#POCTV: Some Reflections

Since we're living the Second Era of Brown People on TV, I really did want to blog about the shows I watched more regularly than I have been, but the day job has been a bitch.

Anywho, while I was excited about the growth of POC representation TV, there have been some that I just can't get behind and scribble about regularly.  So if you want to chat about them, you can just use this thread.

Minority Report

Two episodes were enough.  I haven't been back since.  All I have to do is think about about watching it again and I literally yawn out loud.

Fresh off the Boat

LOVE the cast, but I think instead of forcing Eddie Huang's memoir into a light-hearted sitcom format, they should've packaged it as an hour-long family drama.  I mean, yeah...it's funny sometimes and I do really enjoy the cast, but I just can't bring myself to scribble about it regularly.


I'm on the fence about this one.  This season is not as entertaining as last season, though the music has gotten even better, I've become a fan of Bryshere Gray (Hakeem), and I'm am STOKED that Jamila Velasquez (Sarita on Twisted) showed up on the show, but that she has some pipes.

How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal

Been scribbling about these one on The Black Girls Club.

Once Upon a Time

Remember when I said OUAT has a tendency to fuck up great opportunities, especially the ones involving black characters?  Merlin (Elliot Knight) showed up for five seconds in the season premiere and we have not seen it since.  No flashbacks, no dream cameos, no magical visions - nada.  He's trapped in a tree in Camelot, and that's she all she wrote, Bar Patrons.

I knew they were going to fuck it up.


There are so many problems with Gotham right now that I don't even know where to begin.

Remember Season One, when we seemingly had a surplus of brown girls?  They are all gone now.  Either dead or written off, they are all gone now...except for a new brown chick: Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan, a.k.a. Tigress.

Tabitha is the lesbian-possibly-bi sister of Theo Galavan (James Frain), a mysterious billionaire who shows up in Gotham pretending to be a humanitarian.  Behind the scenes, he's a villain, of course.  When the guy who played Senator Davis on Scandal is seen chatting with Theo and Tabitha, he asks Tabitha to tell him something about her brother, to which she creepily replies, "He is a monster in the sack."


First of all, I don't appreciate how on this season, the good guys are all vanilla, hard-working, underdog hetero heroes while the villains are promiscuous and sexually fluid.  That's how we get bald-faced lies like gay/lesbian/bi = incest = pedophilia.  Why not give us straight-laced, teetotalers like Adolf for a change?  You know...the non-drinking, non-smoking, non-cursing, devoutly religious types who don't bat an eyelash at mass murder.

Secondly, if Hollywood is always presenting the opposite of reality - thinner women, happier families, heroic cops, black people adoringly taking care of white people - then what does it say when films and TV shows constantly have to remind us that white guys are supposedly the most endowed and best-skilled lovers, and all the women - especially the brown ones - want them?  Exactly what reality are white guys needing to see the opposite of, and why do they need to see that opposite all the time???


  1. I'm frustrated.

    So many good shows start of good and then before you know it they disappoint you. Far as Minority Report..Meagan Good deserves better. I wasn't feeling the cast. Critics say that this show may get cancelled which wouldn't surprise.

    I still watch Empire and it's still good,but like you said that snap..crackle..and pop of the characters on that show isn't there. enjoyed a lot when the excitement was there. In spite of Terrence Howard's presonal problems with his ex-wife, I was almost afraid that Lee Daniels was going to give him the boot because of this was there has been rumors of this happening. Honestly, Terrence and Taraji can only play those roles. Empire will not be right without the both of them..it just wouldn't be.I don't know if Lee thought the show was too rowdy for audiences or that fans may have encouraged him to tone down,but as the saying goes " If it a'int broke ,don't fix it". Lee should have thought about this on season 2 of Empire. Some people are already commenting that he could have jumped the shark. I'm hoping that is not the case.

  2. Honestly, Terrence and Taraji can only play those roles.

    Really? You think so? Taraji is perfect but I think another actor could've done Lucious Lyon justice.

    1. IDK....Before Empire premiered on FOX, I was thinking about a few people I thought about playing Lucious Lyon: Wesley Snipes or Eddie Murphy..if he ever played in a series. Initially, I didn't think about Terrence Howard being in that role,but when I looked him play that role..in spite of my disgust of him..I thought he fitted Lucious Lyon.

      I say that because Lucious Lyon is supposed to be this workaholic man, who is wrong as two left feet, loves his family,but doesn't know how to love them and is lowdown and dirty when he wants to be. Terrence has that kind of aura about himself..playing near evil..the tone of his voice and his deceptive actions..you never know what he's up to. I see the chemistry in their acting.

      If Terrence would have rejected that role..if asked..I would have offered it to Eddie Murphy. That is someone who can play that role. I remembered watching him on The NuttyProfessor when he played Buddy Love. At first Buddy comes off as an egotistical jackass not taking things seriously, then on another scene in the movie, he had that don't-screw-with-me-look and mentality and his character was lowdown and played games with the people he crossed.Though Eddie was never a rapper, it also helps that he had a brief stint with music.

      I almost forgot about Lee's first choice of casting Wesley Snipes as Lucious Lyon. He's a great actor and could have played him,but Taraji expressed some apprehension in playing with him..why I don't know..I guess because she and Terrence has been acting together for a while and she more comfortable with him and it shows.

      Now that I've seen Terrence in action on Empire, idk...Terrence got that role down packed.I'm trying to visualize another man taking his spot. Other than Eddie..I just can't see it.

    2. For me, Keith David comes to mind for some reason.

  3. What do you think of Heroes Reborn (aka white vs evil negros

    1. I still refuse to touch it.

    2. ok I have my reasons for hating it, what turned you off?

    3. Ironically, your posts on Facebook. #IBePayinAttentionToShit

    4. wow....did I just....oh wow

  4. truth be told, the problem can be easily corrected.

  5. Like I would of avoided the weeboness of Miko (why do people think that ALL Japanese women names have ko at the end) and her own character (Yeah she falls into the foreign people from the same country much know each other. Carlos looks like a Arrow Reject, I would changed him to Puerto Rican/Black person form the East Coast who is not a walking Sterotype. I would ditch Tommy and melinda storyline, because how manytimes we have to see pretty white people with powers.



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