The Bar Loves Jeffrey Almonte


  1. I think that im going to add this hottie on my people to see/hear list.

    Anyways...I just loved what Jeffery said in his " Stop Disrespecting Black Women"clip.I just dont get any supposed self respecting Black man (or woman) can put down a member of their own community . It does seem very hypocritical and very embarrassing to do such.

    Jeffery is right.How can you say youre for #BlackLivesMatter or any other similar organization when youre downing the very people that are trying to save your life. Genocide is often associated with the horrors of the Jewish holocaust.Physically ,mentally,emotionally and spiritually..some of them was destroyed. With the Tommy Sotomayors and other Black people making self hate clips about their own women/ people,we wont have to worry about bigoted White folks committing such acts, stuff like what Jeffery mentioned will cause our self demise if we dont stop disrespecting each other.

    Imagine your mixed race /Black kids listening to their Black parents self hate.Theyll swallow your unkind words and will remind you why they hate the Black side of their heritage..because the Black parent. said there is something wrong with being Black.

    No matter how a Black man say they are for their community,if theyre putting down Black women,theyre downing their mom,sisters,aunts and grandmothers and especially their daughters.They would be no different than a white supremacist putting them down.

    1. Almonte is one hell of a vlogger. When they're this young and this insightful, I tend to feel soooooo much better about the future.

  2. I see why you got his clips.Jeffery is AWESOME!! I didnt realize how young this guy. He even isnt 20 yet,but hes so powerful,insightful and doesnt hold back on the truth.

    I agree ,guys like Jeffery are the future.Just when people gave on young guys like him,he reminds us why we shouldnt throw them in the backburner.

    I will be listening to more of his clips. I knoe that I will not be disappointed with them.


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