Matt Damon and the Art of Doublespeak

I challenge you to caption Effie Brown's facial expression during her convo with Matt.


Ben Affleck and the Art of Doublespeak
...My comments were part of a much broader conversation about diversity in Hollywood and the fundamental nature of Project Greenlight which did not make the show. I am sorry that they offended some people, but, at the very least, I am happy that they started a conversation about diversity in Hollywood. That is an ongoing conversation that we all should be having.” - Matt Damon
Um, yeah...we'll start with that bullshit drone-speak right there.

It seem to be now that whenever a white person is caught out there, they issue this copy-and-paste, toilet paper no-pology in which they take credit for "starting" a conversation that people have been having for forever.
I’m amazed at the magnitude with which Matt’s words rattled through the industry. I was on set at 0’dark thirty pulling standard 12 hour network days the morning after “Project Greenlight’s” recent iteration aired and I swear, you could hear his name buzzing across sound stages for two straight days. Then just as the collective shock began to simmer the “sorry you were offended, happy to start a convo” arrived. Prompting another social media sh-tstorm by countless marginalized folks who have been having this convo for 100 odd years. - Victoria Mahoney
See??? *points frantically* That right there!!!

Newsflash, Matthew: the only thing you started was the hashtag #damonsplaining, in which Twitter had a field day with your ass.

Mahoney actually happens to be a fan of Damon's - or rather, was a fan - and her article goes on to create a "Diversity Quiz" inspired by his comments.  But en route to the quiz, she also writes, "I imagine the collective shock stems from Matt’s point A-Z history as one of the good ones. He is legendary for being a nice guy. Consummate pro. With a wicked sense of humor. Humble. Loyal. Zero scandal. No skeletons. Sincerely charitable. Proper activist." I want to add that he's also married to a white-ish woman of color, which is precisely why folks need to take some notes. Damon has spent his entire carrier being "one of the good ones"...and look at what he has to show for it.

*cue fountain of vomit*

Looks like some of us need to redefine what it means to be "one of the good ones". Like, we need to do a parameter check for that ish. Because when it comes to white folks, we can never ignore what I refer to as The Clock (and no, that's not an Ahmed Mohamed reference; I've actually thought about posting about this for years).

See, white people are conditioned from birth to harbor white supremacist tendencies. Some grow up, recognize it, and then either embrace or resist, while others just deny, deny, deny.  But whichever way their rope swings, they cannot escape The Clock.

The Clock is a internal countdown device most POC develop (whether consciously or subconsciously) which immediately starts counting down whenever they first interact with a white person, whether in person or through their work in politics, the arts, etc.  Now, The Clock is designed to count down to the White Racial Fuckery Moment which, I'm sorry to say, is inevitable.  Sometimes it takes nanoseconds, with the fuckery ensuing before y'all even exchange words.  In some very rare cases, it takes decades, but like the Thirst, despite a white person's best possible intentions, their White Racial Fuckery Moment always wins.


  1. TheSecretNinja20019/19/15, 7:22 PM

    The Clock...yes i've been saying that for years, never had a name for it though. a friend of mine and i were just talking about this the day before yesterday.

  2. Honestly, when it comes to diversity, for some reason, I've never found Matt Damon credible of being such. I don't know * acting like former AI judge Randy Jackson*...he just pictured me as a guy who thinks of diversity as something he could write on his resume, something to make him look godly..I just never took him very seriously when it came to this matter and now that he didn't let Effie, get a word in about it, I knew that he's about show.

    With all due respect,but there are White people who don't want for Blacks to correct them on anything. It just irks them for us to do that and I think that was how Matt seen Effie " This Black woman cannot correct me. I'm White and I'm suppose to know everything.."

    As you just said, most White people harbor White supremacy either without them knowing it, , in most instances..denying it or just viewing " diversity" on the surface and not internally. This had me thinking about the subject just today while I was at a Japanese festival. The area that it's held in is almost " majority-minority" with it being mostly White by a thread. I was looking around and there were all sort of races of people out there, mixed couples with their kids and so on. The area it self could remind you of little Asia or Latin America because of the majority of the places being out there. Physically , it's impressive to see,but how did this area get to this point. Did all of these people just moved to this area singing kumbaya with the purpose of wanting to live in racial harmony. Sadly, that is not the case in most of these places of diversity. The reason that a place is mixed has nothing to do with wanting to live as one, it's a combination of people wanting to escape something ( e.g. bad schools, areas) and with most Whites, it's about escaping Blacks and other POC's...White Flight as it is called. Even with this diversity, in most instances, it's not the bulk of Whites wanting live in it,but mostly POC's that do it.

    These days their " grandchildren" ... the younger White crew are returning to the inner city. They are moving into a lot of these Black / POC neighborhoods wanting to revitilize these communities. Again, it seems impressive,but we all have learned the truth about gentrification: it has caused people to be forced out of the generations long home, erase cultural histories that they think is " tacky" and when you look at it, most of these communities that are being gentrified as becoming mostly White and never having any intention on helping the poor or truly diversifying the community.

    To Matt Damon, he would see such scenarios are diversely fit. To me, I see him and his concept of diversity as a diversified lie. This is what I mean by " No such thing as a truly diverse world" To be a truly diverse society , people have to love , understand and embrace each others differences and what it truly learn to live around it. So far, I still haven't seen much of that and even in the most diverse area racism still lingers. Far as I'm concerned, Matt reminds of the White person who tell you " I have Black friends"..only when you meet them at work and that's it.

    1. I could see why white folks would be into Damon and consider him "one of the good ones", but I didn't realize and still don't understand why some black folks bothered. I've been watching his movies since the 1990s and nothing about his work made him stand out from other white actors of his type - skinny, able-bodied, cissexual, heterosexual, cast in Alpha Male roles, and paid millions of dollars. Sure he behaved himself where the law and tabloids were concerned, but I don't see why any POC would rally behind this guy like he's done something special for us.

      This man has the utmost privilege in American society and all this Project Greenlight debacle has merely shown us that when given the opportunity to raise up others who have nowhere near his level of privilege, he instead chose to summon forth a sea of blinding whiteness...and that one token black women he can override at whim.

      So glad he's not married to a black women, raising black kids. We might've had to go all Underground Railroad on their ass.

  3. I signed into Twitter yesterday just in time to see him put his foot in it yet again, this time on LGBTQA actors and if it's harder for them to be out and working in Hollywood. Guess he felt the new one Twitter ripped him last week could be a tad wider.

    1. *snort* Maybe he's "trying to start another convo".


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