The Bar Pours a Sip for Leonard Nimoy


That's all I can say; I've been dreading his death for a looooooong time.  When Nimoy was rushed to the hospital earlier this week for severe chest pains, I'd hoped he'd pull through...but damn.

February leaves and takes a legend with it, y'all.  Let's all raise our glasses of whatever the hell we're drinking and pour a sip for one of the (very) few good things Hollywood ever did right.

*keeps a strict eyeball on Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks*

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  1. "One of the FEW things Hollywood did right." <--Speak on it!

    My tribute to Spock:

  2. They just don't make them like Leonard Nimoy.RIP to this great man.

    You never heard anything bad about him far as his Tv character and his real life. Just imagine, if Star Trek would have did away with his characters years ago. I don't think the show wouldn't have survived without him. You can take everybody else off,but not him. He was one of a kind. he cannot be dupicated.

  3. I'm doing a full-fledged "in memoriam" on Dark & Twisty, bringing back Gaya's Astronomy. I think I'll also post "Into the Valley," my first ever Trek fic which had people laughing for months.

  4. I should do something similar on PinkElegance. And yes, post Into the Valley, cause it's a side-splitter.

  5. RIP Leonard Nimoy. Truly, the world's worse off without you.


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