Open Mic Night: Ayo...where Ben Fields's black girlfriend at???

'Cause y'all know...Y'ALL KNOW I've got something special for her.

Jokes aside, I'm not gonna spend too much time on this one because I genuinely do not believe this woman even exists.  The imaginary black girlfriend is just a new take on the imaginary Black Friends Defense.  Anyone else suddenly remembering when Paul Ryan - during his failed attempt at the Vice-Presidency - evoked the black woman he dated eons ago for five minutes and thirty-seconds?  Why did he even bring her up again?

Now...*mouth pop*...about this bitch who had a lot to stay about how that poor Spring Valley student was at fault...what's good, Raven????


  1. When Sheriff Lott claimed that that **doing Wendy Williams when she talks about Kris Kardashian by not mentioning his name** that he has a Black girlfriend( some say wife) this is what came up in my mind. I SOOO DONT BELIEVE IN THE LIES! we could be wrong but if he had one ,don't he think we all would know who she is by now.?

    Secondly , about the mythical Black girlfriend let me ask this question; Justin Volpe ( Former NYPD
    cop) ,anybody?

    Oh and let me list some more of " I can't be racist..I have a Black/non-Black mate"( I bet that the person of the "I Can't Be Racist" blog probably put this one up in a hurry)

    1) Strom Thurmond wasn't a racist. He had a Black " girlfriend" and a mixed kid. They lived happily ever after * sarcasm*
    2) Dylan Roof isn't racist . He had Black friends and he was really ga-ga over a Black stripper. He was open minded man who loved humanity. * yeah right!*
    3)Thomas Jefferson loved Black women so much that he decided to get one and keep her as a slave.
    4) George Washington loved Black folks so much that he had 200 slaves for friends.
    5) Halle Berry's 1st White boyfriend, Aubrey loved her so much that he wanted his multiracial daughter well protected from her Black culture.

    Gosh! don't you just love when folks bring up " My best friend is Black.." theory? Actually, it's a pretty old and useless argument to use. Like we say, Slavemasters have laid up with their slaves/raped them. I mean.. it doesn't prove jack other than the sheriff trying to defend the cop and blame the victim. I'm surprised that he forgot about South Carolina's history when it came he says.." Black friends".haven't anybody told this man that mixed unions doesn't always equate to racial harmony.

    Also a big shout out to the young lady who came to her defense. While I can't say what I will/will not do in that young woman's situation, she is what you call a supergirl and she needs to be commended for trying to protect the victim. This girl has been through a lot and people out there are treating like she did something wrong. I tell you, I'm glad that I have no children. This world has become so evil and in spite of her being injured by that poor excuse of a man, people felt that she got just punishment. That's ok,the lord almighty will make people make people eat their own words and see their wrongs at the end.

    PS. Her lawyer( I think?) has an account set up on GoFundMe for anybody who want to donate to the victim.She can use all the TLC she can. I also hope that one be set up for the victim's defender.

    1. not surprised it was as black girl defending her, black women are the only people who defend black women

    2. And that is truly fucking sad. Black women, and Black people in general, have no fucking allies. You do not see other races of people, especially women, getting this type of treatment in this country. If white cops started attacking women of other races, the home countries of those women would start asking questions.

      Even the white feminists have not said jack shit about this incident. Roland Martin had to call them out when that sorry excuse for an officer manhandled that Black teenage girl at that McKinney pool party. I understand that some of the students were in fear for their lives if they stood up and said something, but this place is slowly but surely turning into a police state. But this place has never really been a safe haven for Black children. Just ask Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, and the four young Black girls who died in that church bombing in the 16th Street Baptist Church, just to name a few.

    3. Oh yeah..I don't want to be the Debbie Downer,but did you hear the latest about the Spring Valley High incident, but some of those students walked out of their class, along with some POC students,IN SUPPORT of that man! made me incredibly sick looking at this. Ok, I expected for the racist to support this man,but for Blacks and POC to do it. UNBELIEVABLE . This young lady was injured and they are so apathetic to her( Oh yeah N.O.W, just started to speak about this incident..on their blog that, really?! do we supposed to be happy about a brief guilt message on there?) . The way some of these people a treating this girls..the adults..need to have their kids taken away from them because only a sick minded person would act like that.

      It wasn't that long ago where I have seen another incident from England where a Black female passenger was treated the same exact way. She had to deal with this for 45 mins( Her words) until another man intervened. She said that she had to fight two White man who called her all sort of racist crap. Would you believe thatthe passengers on the bus didn't stick up for her either and GET THIS! they were more concerned about her " making noise" on the bus than her life ( FKA Bangz).

      I commend they young lady who came to the defense of the student and sympathize with the students who were scared,but for the racists and coons..disgusting! They are a waste of sperm and eggs I swear. I've also read where they will be people in support of her on Nov. 2 at her high school. I agree with one person said. The walkout shouldn't just be at Spring Valley High School, but all over the U.S.

    4. Oh yeah..I don't want to be the Debbie Downer,but did you hear the latest about the Spring Valley High incident, but some of those students walked out of their class, along with some POC students,IN SUPPORT of that man!

      I remain skeptical of demonstrations. Several weeks ago at my job, they tried to get us all to wear blue to honor that Texas cop who got shot. Negroes (and Negro churches) going down left and right and I never heard a peep, but a white Texas cop gets popped and suddenly they wanted us to demonstrate some solidarity.

      So I wore always.

  2. I almost forgot about Mrs. Rooster head *coughi*.. Raven Symone.

    You know...I feel soo bad for her parents. I read where her father loves her but said that b his own words can say some stupid s--t! by the tone of his voices, he wanted the world to know that her words is HER words and not his, If I had a daughter to talk all of that smack like that, I wouldn't own up to her.

    When Raven was on The Cosby Show, I thought that she was cute, adorable and thought that since she was a child prodigy that she would be the one have a lot a sense. Boy, mommy dearest was right. She suspected that Raven wasn't dealing with a full deck and I didn't always get her until now. First this girl doesn't a Tiger Woods number and denied her Blackness, then she tells people that Africa is a country and some other stupid stuff, then she gets even more controversial by saying that she would never hire anybody with a " Black" name and now she's blaming the Spring Valley High student for her own punishment.

    As I said, I though that Raven was better than that and I thought that she would be the most intellectual person to come from the show. I didn't think that she would stoop that low to kick a girl while she's down. Wow! what pathetic human being!

    If I were the one to advise Raven I would tell her to shut up. She's trying to big herself up by putting down our community,but if you know if Ann Coulter..who is a Republican..told you that you're wrong, then that should tell her something right there. So many kiss POC want to make fools of themselves to please White society.Maybe someone should tell Raven kissing up only will get you so far before she'll be reminded about her place in society..oops then again, she claims to have been victimized by racism..oh, how easy it is for some people to forget.

    I hope that she doesn't go through what the student is going through, because someone may turn a deaf ear to her concerns. I know that I would. Far as Raven's "legacy", it's tarnished and I no longer respect her.

    1. For those who haven't seen it, here is the Ann Coulter clip on "The View" where she tells Raven off. It happens in the middle of the clip because she is discussing her immigration stance and policies. By the way, I am not a fan of either woman.

    2. O.M.F.G I died when I heard Ann preach. Honestly, it shocked the living daylights out of me! I thought that I was losing my mind when I seen that clip! Anyways..much as I loathe Ann, she was on target with Raven. I guess Mr. lady thought that she was going to make herself look good in front of her . WRONG! lol! what a fool she is.

      There is/was a petition for Raven's hopeful departure on The View. Not that I even watch the show,but the author of that petition has reached her goal and more has came in. I don't know if Raven will get the boot( which I don't think she will. As long as she continues to butt kiss, they will keep her),but if she d, Ioes, she will not be missed by me. I also hope that if Jussie Smollett continues to have some connection with Raven's character on that Empire, I hope that Lee gets a new girl to replace her.With the recent events that took place with that poor student and her despicable words to describe her, I don't think that I can stomach her appearance on any show anymore.

      Raven's girlfriend and her are no longer together. Although it can't be confirmed , I just found it funny that soon as that controversy about the names were mentioned, they broke up. Raven said that she broke up with her,but I think it was the other way around .If that was the case, I can't blame the girlfriend. She had an Afrocentric name and I'm quite sure that she was highly offended by her remark. God is trying to tell 'ol girl something. If Raven don't have anything good to say about Black people, then she needs to put a muzzle in her mouth.the more she opens that big mouth of hers ,the more she lose.

  3. If the black girl friend does exist she is most likely a victim of domestic violence, that cop obviously gets off on hurting people

    the sheriff has already proven himself a liar by claiming the victim had no injuries, anyone who has seen the video knows she has to be covered in bruises at a minimum, wouldn't be surprised if she had scrapes and a sprains as well

  4. I hope "I have a black girlfriend" doesn't become the new defense. Yuck, we don't want you real or fake. As for Raven Symone there's a petition out with almost a 100,000 signatures for her to be fired from The View. Hope it works and hope more people who talk shit about black women get petitions on them and are fired too.

    1. We need to start a hashtag*t (believe it or not) we got standards too....

    2. Agreed. #blackwomenhavestandards

    3. For real, tho. This is something we need to discourage in every way possible.

  5. * I wasn't sure where I could write this at? I didn't want to write in the BN section since it be gone soon* Forgive me for writing on an older story*

    Many times, we have discussed police brutality cases against Blacks/POC like Tamir Rice , Sandra Bland, Mike Brown , LaQuan McDonald or Jamar Clark,but there is another one ..a past one that I've recalled hearing about 15-16 years ago that took place in Baltimore, Maryland..ironically..the same city where Freddie Gray would lose his life in.

    I remembered hearing about Adnan Syed's case in 1999, when he was accused and eventually conviction of the murder of his ex girlfriend. I thought that was it. it appeared that the case was I thought.

    Recently, I was just playing with my PC trying to find something to read about Freddy Gray's case and I stumbled across a Baltimore Sun online article not only about him,but also about Adnan Syed. I remembered the story. It was..still a big deal as of today. Even as I speak, his name has been mentioned again..this time to prove his innocence. After reading of why Adnan want to do this, I'm convinced that this guy got shafted by the law..BIG TIME! I some people will joke about, even Stevie Wonder or any 5 year could see the holes in this story. Do I think Adnan is innocent? I have no idea,but if I was on the jury, I would have to vote for aquittal because there was no definite proof that he killed his ex girlfriend and the law have violated their own laws concerning him.and a trisl riddled with tons of racism/xenophobia/religious prejudice..I promise, you will see/hear about it in his case.

    Lesson for all POC's: I don't care what race of people you derive from..I've said this and I will say it again YOU ARE AT RISK OF BEING HARRASSED!! Adnan was an Asian American boy( now 34 year old man. He was fine(Cute then and oddly, even hotter now in prison), an honor student destined for college to be a doctor, a leader in his local mosque and was good to his parents.

    Adnan's mistake? Like some kids in high school,he hung around the wrong. This is not to say that he was naive..he wasn't in spite of this tragedy...but he was accused to killing someone by an anonymous call. Some people may argue that he's being punished for his mistakes. Yes, we all have to get punished for our transgressions,but in Adnan's case, he not only deserved to be in prison for Life +30 years but he's being punished for being a Pakastani American and a Muslim. If people will tell you not to bring up the race issue. I'm sorry..* tapping my hand twice on a table* but the prejudice in this is soooo apparent that in Adnan's case until it's not even funny. It was too blatant to ignore. It's so bad that even the Maryland Court Of Appeals..which like many of these courts are difficult for people hear from..want to hear from him.

    Adnan is suppose to go to hearing in February. Will be listening/reading about his case to see where it goes. I'm hoping he's innocent because it looks that way.

  6. * Typo * I don't know if I wrote Adnan's problems but in case I didn't, he smoked weed, drank and was wild with the girls. Still nobody deserves that kind of punishment ..especially for something they possibly didn't do.

    1. The anonymous call is what did him in? I never heard this story before. I wonder if the crime was committed with many people or just him alone because its interesting that an anonymous call implicated him. That sounds suspicious.

  7. " I wonder if the crime was committed with many people or just him alone because it's intereshatg that an anonymous call implicated him. That Sounds suspicious."

    I swear when I heard these recent events about Adnan, I could not believe the many conflicts that followed.Just when you think you know who did killed Hae, you find out that it's not the person. ARRRGHH! ..all of this makes you want to pull your hair out. It's like we think Jay, Adnan Lee Moore, Mr. S may have done the killing, then they say it may have been someone else that may have done it . The next thing you know, the detectives will say that the milkman, the postmaster or the neighbor did it. There seems to be no ending to Adnan's case.

    Hmmm... I do wonder about the anonymous call myself. People think that Jay killed Hae. I could be wrong, though Jay was shady, I'm trying to believe that he would stoop that low to let his "friend" go to prison like that and if he did, Jay must have know someone who was dangerous and Hae could have came across that person and may have killed her out of some form of retaliation or to hush Adnan and Jay. In court Jay had some inconsistencies in his story but still....

    Some people felt that it could have been a crime of passion thing..and it could have well been. A part of thinks that he didn't do because of the time frame for him to kill Hae then back to his destination in a 21 minute time frame(back to school) then again, Adnan could have been that smart to it.

    Also, Jay could have just mention Adnan's name out of spite( though I struggle even seeing him doing that) but put it on Adnan because it was said that Adnan wanted to make sure Jay got a B-day present for his girlfriend and Adnan's former best friend Stephanie,( I wish she would also share some insight into this murder). Maybe I'm a cold person,but some people will get suspicious for asking another man's girlfriend something like that. Some folks wondered, if Adnan and the girlfriend had fling? I don't know,but it's a peculiar gesture. Adnan was a player and no telling what may have took place.

    My last theory:Maybe Don could have did it. His father was a cop and according to him, his father wanted to make sure he knew what to say and know about his rights. Idk.

    I'm not saying that Adnan may be 100 percent innocent. a part me feel that he knows something and how it came to Hae's murder,but far as the legal process for him was ultimately and totally unfair. It's like they weren't interested as Adnan's baby brother Yusuf said..with facts, they didn't read him his Miranda rights according to his big brother,
    Tanveer, insinuated that Adnan killed Hae because basically all jealous Pakastani descent/Muslim men kill their wives/girlfriends over the loss of love. While there is so far, no conclusion of Adnan, Jay or anybody else killing Hae, the way his trial went was a legal travesty. The court should have dropped charges against him or start a new trial because they are so many holes with it.

    Adnan is trying to get DNA test done to prove his innocence and he ..I going to get through the Innocence project. Hopefully, he will be found innocent. I could be wrong but I just can't see him to make himself look like a fool wanting by take a DNA test and new trial. Innocent or not, the law was wrong in their approach of legal counsel for him.

    1. Wow, if he knows something that can help him he needs to talk. Too many people try to keep their hands clean but are involved in the murder more than anyone knows. What about Hae's family did they see anything in his interaction with them that would make them believe he would do something like that? If the legal process was done wrong then your're right a new trial should have been opened sticking to just the facts, but I still wonder how the phone call plays a part. It had to have been someone close to him, either he did do it or was a part of it or someone wanted to pin it on him.

    2. " Wow,if he knows something that can help him he needs to talk.."

      Agreed and though I wouldn't want to be in jail/prison and not seek justice justice for Hae, they probably don't want to tell the police in case, the bad come back and hurt/kill them.

      I tell you something else. I was listening to Serial and Adnan mentioned something..and something that I was also thinking about..was that the Police have swayed Jay to say what he have said? It's a great point that he brought up.

      To throw someone under the bus like that..I mean..unless,my friend has caused some beyond serious harm like that, I just could not let them be sent to jail,especially for those many years like that. I just couldn't do it. Sarah Koenig( the creator/author of the program) was saying that Jay was seeking legal counsel because he couldn't afford a lawyer. The prosecuting lawyer(not Christina Gutiuerrez) somehow magically supplied him with one, not a legal aid one,but a regular lawyer, which according to Adnan's lawyer may have been a legal violation.

      Like some of the listeners(including myself) wonder was Jay instructed to say what he said to Adnan's defense team? It's almost like one could read their minds and say " We'll let you off if you can say this about Adnan.." By right, Jay was supposed to have perjury charges brought up against him,but he was never charged with it.Hmmm..I do smell a serious rat with that.

      "But U still wonder how the phone call plays a part..."

      I wondered about that myself,but I was reading a transcript from the show where it was rumored that someone from Adnan's mosque that his family knew pretty well may have done it, though they couldn't conclude it. They describe the rumored caller as a guy who got in trouble for child molestation and got killed out from it as a result. The baby brother thinks that if it is him,he did it out of retaliation because he wouldn't hook up with Adnan.

      I don't know,but this whole situation is a mess. I really didn't know that it would be this complicated.If it ain't one thing , it's another.


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