Oh, my gods.... #SerenaWilliams

The goddess herself recently posted images herself doing split warm-up exercises.  It never even occurred to me that a tennis player could be so flexible.

And since I'm all about self-acceptance, it's never occurred to me to be truly jealous of someone else's body...but damn....


  1. Serena is soo amazing and shes in excellent shape.

    I also find it ironic..as Ranier mentioned on his blog..how she looks like a man for her athletic frame,yet Rhonda Rousey is getting all the rave for hers. Its ashame how Black women have been having this kind of confidence for self love but it always have to be a White women to wake the world up about it.

  2. She’s five months younger than my eldest child. Quite the talented young lady she is. Still, when white men consider the intersection of Tennis & Gender this is by far their most iconic image. The Athena poster tennis girl Serena will never fit this mold. The white male dominated media continues to frame her as being sexually different: basically Otherized.

    Tennis after all is viewed by many as a “White People’s Sport.” Much like Golf. Serena is someone who’s simply high-jacked it for a spell. She’ll never be petite/dainty enough, or white enough to suite their tastes, no matter how many Grand Slam titles she wins.

    1. Sadly blacks were the first to talk trash about her body.

  3. Her legs...I want her legs.

    Her body so impeccable it's no wonder she evokes so much ire.

  4. I would just like to be for a weekend...just one....


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