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Violence Against South Asians Is Linked to Bias Against African Americans
ATLANTA — An Alabama police officer has been indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of using unreasonable force against an unarmed Indian man during an episode in which the officer slammed the man to the ground while he was on an early-morning stroll through his family’s suburban neighborhood.

The Feb. 6 confrontation, which led to the partial paralysis of the man, Sureshbhai Patel, 57, has exported America’s national debate over the use of force by police officers as observers and news media in India expressed outrage over Mr. Patel’s treatment.

It has also been an embarrassment for Alabama. Eleven days after the encounter, Gov. Robert Bentley wrote the Indian consul general in Atlanta, expressing “deep regret” for the “unfortunate use of excessive force by the Madison Police Department.”

On Friday, the Justice Department announced that the officer, Eric Parker, 26, had been indicted late Thursday. The two-page indictment alleges that Officer Parker, in slamming Mr. Patel to the ground, deprived him of his constitutional right “to be free from unreasonable seizures, which includes the right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by one acting under color of law.”

Mr. Patel, a visitor from the Indian state of Gujarat who speaks limited English, is identified in the indictment by his initials, “S.P.” He was walking on a residential street shortly before 9 a.m. on Feb. 6 in the northern Alabama city of Madison when a resident called 911 and reported that “a skinny black guy” was “just kind of wandering around.”

...Office Parker was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and has pleaded not guilty. Maj. Jim Cooke of the Madison police said Friday that the department had taken steps to terminate Officer Parker, and that he had appealed his termination and is on paid leave pending the appeal. No action has been taken against Officer Slaughter, the trainee, Major Cooke said.
Ferguson says, "You're welcome," boo.

It seems that after the Department of Justice failed to indict Darren Wilson, but released that "special" report out of Ferguson which had some people in tears, our dear DOJ can't seem to indict white cops fast enough.

First Timothy Runnels - who was dismissed two months after putting Bryce Masters in a coma - was indicted last week.  This week it's Eric Parker's turn.  Parker was fired within a week of assaulting Mr. Patel and now he's been actually arrested and charged.

*cocks head to the side* What changed?

While it's true that the police were called because Mr. Patel was mistaken for a black man, upon meeting him they realized very quickly that not only was he Indian, he didn't speak English.  Angry Asian Man once wrote, "I don't know how you go from saying 'No English' to getting your face slammed into the sidewalk," but I do.  They knew he was just going for a walk; they knew he wasn't a threat to anyone, and they knew he couldn't understand them.  They could have just left the man alone, but they chose not to.  Here was an unarmed, 130-pound, 57-year-old going for a walk by himself, and they figured they could have some have fun.
Shakuntala Patel told The Indian Express earlier this month that she was frightened to come to the U.S. following the incident in which Parker threw her husband to the ground, causing a spinal injury.

"I am scared to live in a country where they attack you for no reason," Patel told The Express. "I want to go there now because my husband and my son need me, but once Suresh recovers, I will bring him back to India.

"I wish my visa is granted on humanitarian grounds so that I can be there to take care of my husband. It is the U.S. government that is responsible for his condition," she said.

...The incident has sparked international headlines and caught the attention of the Indian government.
Ma' have no idea.

And now, the Bar would like to pour a sip for the victims of the Garissa University Attack; as Field Negro points out, while this news hasn't gained much traction we need to remember that all Black Lives Matter, including the ones living on other continents.


I specifically told myself not to forget this....

Anyways, NBC reports that the DOJ will now begin tracking hate crimes against Arabs, Sikhs, and Hindus.  While I do acknowledge this is a step in the right direction, I still have to ask:  What took so long?  How many beatings, stabbings, and shootings has it taken, and over how many years before someone over there was like, "Um...maybe we should pay attention this?"  Over on the Blasian Narrative blog and Facebook page, it seemed like we posting that ish weekly.


  1. It just goes to show you how cops feel about Black people. They were under the impression that this man was Black and did it. Sadly, this man did speak any English which complicated things even more. Would that cop did Mr. Patel they way he did if he would have learned that he was Indian? I still think he would have. If they wouldn't have seen him as a Black man, they probably would have said that he was Muslim. Not long ago, a gun store owner told a father and son that they couldn't come to woman's gun range/store because she was under the impression that they were Muslim. In this case, they were light skinned non-Muslim Indians and let us not forget about that man who shot those three Muslim people in North Carolina. I really don't think that it would have mattered...they probably would have harmed him regardless of who Mr. Patel was.

    I'm so sorry that Mr. Patel's stay for his newborn grandson wasn't the way he pictured it and it's a crying shame what the US has become..more dangerous but whether we're Indian or just as minorities, incidents like the one that Mr. Patel have endured should teach us a valuable lesson on where we stand in this country. It doesn't matter what racial, economic, educational,religious,sexual or national if you're considered a "minority" in the states, there is a deep reason that you're called that and you should get why or you will be lost in the wilderness. If you're a minority , you're AT RISK for racial harrassment in some form whether, it's minor or major...indirectly or directly, it will affect you one way or the other. I'm happy that that joker got jail time( prison would be even better),

    For the last two weeks ..I've been reading/looking on TV about some going ons with law enforcement. Yesterday, a NYPD detective was caught cursing out a Uber driver, degrading who he was ( he appeared to be South Asian or Arab..not sure) . Thankfully, the cab driver didn't get hurt( the detective claims because he " didn't have time"..but I really thought that may it had something to do with him having a passenger in the car ..who also recorded him) but he threatened to arrest him and in another foul case, Three corrections officers a correctional facility in Gainesville(?) is in deep trouble not only for abusing the inmates but moreso because the DOJ discovered that they all were KKK members. No surprise there..that something Blacks/POC always maintained since Police brutality first surfaced.( Source: Huffington

    1. Would that cop did Mr. Patel they way he did if he would have learned that he was Indian?

      Yes. The 911 caller thought Mr. Patel was black. The cops learned right away that he wasn't; he told them he was from India and didn't speak any English. The ass-whooping came after that.

    2. * mocking Wendy Williams voice of suspicion*

      It's interesting how White folks think they know what we look like..when they really don't. They think we're all the same people. Mr. Patel, could have been from any race. Secondly, like you said, they knew what they were doing. This just proves that they could have cared less about him being Asian Indian and with him not being fluent in English, they thought that he was ignorant of American dictatorship * coughing* and that they used the being a Black man to cover up their tracks of wanting to beat him regardless.

      I'm very sorry that Mr. Patel's stay to his son's homes state wasn't a hospitable one. I'm hoping he's doing well

  2. Anti-blackness is spilling over, they can't even try and deny how they did Mr Patel when they were called for a black man -close enough brown and non English speaking- they knew what they were doing. They are only NOW starting to indict these cops as there is too much heat on them. Ferguson is far from dying out and people are raising a ruckus over every new case of Police brutality. They are trying to staunch the blood flow from the haemorhaging system. They hope if they make an example of a few cops POC will go back to accepting the status quo. They are trying to autocorrect the flawed system when we are screaming in order to tear it down. Watch, after a few sacrificial lambs it'll be business as usual....

  3. For the last two weeks ..I've been reading/looking on TV about some going on with law enforcement.

    I would stop doing that and worry more about getting the heck out of this country.

  4. "Shakuntala Patel told The Indian Express earlier this month that she was frightened to come to the U.S. following the incident"

    YES. Please do, make the US police's shit more visible worldwide. Then maybe they'll feel a bit ashamed.

    1. Most Americans are unaware of how the US is viewed by others. The US is already given the side-eye from all kinds of countries. These incidents just adds to the list of fuck-ups America already has in other people's eyes.

    2. It doesn't surprise me that the world gives is the side eye.

      The USA has went from bad to worse. To live in here is near impossible and very hostile. Shakuntala has every right in feeling the way that she does. it seems that any minority that lives/comes here will have to look over their heads to see if a rogue cop are out their to hurt them.As I've said before, I regret not traveling around the world, because if this is supposed to be the " land of the free" God help us all.

  5. yes and lets not forget that several of the shootings have involved white people giving false reports to the police. The man shot at Walmart was the result of a false report that he was pointing a loaded gun at people. Tamir Rice was the result of an unidentified older white woman calling the police, now she did say he was probably a child but she implied that he had a real gun and we all know cops do not see black children as children. They need to start fining people for wasting their time with these false reports. I have a security system on my home, it went off once by accident and I didn't hear my cell phone ring when the security company called. The city police came to check for a break in. A week later I got a letter from the city saying the next time I had a false alarm I would receive a $50 fine.

    1. A week later I got a letter from the city saying the next time I had a false alarm I would receive a $50 fine.



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