'm going to see how they will debate this, if they ever do.

  4. I read and re read his comment but it didn't make me feel much. I guess I am no longer appreciative or soothed by symbolic apologies.


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