Revisiting "No le pegue a la negra" (#BlackWomenMatter)

"Un matrimonio africano
Esclavos de un español
El les daba muy mal trato,
Y a su negra le pegó y fue alli
Se rebeló el negro guapo
Tomó venganza por su amor
Y aún se escucha en la verja:
'¡No le pegue a mi negra!'"

An African couple
Slaves of a Spaniard
He treated them very badly,
And hit his Black woman
It was then, that the heroic black man rebelled
He avenged his love
And you can still hear him yelling at the gates:
'Don't hit my black woman!'

Dang, brothas...what happened???

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  1. "... what happened???"

    That racist Moynihan report came out basically blaming all black problems on Black Women and taught Black Men that their real enemy is not white men but black women. Then along came integration and now black men can legally have their pick of the light skinned, long haired, "feminine" non-black women so now they didn't need us anymore, of course until they get shot or have something racist done to them.


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