When a picture is worth 52 million words....


  1. As one white woman exclaimed:
    "You get away from me! Don't touch me! Don't you know who I am? I've always been good to you people! I am Miss Millie! I'm the mayor's wife! I've always been good to you people! I've always gone out of my way for coloreds!"

    Well, right off the bat the Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj spat comes to mind.

    “How dare you diss me Nicki. Haven’t I always been good to you people? Hired your fat arse'd women (in comparison to my timeless beauty) to dance in my videos? Why I even used my privilege to appropriate your music, to elevate it into something palatable. Why, Ive done nothing but love and support you people and this is the thanks I get?”

    But I’m also seeing this: With kind of a Gone with the Wind, feminist vibe to it. “Oh Cordelia you’re so silly," says the white girl in a matriarchal tone. "Ahem, you’ll have to forgive my slower- darker companion: what she really meant to say was…”

    What Feminism means to women of color is: All women are equal yes, but some women are more equal than others.


    1. Let’s be clear: white women put their own needs and well-being above those of black women every day and call it “feminism”.

      Here, Rihanna flips the script: if a white woman has to suffer some so that she, a black woman, can survive, so be it. After all, white women have been surviving on our suffering for hundreds of years.

      - Mia McKenzie on Rihanna's BBHMM

    2. You lost me at Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj!

  2. "Let’s be clear: white women put their own needs and well-being above those of black women every day and call it “feminism”."

    Very good point. I read about the furor over Rihanna's video, I didn't want to see it (but I understood the reasoning behind it). I whole-heartedly agree. Feminism (much like the Rule of Law) are mechanisms contrived for the sole benefit of white people. Probably why we don't see many movies (other than Rihanna's piece) where black women come out on top at the sole expense of a white female's life. An angle most white people have never even considered because the premise sounds too absurd.

  3. Yep...Im not a feminist,but if I were one,I definitely would never look to groups like NOW for support.

    It wasnt that long ago where Rosanna Arquette was telling folks to support equal rights for women.That would be good only if she and other so called feminists would equally show their support with WOC like with the Sandra Bland case and other unjustly deaths of other POC. Even Roland Martin..a Black man asked this same question about NOWs lack of support of them.The irony of it that a man from that orhanization answered his question..but not out of support for the POC women. Shame on them.


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