Delusions of the Force (#Parma #DOJ)

About a month before the election, a white part-time Parma police officer used a Taser on a 17-year-old black youth.

Shatekia Thatch — also a cousin of the new mayor* — said her son, Christopher Ward, was walking down the street when the officer approached him about prank phone calls that had been made to the police department that evening.

Shatekia Thatch, 34, gets emotional as she talks about the incident several weeks ago where a Parma police officer tased her son, Christopher Ward, 17, on April 20, 2015, in Parma, Mo., after Ward reportedly made a crank call on the public phone seen across the street on the corner at right. Photo by J.B. Forbes,

Thatch said that when her son refused to speak to the officer, the cop used his Taser on Ward, arrested him and booked him at the police station.

Rich Medley, a former assistant police chief, said the officer acted within his bounds and used his Taser only when Ward tried to flee.

“He acted within procedure,” Medley said.

The incident prompted a small crowd of African-American residents to show up at the police station that night to find out what had happened.

In the April 7 election, 122 people voted for Byrd. Ramsey received 84 votes. It was about double the typical turnout.

Byrd said she walked into City Hall a week later to pay her water bill and tried to say hello to the mayor and other city employees but was met with silence.

Then just before her swearing-in ceremony at City Hall last week, a local television reporter pulled her aside. Did she know that a number of employees had just quit? The reporter told her the employees had cited “safety reasons.”

Byrd didn’t know what to make of it.

“Am I the safety issue?” she asked.

Medley, the former assistant chief, said that officers had run-ins with many of Byrd’s relatives. After her election**, Medley saw several Facebook postings by people with whom officers had issues, celebrating her victory, he said. The most concerning of those mentioned Medley by name and the city where he lives, he said.

He added that he resigned out of fear that he would not be able to do his job.

“Rather than put my life in danger more than I do now on a daily basis, I decided to walk away,” he said.

Medley acknowledged that Byrd had never threatened to fire officers, nor publicly indicated that she would interfere with police.

In addition to Medley, two reserve officers resigned, along with Police Chief Trish Cohen, the city’s only other full-time officer. Cohen declined to comment.
*hits the pause button* Could we stop with the bullshit?

Real quick, let us pop pink champagne for Ms. Tyrus Byrd on her historic win in Parma, Missouri.

Then let's get back to it. The citizens of Parma - up until the election - didn't even know they had six police officers. Though the town of barely-over-700 doesn't really experience crime, they had been dealing with a rash of break-ins. But there were no police cars ever on patrol, and one poor woman's shop was robbed nine times in ten years (speaking from a commercial insurance standpoint, I already know she's had trouble finding a carrier willing to assume that risk).

In short, these cops were sitting behind desks, probably ignoring the phones while surfing the web and spending city credit on personal items (no, seriously; read the rest of the first article), you know...before they wiped all the computers clean and resigned their positions.

(Could the DOJ get up in there please????  I think we have sufficient grounds by now.)

Cops like these are most definitely not there heroes.  We live in a country were truckers and sanitation workers are more likely to die on the police, for starters.  This dude who's singing the Hero Mantra in a town with just over 700 people needs to relocate to H-Town.  I hope he gets assigned to Gunspoint Greenspoint.  Screw that; I hear Chicago is real nice this time of year.

At the First 48 of that shit, best believe he'd go crawling back to Parma.

And what is with Missouri cops Tasering 17-year-olds???

* and ** Hence why the town's name rhymes with "karma."


  1. "Rather than to put my life in more danger????" How many arrests did Medley ever make and how many times was his life in danger during those arrests? It's pretty hard to be in danger when you don't do anything all day long. Heck, he didn't even live in Parma but in Poplar Bluff many miles away.

  2. Wow..things just keep getting uglier in Parma. Most of those folks in city hall will not welcome her as their superior...not that its a big surprise.


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