When Negro Forgiveness Syndrome goes too far

No. To quote Jeffrey Almonte, "No, no, no, no, no, no."
In her time, [Eva Smith]’s encountered no crime so heinous for which she can’t find room in her heart to offer that gift. Even, she said, in recent months when she crossed paths with the man suspected of walking into Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church in June and shooting nine black parishioners.

The killings, described by authorities as a racially motivated hate crime, placed Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white man, at the jail charged with nine counts of murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. He faces 33 additional counts on federal hate, weapon and other charges.

To Smith, though, Roof is merely a young man, like any other, in need of God’s love.

A mother of three and grandmother of eight, Smith, who is black, attempted to build a rapport with Roof by asking whether his parents had come to visit. Arms crossed, face scrunched, he replied no, she said. Well, what about a girlfriend, she asked.

“Then he looked up at me and he smiled,” she said. “You have to make him smile. ... I really feel that he’s going to get the help he needs because of the people who are saying, ‘I forgive him. I forgive him.’ The law’s going to do what it has to do, but we aren’t a people of an eye for an eye.”

~ Charleston County jail chaplain: Dylann Roof, Michael Slager, others ‘are just my sons’
Uh...ma'am? This kid doesn't need "help". He needs the electric chair. The families of his victims are the ones who need help.  Remember them?

Fuck no.  Fuck...no.  See, this right here?  This is a HUGE part of the reason this shit keeps happening.

Just...no.  I-I can't right now.



  1. Lets put it this way..I wouldnt have initiate the gesture,but if I did,he would have to start it.

    Though I m not against people who do..and I have done it myself to some people,I just struggle with this because it looks like shes begging by bringing up him and Michael Slager and the "good"she sees in them.I dont think that its her intention but it comes off that way and Im quite sure the apologists/racists are having a field day interpreting her kind gesture as bowing down to their demands

  2. Here is a podcast by Tariq Nasheed that talks about this very issue. It is about Blacks being too forgiving of other groups.


  3. (-________________-)
    Seriously. An eye for an eye would be if the family members of the departed went to his family's church, prayed and worshipped with them then opened fire on them. Saying he deserves to rot in jail is a far cry from eye for an eye.

    As for forgiveness...in terms of letting go of the resentment and hostility for your own emotional and mental wellbeing, yes. In terms of accepting and pretending what he did never happened nor has lifelong consequences and repercussions...not so much.

  4. Forgive is something we do a lot. But we also should never forget. We can't continue giving them a "pass" or else they'll continue with with their BS, and someday we'll may be pushed to the edge to where we will no longer give a f*ck.

    1. Leo Princess8/25/15, 9:54 PM

      "and someday we'll may be pushed to the edge to where we will no longer give a f*ck. "

      I thought we were already at that point, but apparently not. Sorry, my Mammy setting is defaulted at 'IDGAFF'. God can love Roof if He wants; I don't have to. He sat with those people in the house of God, prayed with them, then shot them down like dogs. Hug his rabid ass to your bosom if you want to, but I'm not here for it.

      *cues 'F-ck This Sh*t, I'm Out' song*

    2. Forgive is simply something we need to stop doing because it's directly responsible for (white) people forgetting.

      Ms. Eva is on some shit. Somebody better remind her what time it is. If Michael Slager and Dylann Roof staged a prison break tomorrow, they wouldn't hesitate to shiv her black ass out the way.

      That's a mass murderer she's chattin' with, trying to cheer him up and shit - his own family does not come to see him. How come no one's pressuring/insisting/encouraging them to forgive him?

      Remember when Amber Roof tried to raise $5000 for her wedding/honeymoon/whatever? Her biggest concern was that her half-brother (the media made an adamant point of ensuring that we knew they weren't full siblings) ruined "her big day". Negro, what???? Boo-hoo. At least they lived to wed another day!

      This whole story increasingly makes me livid. Maybe it's just me.

    3. Exactly. I was just reading about Jorge Ramos(reporter for UNIVISION) and how he was disrespected by Trump,his thug life guards and some supposed Trump supporter by kindly (ha! )telling Jorge to " Go back to Mexico?" None of the other reporters defended him and noone from media,Trump,his guards or White society is apologizing for what they did.

      It pisses me off how White society can do anything to people and is never expected to forgive others but its a mus. that we have to.How hypocritical.

      Mrs.Smith is a far better womam than I would be.I would look a look at Dylann and kept a going.

  5. I swear, religion has driven some black people insane.

    1. But do you think it's actually religion, or denial masquerading as religion? Or would you say some black people have simply adopted denial as a religion?

    2. This is my personal theory. I think this forgiveness bullshit has its origins in slavery. Whenever slave masters had a preacher visit the plantation, or if he read the scripture himself, the slaves were told that they had to turn the other cheek and forgive. I think that is where this mess comes from and many Blacks have internalized that mentality.

    3. @ Ankhsen Mie and Mickey

      I think as black people we have been denied personhood so long that a lot of us cease to see ourselves unless we are othered through racism and that forces us to see not only our blackness but also our humanity that might go unnoticed unless provoked.

      Some of us think if we keep extending kindness to whites they will see our humanity and then and only then will we be whole and free. I say this because you can have a black person forgive a white person for the most atrocious things but won't forgive a black person for something very trivial.

      So I believe you both are right in saying that it's denial and of course it's rooted in slavery as are a lot of things we struggle with.

    4. people spend more time telling victims to forgive then telling others not to abuse/rape/murder.

  6. Forgiveness, especially in this white euro religious context is used to control people. Keep them in line. Think that the key to harmony is all white everything. In some circles there is resistance, in others the ideal is just to become white because that is right or it betters the so called race.

  7. Where is the "I forgive yous" with Vester Flanagan/Brice Williams?

    Dont get me wrong,Im not justifying murdering those two journalists from his former workplace,but look how media havent brought up the F(forgiveness)word nor have the victims folks done it but they arent required to it and neither should we.

    If they want to forgive,they would have to be the initiators of it.Im not going to make my self look like a butt kisser.

    1. Exactly - where are the white folks lining up to forgive Bryce Williams and empathize with his tortured, closeted soul? How come they're not coming out the woodwork to talk about how misunderstood he was, how shy and lonely, and whatever? We're waiting!


    2. I know that if someone close to me is harmed its going to be hard to forgive. I don't care about the race of the person I just want you to suffer. Greatly.

      I also know that holding on to anger just makes you a bitter person who never moves forward with your life. You are just allowing that person to continue winning over you.

      When it comes to all these idiots feeling the need to kill people because of the bad relationship/childhood/job they had I don't give a crap.

    3. Please believe Vester Flanagan's family ( especially the women), since he's dead, will be giving a whole bunch of apologies, something that the families of these white killers sure as hell don't do nor are expected to. Their families get to whine about how it ruin their wedding or how all the media attention ruined their lives. White privilege at its best.

  8. I've always thought black people all over the world are too quick to forgive and too quick to trust white people.

    1. Sadly the people who are closed to you are the ones you should not place all your trust in.

  9. ...."Negro forgiveness Syndrome" is something that baffles me and I could talk about my personal experiences with it all day.

    But....this whole Dylan Roof thing has seriously pushed me more towards the group of people that think this was a hoax/false flag. Because I just...cannot believe the reactions I saw in people.

    I just prefer to believe that shooting was a hoax perpetrated to further gun control and that the people were crisis actors and that no one was killed and the church was paid off.

    Like...I refuse to believe Black People are this forgiving. Maybe we're more scared(and we have reason to be) than we admit even to ourselves.

    But this forgiving we are just not. Every person that suffers from "negro forgiveness syndrome" that I've interacted with IRL is always "unforgiving" of other black people. There's a lot of self loathing and fear in us that people never want to acknowledge and end up channeling into intraracial aggression.

    I just...like I dont know what to think about the state of race relations in this country anymore.

  10. I've always thought Black people in general have some kind ...Stockholm /Battered Wife Syndrome when it comes to race relations.

    I see women in abusive relationships act the same way with men that abuse them that Black people act with racial harassment and aggression. Easy to forgive and forget, eager for any scrap of approval and attention be it negative or positive, hyper competitive aggressive with other women(for a guy that treats both women like the dirt under his shoe).

    ....Yeah I prefer to believe the conspiracies theories about this. I don't believe Black people can be this afraid or self loathing (forgiving). I refuse to accept that.

    I know I sound like I'm bugging, and I don't care. I just can't ....

    1. If you take into consideration the reality of the battered wife her chances of homicide are higher when she leaves. So in a way some black people might realize their lives literally depend on the mercy of white people since none of us are free. Like I feel bad for their mindset but so long as they don't project onto me I will continue to resist.


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