The lengths we go to keep white boys alive....

Riddle me this, children: why is James Holmes still alive?

It's been a little over three years since he slaughtered 12 people and wounded 70 others.  He's been chillin', loved by his groupies and reading their fan mail on taxpayer dime.  A jury unanimously agreed to put him to death, and yet I'm reading he will instead spend life in prison...on taxpayer dime.

Now South Carolina is trying to pull the same bullshit with Dylann Roof.  Dude slaughtered 9 people at prayer, yet Nikki Haley had the gall to say yeah, sure he deserves to die, BUT they might not be able to execute him due to a shortage of the third component used in lethal injection.

*angry blink* Y'all ain't never heard of a firing squad????

I'm pretty sure South Carolina is not experiencing a shortage of ammo.  And don't they have the electric chair over there as well???  Wasn't Dylann Roof's own uncle the one talkin' smack about how Roof was gonna "ride the lightning", wishing he could flip the switch, getting people all nostalgic to the point of Googling Metallica and shit....

And then, when Roof was ready to plead guilty for the shit we already know he's done, his lawyer told him to wait and see if the prosecution wanted to pursue the death penalty first, talmbout he was trying to get Dylann some "leverage."  Um...barbecue that rodent.  He doesn't need leverage; he needs a swift execution.  Nothing fancy, nothing drawn out, nothing to give people time to talk about his loneliness and troubles and his "haunting" manifesto.  First of all, Dylann Roof's manifesto - if you can even call it that - makes Elliot Rodger's self-centered ramblings read like friggin' Shakespeare.
"I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight."
- Dylann Roof
Oh, hell yes you are. In fact, I encourage you to do just that. Why can't we ever read that particular narrative for a change? I personally would love nothing more than to hear about a white dude going into the ghetto by hisself, armed with a Glock, tryin' to pull this shit. ...Long after I've become a senile old pygmy, unable to recall my name or anybody else's, that story will still warm my withered little bones.

Second of all, for a lonely, troubled, misunderstood young man, Roof seems to have one friend after the other coming out of the woodwork to weigh in on the situation.  We even have the regularly scheduled random Negro actually going on record to say "his opinions about Roof haven’t changed and he still 'loves him as a friend.'"

Negro, have a seat. You could have just as easily been on the receiving end of his bullets.  Don't act like you haven't thought of that every single day.

Moral of the story here, good people, is that we need to take some cues from China when it comes to dealing with people like Dylann Roof.
It seems that when you get sent to prison there are two options, death by firing squad or extreme manual labor. They don’t play around in the prisons over here. There is no one sitting on death row for years and years and there are no free rides. If you get sentenced to death, that pretty much means within the next couple of days you are going to die.
- Life Behind the Wall
Mass shooters don't need publicity.  They don't need leverage.  And they most certainly do not need to stick around for longer than a week after the shooting.  That's right - we need to institute a Law of Seven Days.  If you pick up a gun, and go mowing down people who are just trying to walk down the street, get cup of coffee, see a movie with their friends, or whatever, it should be an automatic death sentence.  Regardless of whether the state where the crime is committed is pro- or anti-death penalty, federal law should mandate that all mass shooters should be tried, sentenced, and executed by firing squad within a week - no exceptions.

I mean, do we really think that if Elliot Rodger or friggin' Seung-Hui Cho or Omar Thornton hadn't killed themselves they'd be getting handled like this? Fuck no. Thorntorn wouldn't have even made it to the jail. And remember Rodger's father? That fuck went into full Chicago mode.  He couldn't stop photo-opping and interviewing long enough to realize his behavior was downright seriously fucked. I mean, did he really need to pull Barbara Walters out of retirement? Did he really need to get all his fellow has-beens and never-coulds to weigh in on the shooting?  Fifty bucks says Mr. Rodger not only wishes Elliot hadn't killed himself so quickly, but that he will also wait until he can afford to make Elliot's "manifesto" into a movie, where every single character of Asian descent will most likely be #EmmaStoned, and for wouldn't bother us.

I know I've posted this before, it seems more than appropriate to repost this video here.


  1. Five miles from the SC state line and the electricity is running fine....light his ass up.....

    1. case they cant find the specific drug needed for Dylann,Ive heard that Utah has/want to bring the firing squad back to their state for their death penalty.Send him there.

    2. For real. Out-source that ish. And if Dylann Roof is sentenced to life in prison in the end, ship him off to a prison in West Africa. *sniff* Make an example out of him.

  2. I wouldn't hold China's system in such high regard. You could be put to death just for selling drugs or theft. Manual labor, perhaps more extreme than what happens in the state (I mean you got guys here fighting fires for $1 an hour or building office furniture for peanuts), I don't think that is a good thing for all so-called criminals. I would put violent and non-violent into different categories. Clearly mass shooters are violent. Non-violent do not deserve to go to jail, especially if they committed crimes of necessity (e.g. stealing to feed themselves and their families or committing crimes out of duress). The problem is our racist system, so you know they would be more likely to execute people of color regardless, and likely for attempted murders or potential to kill a white person. We should just be careful of what we ask for cause in the US we generally don't get the things we need or deserve.

    1. I'm only speaking in reference to mass shooters. Our treatment of them is ridiculous. They go into public places, open fire in full view of the public, they write manifestos, they show no shame or remorse for their actions, and yet we still use words like "alleged" and "accused" and - when they're white - go to any length to keep them alive as long as possible.

    2. "...They go into public places, open fire in full view of the public, they write manifestos, they show no shame or remorse for their actions, and yet we still use words like "alleged" and "accused" and - when they're white - go to any length to keep them alive as long as possible."

      Keeping these people alive is part of a long-standing narrative. Our fascination with The Macabre (Especially at the hand of whites). We spare them long enough to learn their stories (and make deals for movie/publishing rights). Debriefing is the next best thing to a Purging of the soul, or autopsy. Therefore, almost every mass shooter/serial killer (that’s white) has been interrogated before their deaths.

      We don’t want to know what causes black men like Anthony Kirkland, John Allen Muhammad, Andre Crawford or Anthony Sowell to go wrong because as many assert: we blacks are borne to criminality. There are exceptions (Like Wayne Williams: alleged to have killed 27 black youths in the Atlanta area), but for the most part there’s no story to tell, you simply lock them up and throw away the key.

      From: Of Course There Are Black Serial Killers: by Lynette Holloway
      "That is a total, total myth that there are no black serial killers,'' said Dr. Schlesinger, who has been studying serial killers and extraordinary crimes since the 1970s. "There have been black serial killers for many, many years, but they haven't been publicized. The media simply chooses not to focus on them.''

      What we want to know of white men/women and children is, what went wrong? What context led you to a life of crime? Mental illness? Family problems? Drugs perhaps? These are the things we need to know. That’s where the Empathy comes in for you see, "this could happen to anyone of us." We need to address the part that turns criminal from time to time.

      Lastly, Comedian Patrice O'Neal exposed the contrast between white and black criminality in the Beltway sniper case. As long as the sniper was Assumed to be a White Man he was dubbed an Insidious Madman. A Mastermind! A Diabolical Genius!!! Positive attributes for such an evil person dontcha think? Yet, the minute they discovered it was John Allen Muhammad he was downgraded to Ni**a in a Buick. Consequently, the media didn’t want to know anything more about him after that. Guess it didn’t make for compelling narrative.

    3. I was just reading about the Straight
      Out Of Compton movie.Mind you that I have no interest in seeing it however,I was thinking about movie theaters
      attitude about it.

      Its funny how they wanted Universal
      Studios to help them out with
      security,yet it wasnt that long ago that 3 White men stormed in the theatres
      ,terrorizing and killing people.With the exception of SOOC,the same has not beem requested for general security.

      I also find it funny how cops are buying deafing ear busting machines from the Navy and China to use against BLM protestors yet they can NEVER (sarcasm) find the right stuff when it racial injustice against Black folks.The hypocrisy and lies are so incredible that you can cut it with a knife.

  3. From leoprincess:

    Since my computer and your blog seem to hate each other, I decided to share my views here:

    "Both those snakes need to be skinned and gutted. I refuse to understand why they're receiving the compassion and respect that they didn't give to their victims. Ol' Holmie up there went home after murdering 12 people, and took selfies of him in black circle contacts (I guess to highlight his demon heritage in case we missed it the first time) in celebration. Roofie-poo outright said, "I killed them because they were n*gg3rs", and folks are all but saying, "No no no, he didn't mean that".

    You know what they would have done to Eric Dorner IF they hadn't killed him? Yea. EXACTLY THAT needs to happen here."

    1. I think she means Chris Dorner.

    2. From leoprincess:

      Alas! I stand corrected. CHRIS Dorner, not Eric (where did Eric even come from?). But yea...he'd have been executed by now. No amount of childhood pictures of him getting his hair cut would save him.

      Much like how they didn't waste time putting John Allen Muhammad down for being the mass murdering pos that he was (I don't remember a lengthy appeals process for him, either), yet they're dragging their ass on these two who are cut from the same damn cloth. VERY interesting.

      The only thing I'm annoyed about re: the death penalty is that they'd get a relatively gentle send-off like an old and infirm yet beloved family pet, and not at all like the people they murdered. Outside of that, I see no reason for keeping their asses around.

  4. Our country is designed for violence. Violence in all forms such as denying people security in their health, healthcare, nutrition, housing and most certainly no sanctuary from violent physical attacks. And it hits you harder the more vulnerable you are (i.e darker skinned, fat, queer, homeless, dis/abled, femme, poc, etc.). I don't really see them trying to do anything about these people. These people terrorize black people and kind of "keep us in check," remind us that we have something to fear at all times. And that the justice system does not care whether we live or die. When a black man like the LA grim sleeper can kill hundreds of black women and their deaths are classified as nhi (no human involved), do you genuinely think they are going to give a measly fuck about white serial killers and terrorists that target black people? Anyone that targets black people (e.g. Latino gangs in LA). No, they just hope we die off or that we exist solely as slave labor. They would never do anything in our favor or to protect us. I kind of hope for a future where all white people just move to a different planet. And maybe they make a mistake and they eventually run out of oxygen or food. And they just leave us here, thinking we won't survive. B/c they fucked up the earth so much. But we do b/c they're not here anymore. Somehow we can manage to survive and even help improve the environment and climate before the next major ice age. And maybe some of us will survive that or there will be another species to replace us after that event.

    1. The first few words that Jeffrey mentioned about Dylann ? Screw him!

      Im so sick of White society telling us POCs how to forgive when they rarely do it. If a Black person dies like those in Charleston ,their sentiment?" They got what they deserve".White folks are never asked the samr sentiments for can do.


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