This Week in #POCtv: Rosewood

Let me begin by saying I happen to like Morris Chestnut a lot.  Some of my favorite work of his was on V (back when it was on for five minutes, that is).  So it's safe to say I'm pretty glad to see him returned to TV.

However, I kinda wish it hadn't been a show like Rosewood.

Chestnut plays Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, a private pathologist living the hi-life in Miami, complete with the nice suits, the flashy car, the chic digs, and the fly successful paramour (portrayed by Nicole Ari Parker, no less).  So right there we have a successful, educated black man, which wins the show mad props...even if his health is on borrowed time.

Moving on to his latest gig; Rosewood is friend to the police captain who unofficially teams him up with Det. Annalise Villa, a tough Latina who's still recovering from the loss of her husband by resisting therapy and punching out dudes at the club (apparently).

So right there, we a brown woman lead who's strong, fabulous, and take care of herself.  Again, mad points.

Of course...we still have the cliche of a man and woman pairing up to solve crimes, with one more eager to work as a team than other (think Castle, Minority Report, X-Files, etc.), and supposedly wrestling with their simmering, just-below-the-surface "chemistry".


What makes Rosewood a plus for me to watch is the casting.  For starters, Jaina Lee Ortiz stars opposite Morris Chestnut as Det. Villa, and she's doing a damn good job.  She's playing that woman who seems somewhat "together" on the outside, and yet broken on the inside, so I'm really hoping we at least get a full season to see what she's all about.

I literally squealed at the sight of the beautiful Gabrielle Dennis when I realized she'd be playing Pippy Rosewood, Beaumont's younger sister.  Pippy assists Beaumont in his lab, running tests and such, along with her cute and quirky fiancee Tara Milly Izikoff.

Anna Konkle as Tara

I'm a little disappointed that three episodes in and we still don't know more about this couple though; I love how they are carefree and comfortable; they get to be blissfully in love, work good jobs and they don't deal with any bullshit from family (at least not the Rosewoods).  They are one this show's main saving graces and we really need to see more of them.

Lorraine Toussaint graces the show like royalty; as Donna Rosewood, she's the matriarch of the Rosewood family, a loving mom, and a school principal with a very good memory of her students.  I love, love, love seeing her interact with her kids 'cause she clearly dotes on them.  After her scary-ass role on Orange is the New Black, it was so very comforting to see her play a character like this.

There really is no shortage of WOC in this show.  Nicole Ari Parker guest stars as Dr. Kat Crawford, a woman separated from her husband (hence her dalliance with Beaumont Rosewood).  However, the second episode revealed she happens to be Det. Villa's therapist, so already I foresee the inevitable friction between these two professional women as they clash over a man.  *rolls eyes*  Not to mention, this whole black-men-are-only-to-attracted-slender-light-skinned-women trope is getting tired.

Either way, I still hope we get a full season.  It would give the writers time to work out the kinks.  Anyone else watching Rosewood?  What did you think?


  1. I saw this and watched the first three episodes but won't be continuing. I mean, I'm so over seeing dark-skinned BM who are either paired with non-black women or light skinned women. (Have this issue with Agents of SHIELD and other shows). Having Nicole Ari Parker as his current love is only a small win b/c they will toss her over for the white Latina soon enough.
    I'm also over watching black women who look like a fine ass bottle of Cabernet Sauvingnon getting cast as the mothers of men who actually should be their paramours. So we'll pick a dark-skinned women but she'll get to be someone's mammy. Morris should be sleeping with Lorraine, not calling her Mama. They'll take a white women who looks like she is decaying and try to front like she is a 20 or 30 something but use an ageless dark black beauty to play big mamma or the grandmother to some grown ass black folks. Nope. Not having it.
    And yes, this totally struck me like a POC Castle when I saw it. I mean, I think we should be able to do light, fluffy dramedies too but I'm tired of the exclusion of dark-skinned black women as anything other than a bosom for people to cry into.
    I totally missed that Morris's sister and the other girl were a couple. And since my sister is a pathologist, I wanted to ask her about whether I could come be her autopsy assistant while wearing high heels...(no seriously, you do not want to be wearing the clothes they wear cutting up bodies, just nope).

    1. Morris should be sleeping with Lorraine, not calling her Mama.

      Lorraine is actually 9 years old than Morris, same age gap between Laurence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson on Black-ish. So in the Hollywood tradition of parental mis-casting, she's right on target.

      HOWEVER, If I look that good at 55, I too would rather be playing some fly single vixen on a show than somebody's sweater-wearing mama. This rush to cast women as mothers, mothers, mothers especially after they turn a "certain" age is both toxic casting and lazy writing.

  2. Finally..I got to see Rosewood last week.

    My opinion of the show is so-so. Like you said,the casting of POC's are impeccable,but idk..something seems weak about the show. Maybe , I haven't watched the other episodes to get the gist or missed out on something..but the show moves a little slow for me. The didn't get that "pop" out there . There wasn't a lot of stand out action in least not to me there wasn't. I was expecting something like ..ironically..Miami Vice-ish.

    Rosewood isn't a bad show,it just need more action in it.It has potential to be a good action packed show.

  3. Rosewood is pretty good, but like M said, it just needs more action. I wouldn't call it the best show out there, but it does have potential if only it wasn't so slow-paced.

  4. @ M and Brotha

    "Weak" and "slow" are excellent adjectives for this show. The plots are weak and slow-paced and the show really needs to fix that STAT because from where I'm sitting, there's no way Rosewood is getting a second season, which is a shame, since they clearly have no probably casting not only women of color, but women period. Look at that cast. There's only one man!


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