The Bar Loves FKA Twigs

This post is actually long overdue, seeing as I meant to write it sometime last year.

Ironically, I first learned about multi-award-nominated British chanteuse FKA Twigs when she was being racially put on blast once her relationship with Robert Pattinson was publicly confirmed.  At first I was horrified at the thought of Edward-friggin'-Cullen dating a WOC (they're engaged now), but then I learned he has a net worth of $100 million, so now I'm like...*shrug*.  Do you, boo-boo.

I mean, I'm not claiming she's in it strictly for the dough...but I understand.

Anyways, Twigs here (real name Taliah Debrett Barnett) has a distinct visual style a la Bjork, the haunting vocal range of Jhene Aiko (but even more ethereal), and the same unusual taste in beats as Azealia Banks, but with a more ambient, introspective texture. Banks and Twigs also share an unusual repetitive lyrical style.

I've been listening to her tracks for almost an hour straight now, and it's like hearing what Saint Heron should've been.  I'm downright baffled by the creativity of one so young this day and age.  Many commenters on YouTube complain about how they don't "get" her, but when you pause to consider the generation in question....

Did I mention her visual style?

And I didn't even like Queen of the Damned.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss! She is my girl! I know a few people who know her, she has a textiles degree so her visual style is no accident. She is a multi-expressionist and her movement and vocals and beats combined tend to haunt and intrigue people.

    She and Pattinson are destined for each other - Twin Flames- this is the initial relationship before they are forced apart to grow and learn until reunion at a later date. This was long overdue, he was sorely in need of some realness and inspiration in his life- see how his whole style and demeanour has changed since they met? I hope she lasts, it's hard being a WOC on the arm of a white heart throb, the racist backlash wasn't unexpected at all and typical of deluded white women who confuse his character with the man he is. He has a thing for POC i've heard from other friends so them dating was a nice surprise considering how man white celebs date WOC on the low.

    1. "He has a thing for POC i've heard from other friends so them dating was a nice surprise considering how white celebs date WOC on the low.."

      I just got finished reading a newsflash where Kristen Stewart is upset over their their engagement because she wasn't " offered " the same. Excuse-moi? What did she expect ? she cheated on him. I believe it when you say that he has a thing for POC women. With most White men you never know. They'll say one thing and the next thing you know they end up doing another. Rob is just probably acting on his desires.According the some reports, they say that he seems more happier with Twigs. I don't know ..but with Kristen, maybe he could have been with her,but with her stone face,I can't see it.

      I could be wrong,but I think that she's also resentful of him marrying a biracial/Black woman. I say this because when she was asked to play a romatic role with Will Smith, she turned it down because supposedly ..he wasd " too old", yet she had no problem considering a similair role with Ben Affleck who is only 2-3 years young than Wil. I think that she's racist. I'm hoping that she and Rob will marry ASAP.

      Anyways..far as her's interesting. I admit, it took me a while to get into it ( I listened to " Two Weeks". Her style is a good way. She sound like a female Prince( the singer). I think that it's good that she has her own style of music. I wouild be surprised if other people will be trying to copy her

    2. I don't think it has anything to do with Twigs being biracial/Black and more to do with the fact that she knows she screwed up. She (Kristen) had a man that was into her and her only (something a lot of women don't realize) and she cheated on him (with someone else's husband). She then tried to get back with him and they did try for all of a week I think and it was over. Now she is mad because the good thing she had is gone and now that it looks like he might be getting married she won't get him back. He wanted to marry her, but she had to rent a d*** and lost him.

      As for them getting married ASAP I heard he was the settling down type. Hopefully it works out.

  2. Nah, Kristen is racist if she did actually say that. I remember thinking the same thing with regards to Will and Ben both being a similar age and Will having a higher profile that Ben. She is a white actress protecting her lily white image. Contamination by association on screen perhaps?

    Anywho Twigs being biracial is DEFINITELY the cause of her upset. White women are used to being offered the cream of everything ALL men have to offer, so Twigs getting a ring when she didn't is likely to piss her off- even with her cheating behaviour- Whiteness is supposed to protect her and minimise if not toally invisibilise her faults. They never consider the fact that you are a shitty person and cheated is the reason things never worked out and that he is more compatible with someone else.

    White women do not think we are in the same playing field and actual contenders for being wifed up by men they have dated. We are only supposed to be flings and fuck buddies, not actual REAL women a man might want to actually marry OVER them. If Twigs was white she wouldn't be reported to be 'surprised'.

  3. I said POC not WOC..... :D


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