#Iowa, y'all need to make some noise for Ryan Keith Bolinger

A few minutes before Des Moines police killed Ryan Keith Bolinger Tuesday night, the 28-year-old white man was dancing in the street, according to an officer. Police didn't find the display funny. In a news conference Wednesday, Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax said Bolinger had earlier pulled up beside the squad car of an officer who was conducting an unrelated traffic stop, parking his 2000 Lincoln sedan so close that he blocked the police cruiser's driver's side door. Bolinger then left his vehicle and danced around before getting back in and driving away.

Officer Vanessa Miller, a seven-year veteran of the force, gave pursuit, following Bolinger in a low-speed chase that hovered around the 35 miles-per-hour limit, officials said. The Des Moines Register reports that Officer Ian Lawler, who had earlier been boxed in by Bolinger, radioed that he was joining Miller in the pursuit. He also suggested that they may be dealing with a drunk or mentally ill suspect.

About two minutes into the chase, Miller cut Bolinger off as he attempted to make a U-turn, forcing his car to a stop. Bolinger exited his vehicle and approached Miller's squad car "walking with a purpose," Halifax said. As he advanced, Miller, who is white, fired a single bullet through her rolled up driver's side window, shattering the glass and striking Bolinger in the torso. He later died from the gunshot wound at a local hospital.

...So how do white people in Iowa respond when police kill a white person under questionable circumstances in a heavily white neighborhood? If Des Moines is any example, they don't: A single protester showed up outside the police press conference on Wednesday, according to the Register. There was no wall-to-wall media coverage of large-scale demonstrations, because there were no demonstrations to cover.

~ Police Killed An Unarmed White Man In Iowa And His Community Didn't Seem To Notice
Oh, hell no.

Start typing "Ryan Keith Bolinger" in your Search box right now - I dare you. Notice that his name isn't an instant option; not even the all-wise, all-knowing Google has any fucks to give.

That is not okay. Yet another unarmed civilian lies died because some trigger-happy cop didn't think to use any other options available to her - e.g., calling out to Bolinger over the com to stand down; putting the patrol car in reverse to gain some distance then exiting the vehicle with weapon drawn while advising Bolinger to put his hands in the air and halt his advance; maybe even remembering that erratic behavior can be a sign of mental impairment and ergo some compassion might in order instead of putting a complete stranger down like a dog.

White people, the next time you get annoyed that POC react angrily, loudly, and in vast numbers and hashtags against this sort killing of our fellow POC, remember this moment.

Commenters across the web have made some great points about how the cops seem to be telling the truth this time around, simply because they don't want to end up in a Michael Slager situation where they lie through their teeth on record, then get busted by a random civilian who just happened to be there with a smartphone.  I concur with this theory.  Miller admits to firing through her rolled-up car window and killing this man.  Her reasoning?  "[I] obviously felt something", 'cause you know...he "walked with purpose."

That line of reasoning is so beyond idiotic it may very well be the truth.

I also want to add that had police killings not been such a hot topic in America right now, y'all know good and well Vanessa Miller the Veteran Female Cop as headlines are so eager to point out would've been promptly fired, then thrown under the bus and dragged for filth, seeing how she was too emotional/hormonal/[insert your favorite sexist adjective here] to be a police officer.  After all, she spent seven whole years on the force, and this was what she had to show for all her training and instincts.

But I digress.  Iowa, why is Des Moines still standing?  Miller and her partner are on paid vacay for killing Bolinger.  He didn't have a gun, he didn't run, they didn't even exchange a single word before she felt the need to shoot him through the glass Hollywood-style. Why isn't the Chief of DMPD shitting himself under the pressure of an angry civilian horde demanding justice?  Make no mistake: your silent complacency is not a sign of enlightenment; you have not taken a higher road, and you are impressing no one by sitting back and letting the DMPD get comfortable.  You need to light a fire under their ass; they should be sweating bullets in your presence by now.

Do not let them cover up the death of nor forget the name "Ryan Keith Bolinger", because he's not the first, and he sure as hell won't be the last.


  1. White people aren't going to disrupt the flow of white supremacy over one white person who was exhibiting "questionable behavior" at the time he was killed. They have to believe that the police are generally good and just doing their job and that this was an isolated event. If they knew they were just pawns in this system too they wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

    1. I hope his pregnant fiancee sues that precinct into the ground. They took her future husband and left her children fatherless over some bullshit.


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