White lives DON'T actually matter to white people, and that's what this is really all about

If all lives really do matter, then why deface a mural honoring Sandra Bland?  Didn't her life matter?
Bar Patrons, I got words.

Ironically, it was a troll commenting on Facebook post who casually pointed out that "All Lives Matter" isn't a real movement.  It's not a "thing".  There's no structure, no actual organization, no funding, no platform - "All Lives Matter" is merely a variant of "White Lives Matter", and "White Lives Matter" is just a slogan white people yell to shout down black people trying to bring police brutality and systemic corruption to the forefront.  They're not chanting this because they genuinely believe white lives matter.

If they did, more than just one protester would've shown up after the death of Ryan Keith Bolinger.  It took Google hella long just to remember the dude's name, if you recall.  He was the guy the cops followed - at slow speed, no lights flashing - cut him off, and when he got out of his car and walked towards them (presumably to ask WTF was going on), the cop in the driver's seat shot him through the glass of her rolled up window - without ever having so much as speaking to him - and he died, leaving behind one small child and a pregnant fiancee.
So how do white people in Iowa respond when police kill a white person under questionable circumstances in a heavily white neighborhood? If Des Moines is any example, they don't: A single protester showed up outside the police press conference on Wednesday, according to the Register. There was no wall-to-wall media coverage of large-scale demonstrations, because there were no demonstrations to cover. (Source)
When cops murdered 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, they swore it was in self-defense...'til the autopsy showed he was shot in the back.  They tried to bloat the drug issue - he had, what, a few grams of weed on him?  Oh yes, he was a real menace to society!!!  Guess who was discussing his death at length and keeping his murder in the spotlight?  Spoiler alert: it wasn't anyone chanting "White Lives Matter".

Where is the physical outrage from white people?  Where are their marches, protests, riots (if you have to, and you will have to eventually) for Dillon Taylor, Bryce Masters, Jeffrey Barnes, Kelly Thomas, Troy Goode, Eugene Mallory, and countless others?  Cops are slaughtering/assaulting you with immunity - so what's with the *crickets*?

And how come when cops murder one of you, you turn around and yell at black people, the very ones leading the struggle against police brutality?  Where exactly is the logic in that scenario?  BLM activists were the ones speaking up for Zachary Hammond - where were you?  And why are you getting pissed at BLM?  What's with the misdirected rage?

The questions are rhetorical, of course; I already know the answer.

1) White people know their privilege is finite.

Not only do white people know they have white privilege, and are very protective of that privilege, they also know it has its limits.  You know how we talk about POC who side with white folks, and think they're on the winning team, until they're "reminded" of their place?  It's no different with white people.  White people know that so long as they're rioting over football and hockey games, they're safe.  However, the moment they march and riot en masse against police brutality, or systemic discrimination, or corporate corruption, they know they will be "reminded" of their true place by their wealthier and more influential counterparts.

2) White people are in serious denial about their reality.
I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
- Harriet Tubman
Whites were the original slaves of other whites.  I know that Hollywood has retconned history to make white people think they always ran the world and have been enslaving POC since the dawn of humanity.  Yeah, uh...no.  White (and yes, non-white folks) have been owning white people for millennia.  And no, they were not glorious, victorious heroes triumphing over the elite; even their Golden Boy Spartacus was defeated in the end.  White slavery is so old and so ingrained in the collective white conscious that it is still going on; it's just adopted brand new cute little nicknames like "sex trafficking", "drug addiction", "recession", and "deficit".  Why do think their suicide numbers are so damn high?

We often talk about the toxic effect the Transatlantic Slave Trade has had on Africans - that only lasted a few centuries ('cause, you know, brown people don't play).  Now imagine multiplying that several times over.

Queen Kemsit tended by slaves.
What happens is, you end up with the largest group of people, in the deepest denial, in all of human history.

Dude...you only touched a tip of the iceberg. Moving on then....

3) White people are hoping POC will take this one for the team...then claim credit later.
I wanna make a bet.

I wanna bet that in forty years, ALL of the idiots who currently say that "racism doesn't exist" and that POCs are "pulling the race card" will inevitably turn to their grandchildren, give a condescending pat on their backs and will say,

"You kids have it easy! Back in MY GENERATION, we elected a Black president, we fought against police brutality, and we restored equality in America! Oh yes, I was RIGHT THERE in the thick of it all, standing with the Blacks and Asians fighting "the man!" Yup, aren't you proud of your grandpa for standing up against racism?!"


- Ranier Maningding
When I look at the Black Lives Matter Movement, I see an angrier, more fierce, less apologetic version of the original Civil Rights Movement.  I mean, we've been here before and we've got all the familiar players - the vilified leaders, the COINTELPRO-type surveillance, the politicians giving the run-around, and white people acting like this movement is a sign of the apocalypse.

For now, of course.

I have all faith that the Black Lives Matter movement will continue to gain momentum.  I already know it will be successful; it many ways, it already has been - again, like the Civil Rights Movement.  Well, we all remember how that turned out.  Every white liberal aged sixty and up swears they marched with MLK, and your average white person quotes him all the time.  Ranier thinks it'll take forty years but I bet you it'll take far less than that before white people start telling their kids and grand kids about how they marched with BLM, how they supported the Great Shaun King, and how they worked tirelessly to end police brutality, and how proud they are to have lived during the Age of Obama.



  1. *My post got lost again. If you see it ignore it*

    I admit, when I first heard about BLM, I didn't take them very seriously, only because so many similar anti -racism/brutality groups had came and gone in a short period of time. It's been a year and they're sill going..and growing strong and I'm soo glad that I was so wrong about them.

    You mentioned Shaun King? The way this guy was being treated by conservatives( along with Deray McKesson) is godawful. They 're doing their best in trying to make him look bad by making him look like a male Rachael Donezal..a poser Biracial Black man( I don't know about anybody else,but in spite of his really light skin, I know that Shaun is a biracial Black man. Something about his features that suggest that he is and he said that he is. Kind of reminds me of T.I. a little) and forced him to talk about his mother's past struggles. I don't care that if he was White( Initially, I thought he was until I took a close up look at him , Black or a little green martian, I support anybody who is down for the cause against anti brutality and he and Deray Mckeeson are the right men for the job.

    For anybody to suggest for the BLM to rename their group as " All Lives Matter" is not only a deflection of their cause, moreso another perverted attempt for White racists to destroy them but by bit. Let's face it , if all of a sudden the BLM decided to give up protesting against police brutality then what? You and I know that nobody will speak up for my community and other people being victimized by them. Why I would stick with the BLM mantra? though every community is being affected by Police brutality, it was Black people who was the mostt vocal about this problem. It's also about pride and heritage. This movement is about about a bunch of proud Black people who started an organization because they cared enough to speak against the evil that is being pitted against them. It doesn't mean..as they want the world to believe.. that it's only about just Black people being wronged by cops,but they focus is being predominately focused on our community because it's mostly Black men and women that are being affected. If BLM were against White people why bother to have them in the case and why bring up Zachary's name? I find it ironic that White people weren't they first ones to bring his death up. Then again being another Tim Wise will mean that they would have to lose their privilege cards and making painful sacrifices . Rather than to go through that struggle they would rather take the easy way out and forget about them.

  2. I heard about Kelly Thomas and that was very fucked up. I even wrote a post about it, yet white people were whining on YouTube about where were Al and Jesse. I told them they are sitting somewhere screaming "I told you bitches so!" at the top of their lungs. Don't forget Thomas was also homeless so that makes him expendable in their eyes. Anyone who doesn't fit the Fake Noise aka Fox News criteria is an easy target. That all lives matter bullshit is another way to trivialize anything black folks do. SMH

    1. You can't post anonymously here.

      yet white people were whining on YouTube about where were Al and Jesse. I told them they are sitting somewhere screaming "I told you bitches so!" at the top of their lungs.

      This is a good point, tho.


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