Why I do what I do (#MKX #Tanya)

I'll be honest; there are times when I think about deleting all the socially critical blogs and just focusing on the work of POC artists.  But then...I wake up on a lazy Sunday like today and stumble across this:

The article he's referring to, of course, is the one I wrote about the lightening of Jade's skin back in Mortal Kombat 9 (2011). Back then, few voices raised along mine, but for the most part, it was a lone article in the wind.

Or so I thought.

Now we're seeing history repeat itself.  In addition to Jade literally being erased from the Mortal Kombat 10, we're seeing a definite skin-lightening with Tanya. And this time, I've heard and read voice after voice decrying it.  Some folks argue that she's "not finished" and that her character won't be downloadable until later, giving the creators time to "finish" her, but Tanya's already in story mode, which people are playing now, and she's looking whitewashed as hell.

And it's not just POC who are upset.  Remember what I said before: Jade and Tanya are fan favorites.  People have loved them and obsessed over them for over a decade, and it seems that 2015 is just the year that the straws are finally starting to break the camel's back.  No longer are my words a lone critique on the wind.

MKX's ending hints at a future game (of course), so here's hoping by that time, the voices will be so loud and so numerous they won't screw it up the first time around.


They've fixed the whitewashing thing.

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