This Week in #POCtv: Once Upon a Time

My favorite OUAT logo out of all the seasons, featuring the Fabulous One Herself
On the one hand, I'm always happy to see the ageless diva Lana Parilla (a.k.a.Regina the Evil Queen) holding down the fort on OUAT, even as the quality of writing continues to steadily deteriorate.  In fact, I'm beginning to think that casting is going to be thing which fans keep tuning in for because the stories just aren't doing it anymore, and haven't for a long while.  OUAT fans know exactly what I mean - we've gotten the amnesia routine so many times I'm starting to wonder if this OUAT is eventually going to turn into a trashy soap.

I'm really not digging what's being done to Lana's character.  For the past season and half she's been portrayed as magically diminished, and that got old a season and a half ago.  They've kept her as sharp-tongued and sharp-witted as ever, but Regina's been "weakened" for far too long, and with the lead character's newfound power as the Dark One, now is so not the time.

However, Season 5 does present new opportunity in that the premiere featured suave British actor Elliot Knight as the elusive and mysterious Merlin, the sorcerer who crafted a special wizard's hat a thousand years earlier.

I'll admit, I'm a point. Like I said, this presents opportunity, however, OUAT tends to fuck up opportunities like these (the black Fairy Godmother we saw for nine seconds in Season 1 who Rumpelstiltskin killed and we never saw again; the black knight Lancelot who charmed us for a few episodes in Season 2 before we learned he'd been murdered long ago and was brought back for five seconds in this week's premiere; the black Princess Rapunzel who was freed from her tower in Season 3 and returned to her parents' lavish kingdom which we never saw again; and oh yeah...Ursula. Nuff said).

Here's hoping that after four years of fail,the writers of OUAT have learned...well, something.


  1. I'm noticing this trend with a lot of shows that start off with a respectable number of complex and interesting POC characters. I was JUST having this discussion about Gotham in fact. For some reason, they give us a tease, and then they quickly shuttle them out of the main story line by giving them an off screen happily ever after OR by killing them (although tbh, they prefer the latter).
    And the shows get whiter and whiter. It's interesting how a rather dull character like Regina's half-sister gets brought back to be not interesting some more, but in terms of POC characters who we found out were really dead, we had Robin Hood's wife (light-skin, but you know we know fam when we see it). And of course, even though Lana Parilla is Latina, she is white-washed since we have seen her with two very white parents and a very white half-sister.
    The Charmings aren't that interesting and frankly neither is Emma. Since there is so much magic everywhere, it would have been GREAT to find out that Lancelot had really been trapped somewhere and not really dead. And while I think her acting is limited, the same thing happened with Jamie Chung as Mulan.

    1. Yep! this also had me to think about the season opener of Sleepy Hollow. After all of the backlash over Abbie and the rest of the POC characters on the show..supposedly, changes was coming on the show. Although I had no plans on seeing the came on unexpectedly and I was curious to see these " changes "

      Well..go to look at it and I'll give it this season until it's no more. The creatures seemed a little fake, no thrills, there was a jump in terms of how did Abbie managed to work for the FBI and I thought about an interview that a local reporter had with three new actors aend a director( ?), three out of four in White. Lance Gross( oh, yes!) is suppose to be in it too as a guest star.

      When the SH staff got all of that backlash, I thought that maybe they would have learned their lesson..not! that show is getting Whiter also.Mind you that I've seen a hot Asian man also guest starring on there and I just mentioned Lance,but that is all they are/were..guest stars. The main stars and new director is White. They had a good thing from the start but messed it up. The switch and bait jazz is getting old.

    2. @ Nicthommi

      Good to see you.

      And of course, even though Lana Parilla is Latina, she is white-washed since we have seen her with two very white parents and a very white half-sister.

      And because she's still the main WOC on the show, her character gets treated the worst. Th actress has already expressed an interest in ABC's Scandal, which would be a major upgrade on that show if they made her a main character. And Scandal desperately needs an upgrade.

      @ M

      Oh yes...SH milked it's publicity and progressiveness for the first few eps of the show. Then Jenny started to get phased out, Abbie started falling into the background, the black dude playing Moloch got replaced, Det. Hernandez disappeared, Irving got killed many times? And the Latina who replaced him basically served no purpose.


      Bar Patrons, this is precisely why we be havin' high expectations!!!!

  2. TheSecretNinja200110/3/15, 3:40 PM

    i can't with any of the shows you mentioned. i want to support my people and other people of color who have a "starring" role on these shows, but i can't because of this old bait-and-switch routine or they relegate them to a face without a name that's on for a few seconds every few episodes but is some how oh so important. they can do better but they just don't want to, white people want all the focus on them, no matter how boring and droll their characters and stories really are.

  3. Ok, when I watched the season opener of Sleepy Hollow, I kept expecting to find out it was some spell that created an alternate reality, and it even made me stop it and re-watch the finale to see if I'd somehow missed something. It made no sense and I admit I couldn't really get too invested in the story b/c it was SO boring yet still confusing. C. Thomas Howell in an odd cameo that had me a bit nostaglic, since I thought he could have turned into someone interesting. But no Jenny, Capt. Irving, or Capt. Irving's beautiful black family to be seen. Boo!
    Plus Ichabod's hair is cut short. Abbie looks good in a bob. Ichabod does not.
    I have more thoughts about the absence of BW in ensemble shows and the way they love to pair BM with non-black women...but that is too far off topic for this post (and my apologies for going there at all but the pattern seemed to be worth noting).
    But OUAT has been a staple for me the past 3 seasons. I don't want to ship it, but I will.

    1. But OUAT has been a staple for me the past 3 seasons.

      Four seasons, huh. We're on Season 5 right now.

    2. Holy crap...see, it's already slipping for me b/c the past 2 seasons I can admit falling behind and having to run out of just about everything else before i bothered going back to it.

  4. Sarah Essen on Gotham was just killed off btw. She should have had more to do.

    1. That pissed me off SO much...see, they are whiting that show up as they love to do.


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