The Bar Loves Jussie Smollett (@JussieSmollett)

That just goes without saying.

Some of you remember Jussie Smollett from The Mighty Ducks and On Our Own.  Some of you might be familiar with his music.  Most of you, by now, recognize him as the unapologetic gay patron saint of all middle children Jamal Lyon on FOX's Empire.  And if you're not watching Empire, you need to get your life together.

Some might find his characterization convenient, but this is often a middle child's lot.  You have all the strengths and skills your always parents wanted their kids to inherit, but since you're not "the favorite", you simply don't count.

So while discussing Cookie Lyon on the Black Girls Club, I described Jussie Smollett as ethereal. Being so musically gifted on and off-screen, he seemed like a being from another world.  On screen he's not only a master of composition and improvisation, he also has the ability to make other artists sound better

And after this week's episode, I realized the real word I was looking for to describe him: Powerful.

Smollett's vocal style sounds like a flawless fusion of rock and R&B - soulful with an edgy hint of gravel.  His harmonies are reminiscent of Michael Jackson's, and his stage presence is both commanding and mesmerizing.  To see Jussie Smollett portray this gay black man who projects so much power is just inspiring as hell.

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  1. * I'm being highly cautious of " Empire ,but the show seems impressive*

    It's so good to see another Smollett doing something on film. Other than Journee, I thought that they were just a memory.

    I swear Jussie knows that he's playing his role to the core. I also had no idea how musically talented he was.( forgive me as I have never listened to any of Jussie's music.), I mean, he was great! Lee and Timberland did say that the music you hear on Empire is authentically the singers/rapper's and you can tell it. Jussie was deep and I loved that about him

    Lee far...has outdid himself with Empire. It does help that you put a little of your real life in there as he is a gay Black man. I also like how he not only challenges the characters to homophobia,but also his viewing audience and maybe some in the hip hop world in dealing with it/others who are part of gay community. According to Lee, that was his intention.

    I'm just hoping that Lee is able to keep up his good work. I'm almost afraid of saying anything good about Empire as every we do, several weeks on down the line, it gets screwed...just like Sleepy Hallow.

    1. It got renewed according to Headline News

    2. Yes, I know! After only two eps!!!

    3. It tied HTGAWM as the biggest premiere. Two high rated shows with POC in the forefront SHOULD be a hint! I'm waiting for Fresh Off The Boat to see how it does. Its seems like its going to be good.


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